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A Haunted Farm [Job/Solo]

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Jingyi Hou

Jingyi Hou

Jingyi got off the caravan as she reached the Aleswell Inn, waving goodbye to the somewhat nervous looking merchants she had traveled with for the past couple hours. During the trip, they had warned her that the inn was haunted, that it was best she ignored the job and just went home.

But Jingyi, being one who didn't listen to rumors such as the ones that surrounded the supposedly haunted inn. So, she just brushed off their warnings and happily waved goodbye and wished the merchants good luck with their merchant-ing.

Turning around, the woman walked to the inn and opened the door, a small bell ringing at her entry. Inside, there was just furniture but no people. But she heard shuffling and gasps, along with the patter of feet and excited whispering.

Jingyi's red eyes widened in surprise as she stumbled back, causing something to cry out for her to stop. She paused in place, her naturally reddish face paling as she realized that the rumors were probably true.

"Please, wait, good madam! We need your help! We promise that we aren't ghosts!" An invisible woman shouted, as Jingyi felt someone desperately grabbing her hand.

"We're good folk who has been turned invisible!" Her words caused a chorus of people to exclaim, chattering about "Anoctar", "We need your help- if you manage to defeat this sorcerer, Anoctar, we'll be able to go back to normal! We can go back to having a proper life!"

Jingyi's eyebrows furrowed together as her lips pressed into a thin line. Her face was one of worry as she offered them a confused nod. If they were invisible because of some magician, then she was about to go beat some magic butt.

"Don't worry about it. I'm Jingyi, and just tell me where I can find this "Anoctar" and teach him a lesson."

The room of invisible people burst into relieved chatter and whispering, as the woman who talked to Jingyi earlier told her of the ruins where Anoctar lives.

Nodding her head, Jingyi took a couple of minutes to check her packs and her weapons. She had the Skeleton Key in her pocket, as the woman did, along with Grasscutter. Seeing this, she smiled to herself before finally walking to the door of the Aleswell Inn.

"Wish me luck!" Jingyi exclaimed, waving her hand to the invisible people before starting her trek to the ruins where the invisible magician lives.

During her walk, she wondered to herself why the man was turning the visitors, and the owners, of the Inn invisible? Did he have some ancient grudge against the Aleswell Inn? Or was he just some evil villain who took pleasure in causing mischief to the poor visitors?

Shaking her head, Jingyi quickly spotted the ruins up ahead and smiled somewhat nervously to herself. But what was she nervous about? She was Jingyi Hou- she would be able to take this scoundrel down!

But from out of nowhere barking ensued, and she heard the rush of something small rushing towards with her. Whirling around, Jingyi furrowed her brows as she tried to see her attacker when something painful pinched her ankle with a Bite.

Biting back a yelp, Jingyi quickly kicked out her leg, the blow followed by a pained whine of a dog. Something stumbled into nearby bushes before the foliage ruffled and something growled.

Jingyi quickly drew her sword, Grasscutter's rings clanging together as she fell into the Mamushi Stance. Narrowing her eyes, she lunged towards the bushes, her sword ringing out as Striking Cobra hit the beast. It was sent scrambling back, whimpers coming from the dog as it turned tail and retreated.

Jingyi herself stumbled back before sitting down, Grasscutter laid down beside her as she pulled off her boot. In her ankle was a small but bleeding bite wound, and when she brushed her fingers over it, Jingyi winced in reflex. Huffing, Jingyi tore off a piece of her tunic before wrapping it around the wound tightly and pulling her boot back on.

Climbing back to her feet, Jingyi turned to face the ruins of a castle, and with a deep breath, she entered. Her footsteps echoed loudly in the large halls, causing Jingyi to flinch at the loudness. But at least she would be able to hear him if everything echoed this loudly?

Looking around the hall, Jingyi heard some mumbles and the crackling of lightning. Turning around, the warrior barely had time to look surprised as a Thunderbolt electric ball hit her in the stomach. Stumbling back, Jingyi gasped in pain and wrapped her arm around her waist. Her body seemed to spasm from the leftover lightning, and she could feel the burn that the attack left.

Her grip tightened on the hilt of her sword, and she quickly spotted the next Thunderbolt flying at her. But this time, she was ready and rolled beneath the attack, the energy flying overhead.

