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Who Needs arms Anyways? [Job]

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Ptolemy Essa

Ptolemy Essa

Ptolemy stood before the Black Pyramid, his eyes locked on the tip of the massive structure watching as the sun started to rise over the building that many considered the center of his nation. It was truly a beautiful sight to behold, the golden rays reflecting off the dark building and into the grounds about it. With a small smile the one armed man let out a sigh and turned his back on that majestic site. Today he would do his service to the gods, he would bring them sacrifice, a blood offering so that he and his kind could know their will, and in turn so that the gods could give him their blessing.

The priests of course, as the intermediaries of those divine beings that they worshiped, where the ones with whom he would work with on this divine mission. And they of course would provide assistance on this mission he found him self on, as well as more mundane compensation. His feet carried him then, away from where his soul found rest and into the city proper. Hopes high and sprites even higher.

Words: 186/500

Job Name: A Sacrifice
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Rewards: 50xp / 3,000 Huang
Job Overview:
The Black Temple is a place that people come to mourn the dead and offer sacrifice to the gods and the
Ruhk so that they can find the answers that they desire. The temple often sacrifices a beast found near the town of Heliphapt and one that the people often saw as symbols of the gods, the desert crocodiles. These beast are monstrous and able to kill rather easily as well as having thick hides making it hard to take them down. Lucky for you that the priest that the temple concoct a powerful poison that targets these beast’s stamina directly causing them to become sluggish and much easier targets.

The person that is on this job needs to somehow get the poison into the creature in some form or fashion, dumping it into the oasis that they spend time around or poison their food supply is the best recommended ways of doing such a feat. Once the beast is subdued you may engage it in combat. Do not kill the beast but only beat it to a bloody pulp and drag it back to the Pyramid for the priest to sacrifice it.
Enemies and abilities:

Enemy Name:Desert Crocodile
Needed damage to take down: 1 Alpha unless poisoned then it will be only 1 Beta
A powerful beast that can deal C rank damage unless poisoned then it will only deal D rank. The croc’s speed is 10 m/s but when poisoned will slow down to only 5 m/s.

Ptolemy Essa

Ptolemy Essa

The city of course was a place that held a special place in Ptolemy's heart, for it was here that he had learned the tools of his trade, and it was here that he felt most comfortable. And why would he not? From a young age he had prowled these streets with children much like him, and while his life had taken a different course then those others, he still at times found a friend from his past. And they for all their difference still found things to laugh and talk about.

Ptolemy hoped that today would be one of those rare days in which he found one of those long lost friends, but as the fates to have it that just was not the case. While this was something of a disappointment, the Snake Charmer did not let it dampen his mood. So with quick, if measured steps he made his way through the twisting winding streets of his native city, and out into the country side beyond.

170 words


Ptolemy Essa

Ptolemy Essa

As he past the last rows of homes and shops and through the gate proper, Ptolemy took a deep breath, his smile widening as he did so before his eyes drifted lightly shut for but a second. While he loved the city, so to did he love those wilds situated around it. And while civilization was still all about him, he could already feel it melting away. So he took one step then another, his eyes shut just letting those feelings that came to him, wash over him. With one last sightless step his eyes flew open, a low chuckle escaping him as he picked his pace up to a slow trot.

He made his way slowly to the river bank, the sun still at his back as he did so and a soft breeze bringing him the sweet scent of spring time flowers. For the next hour he wandered, his eyes searching for his ever elusive pray. And then he saw it, some distance off resting its self in the early morning sun. The desert crocodile, the king of these waters. And a symbol of their gods.

188 words



Ptolemy's Vault

Ptolemy Essa

Ptolemy Essa

The Snake Charmers one good hand slid silently into his pocket and withdrew a vial, a vial that contained a poison he would rather not use. He eyed it then, thoughts rolling through his mind.  He of course could choose not to use it, giving this beast something of a fighting chance, of course with that came danger... And in turn if he failed in this quest, those who had put their faith in him would be let down. And those gods that he worshiped would be disappointed in that he held his own pride in greater esteem then his devotion to them.

With that in mind he uncorked the poison, and with one last look at the creature with which he was about to do battle he waded into the water and then slowly let the poison drip into the water all about him, letting the current of the river take it to his prey. The effects were almost immediate, as he watched, the creature went a tad limper then it had before, its eyes started to glaze. It was then that he knew it was time to act. Bending, he picked up a stone from the bottom of the river and with a quick toss he got the beasts attention.

It came at him then, scuttling through the shallow water much slower then it otherwise would have been. For his part Ptolemy did not move, he stood there eyes locked on those of the creature he was about to capture. Then when it was but a few seconds from him he stepped to the side, and almost to quick for the eyes to fallow Aten struck, uncoiling him self quicker then one could think from the stump of Ptolemy's right side.

The snakes fangs, which glistened with venom, sunk into the crocodiles back. And with that one strike, the beast came to a halt its front two legs suddenly finding them selves paralyzed. With one last quick step, and a final lash from Aten, he knew that his quarry was down. From there it was easy enough to bind the creatures jaws and legs and throw it over his back, and in short order he found him self back at his starting point. The priests of course were all to happy to take the beast from him, and he was all to happy to pass on the responsibility.


Stamina: 70/100


Abilities Used:
Name: A Serpents Venom - Fangs of the Desert
Tier: C
Cost: 20/ 10 to sustain
Beast Type: Tactician
Range: 20 Meters
Duration: 3 posts
Cool-Down: 4 posts
Description: Aten produces a venom that drips from its fangs for the duration of this ability, if it strikes and hits a target while this is active the nearest two limbs are paralyzed. This applies to normal attacks as well as attack abilities.

Name: Serpents Strike - Desert Lightning
Tier: D
Cost: 10
Beast Type: Tactician
Range: Close
Duration: 2 posts
Cool-Down: 3 posts
Description: The cobra as a species is renowned for their lightning quick strikes, and this holds true for Aten as well. This attack is launched at a speed of 10 meters a second and deals D rank damage using its fangs. Upon making contact the striking snake retreats to where it previously was, almost as if it never truly struck at all.

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