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The Monk is an Assassin? [Job/Solo]

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1The Monk is an Assassin? [Job/Solo] Empty The Monk is an Assassin? [Job/Solo] on 12/03/17, 11:28 pm

Jingyi Hou

Jingyi Hou
Jingyi sat down on a stump in the clearing, her eyes drawn to the message on the note she was holding. It was from Yusha, a request for her come meet her in the forest where they picked berries. It also asked her to not tell anyone of their meeting and to bring her weapon. It was odd to be sure, but a request was a request, so she met up in the clearing at the time he had asked for.

"Hello, Mrs. Hou," a voice said from behind her, causing Jingyi to scramble to her feet and whirl around. It was Yusha! But how could she not notice him? Even distracted she heard nothing, not a single broken twig. It would seem everything about the man was getting weirder and weirder.

Remembering her manners that her mother has beaten into over the years, Jingyi offered him a respectful bow before standing up straight, "Hey, Mr. Yusha!"

At his gesture, Jingyi sat back down on the stump and crossed her legs together as the monk remained standing. Her hands rested in lap, and Jingyi's head cocked to the side as Yusha began to talk.

"I need to fight you in mock battle, and if it goes well for you then I'll reveal why I brought you here," he answered ambiguously as he raised his Khakkhara.

Without warning the monk lunged forwards, moving at speeds that Jingyi didn't think possible for him. Before she could receive a whack from his "weapon", the warrior jumped away. Another swing was sent her way, which she narrowly dodged by jumping back.

Jingyi quickly drew her own sword, the rings lining its side clattering together as she held it up. Before she could attack, however, Yusha throw down an object. The Smoke Bomb went off, exploding into a large cloud of smoke that quickly obscured Yusha from her sight.

Jingyi waved her sword in weak attempts to dispel the cloud, her free arm going to cover her mouth as she circled around, looking for the monk.

Out of nowhere came the Khakkhara, and with a Divine Whack it smacked into Jingyi's side. The girl bit back a cry, stumbling to the side. But before the staff could disappear back into the smoke, Jingyi's free hand flew and grabbed onto the rings, hooking her fingers and forcibly yanking Yusha towards him.

There was a look of surprise on his face as he dragged out, but it quickly disappeared as Jingyi let go. He went to scramble away, senbons sliding into his grip from their hiding place.

But as he threw the Poison Darts, Jingyi stepped forwards, her right fist flying out and smashing into his face, the attack quickly followed by a slash in her move, Hitoshirenu Kyoda.

The senbons sunk into soft flesh, causing the women to stumble back. Similarly, Yusha was knocked back by the attack. Before Jingyi could try to attack again the monk raised his hand in a motion for "stop", his other hand supporting his weight by resting on the stump of the tree.

By now the smoke has dispersed, allowing Jingyi to fully see him. But her vision started to tunnel, and the woman found her legs unusually wobbly.

"Here," Yusha puffed out as he pulled out a vial, "That should help with the tiredness," he commented as he sat down on the trunk.

Jingyi quickly grabbed the glass and sipped the potion before sitting down on the ground. She laid Grasscutter besides her as she lifted her head to look at Yusha.

"Well... Are you gonna explain it or not, monk?" She asked, her gaze lowering to look at the needles stuck in her clothes and skin. She quickly pulled them out as Yusha began to talk.

"First, I'll need to tell you a story. But before I can do that, I need you to swear something to me. You must never tell a soul of who I am or what you're about to hear," Yusha replied, pausing to wait for Jingyi's promise.

The redhead tilted her head, her eyebrows raising in confusion before she shrugged. "Alright, Mr. Yusha. I promise not to tell anyone!" She chirped, her right fist bumping against her chest before resting the hand in her lap.

Jingyi watched as Yusha nodded his head and continued with his story.

"You see, I was a member of the Hashishins, a clan of assassins," at that he got an amazed look from Jingyi as she muttered something about ninja monks. Ignoring it, Yusha went on with his tale, "But we were all wiped out," a gasp and a comment of ghost ninja monk! "Except I. And our slaughter were brought on by the Kuraba clan. You see, we had always been bitter rivals. They were jealous of our techniques, for you see, we were masters of poisons and the art of assassination. Not only that, half of our ranks were of Magician descent, and within their abilities, they wove in magic. None could best us, and the Hashishin Clan prospered. Meanwhile, the Kuraba was a well known military clan, and their forces helped many a war.

"The Kuraba itched for our deaths; they itched for a war where they could reveal their abilities. So they tried to spark it by killing the wife of the heir to the Hashishin Clan. This action outraged my clan, but nothing was done in revenge for they knew the reason behind her murder. But the heir, so foolish and distraught, hungering for vengeance, went against their orders. He snuck in and slaughtered the Kuraba Lord, Tagetto, and his wife, the latter being killed first.

"This action sparked the "war", and the two sides battled each other over the course of a single day. But the Hashishins were at a disadvantage for their talents were in fighting from afar, from in the shadows. Despite their best efforts, they were slaughtered, and the Kuraba reigned supreme. I am the only survivor of my clan's massacre, and I now hide as a monk so I remain a survivor," Yusha uttered with a heavy sigh, his elbows resting on his knees as his fingers intertwined. But he wasn't over for he still needed to ask her of something.

"I won't have a child in my lifetime, but I do not want to see the death of the Hashishins' arts at my passing. So would you consider becoming my pupil and continuing our work?"

WC: 1101/1000
Ability Used:

Hitoshirenu Kyoda
Tier: C-Tier
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: The user must know from which direction their foe is coming from and need to prepare themselves for the attack.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: 20 stamina

    The user turns on their heel to face their opponent and gain momentum before taking a step forward, their non-dominant hand swinging out and sucker punching their foe, dealing D-Tier damage. The punch is quickly followed by a horizontal slash from the user's sword, dealing D-Tier damage. Together the two attacks deal C-tier damage.

Stamina Loss: 215-20 = 195/215 Stamina Remaining


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