Scrambling to her feet, Jingyi looked towards the corner of the hall where the magic was being blasted from.

"Show yourself, fiend!" Jingyi shouted before starting to rush towards it. She heard loud footsteps hurrying away, before Lightning was sent her way. Jumping forwards, sparks of energy shocked her arm causing her to stumble as the hair on her arm smoked.

Whirling around, Jingyi lunged towards the spot where she heard heavy breathing. Her sudden jump caused a surprised gasp as she imagined Anoctar tried to stumble away. Before he could escape her grasp, Jingyi quickly swung her leg forwards, her foot smashing into soft skin, his yelp quickly followed. Before the man could try to shoot off any more lightning, Jingyi took a step forwards and thrust her sword forwards, the blade piercing through Anoctar as she completed Close Kick.

With a heavy gasp, Anoctar fell to the ground as his invisibility melted away, his arm wrapped around his bleeding torso.

"P-Please, just leave me alone..!" The man gasped, his eyes squeezing close as he braced himself for another blow.

Jingyi, seeing his reaction only frowned faintly and sheathed her sword before kneeling down.

"Alright, I will... You just need to reverse what you did to the people in the Aleswell Inn. They've been invisible because of you, and they want to return back to their normal lives."

Her words caused the man to open his eyes in confusion as he looked at Jingyi.

"W-What? What do you mean- I never turned them invisible?"

It was Jingyi's turn to look surprsied as she fixed him with a confused look. Then her face dawned in realization, her mouth opening into a slight 'o' as her eyebrows rose. It was all a misunderstanding!

Well, it would seem like she would help Anoctar with his wounds, him hopefully helping her with the ones he caused before she would go receive her rewards for helping the Inn people.

WC: 1205

A Haunted Farm [Job/Solo] Dao02
Name: Grasscutter
Tier: C
Type: 9-Ring Dao Sword
Material: Steel
Appearance: Jingyi’s first sword has a blade that’s 103 cm, along with a hilt that’s around 10 cm. The sword is single-edged, with the other edge of the sword lined with rings to help protect her sword against being dulled. Grasscutter is rather plain with the most eye-catching thing about it being the red tassel whose purpose is to distract enemies in battle.[/center]

Stamina Loss: 215-30 = 185
Striking Cobra
Tier: D
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Short (1m-3m)
Requirements: The users must grip their sword outstretched with both hands and stand with their knees bent (Mamushi Stance). A sword must be equipped.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cooldown: 1 post
Cost: 10 Stamina

    The user lifts their sword as they shift into the Mamushi Stance and holds it in front of them before lunging 1m forward for D tier damage.

Close Kick
Tier: C-Tier
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Requirements/Drawbacks: Steady footing and wide space.
Range: Close
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: 20 stamina

    The user swings their leg out and kicks an opponent away from them, the kick dealing D-tier damage. Then they quickly put their foot down while stepping forwards and thrusting their sword, dealing D-Tier damage once more.

Job Details:

Job Name: Haunted Farm
Job Rank: C-Tier
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 100xp / 7000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview:
The Aleswell Inn is near a road and a small plot of crops grows in front of the Inn. There are some rumors from the travelers, they said the people who visited the Inn was vanished without a trace and that it is now inhabited by ghosts. The people who vanished have been accidentally turned invisible by Ancotar, a Mage, who has taken up residence in nearby Ruin called Caractacus. When you arrive at the inn, the invisible people will ask for your help to defeat the mage to turn them back to normal. They promise a reward if you want to help them.

The Small Plot of Corps:


Enemy Name: Ancotar
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Ancotar is an wizard who likes his privacy. He had turned all living people and creatures within a wide radius of his ruin, including himself, completely invisible.
Abilities: The mage can run 7 m/s
Thunderbolt Ancotar shoots a lightning ball with a speed of 10m/s. The ball deals C tier Damage when hit.
Lightning Ancotar shoots lightning out of his staff with a speed of 15m/s hitting everything in a 5 meter radius except himself, dealing C tier damage

Enemy Name: Dog
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
Discription: The dog is Anoctar's pet. The dog looks a little like a wolf and uses its teeth to attack everyone who tries to hurt his owner. The dog is turned invisible by Ancotar too.
Abilities: The dog moves 10m/s his claws deal D tier damage.
Bite The dog bites its target with its teeth. The attack deals C tier damage.


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