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[Assassin Training C to B] What Guilt Death May Bring [Solo]

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"When your castles of sand crumble into the ocean, will you stand by that which you held in splendor, or will you fade like the beautiful lie you lived in?"
Assassin C to B

A soft passing of air parted the lips of the stone-faced woman, the frigid chill of the morning bit past her armor, pricking the hair on her neck until is stood straighter than the near frozen trees. It was barely spring, and the mountains above her were still shrouded in snow as the dim, golden chill of the sun began to spread over the horizon. It was nearly time for her test, a self administered examination to determine whether or not she had grown according to her own standards. The gentle rush of the breeze moved across the branches, casting a soft rustle among the silence of the forest. Amaya's body sprang forward, darting past the den's mouth that marked her quarry. She would pause here, allowing her eyes to retrace every facet of her surroundings from this angle.

It wasn't something she payed much mind to, but tonight was a different feeling from before. She'd been staying at a small inn for several days now, and the dull monotony of a civilian life was beginning to creep into her bones. The inaction was killing her slowly, and she wanted to move past the stagnant surroundings she currently sat in, but her lack of knowledge of her own growth held her back. She would never cleanly admit it, but she was rather ashamed that she could see no visible growth from the woman she had been a year ago. Still, something had to have changed about her, otherwise there would have been no point to her previous efforts.

She ran a hand across her ribs, tracing the vivid scar of the first mistake she had made in actual combat. The mistake had nearly cost her a liver, and could have easily killed her. The sweet sting of the cold steel piercing her flesh still rang gently across her body. She tugged the blanket around herself and shivered, remembering the chill that began to spread through her spine as she felt the warm kiss of life drip from her lacerated form. It was one of the most terrifying experienced of her life...and one of the most addicting. Her mind began to spiral, pushing back further into the recesses of her mind until her goal was nearly lost.

The sting of steel against flesh pulled her from the mental lock, the bloody knife clattering against the floor as her wrist began to slowly seep the same crimson essence that sustained her. She held her head in one hand, her other resting over a bowl as the guilt from her recent jobs began to catch up with her. She grit her teeth hard, choking back her emotions until they began to spill from her eyes, the tears mixing with the blood down below as she let herself feel for a while. She had changed. She had grown a heart, and she was cursing herself for it.

Death had fascinated her always, but it wasn't until now that she understood. Life and death were one. Two parts of the same whole, rather than opposites in constant opposition. They gave and took from each other, like a couple, and in order to understand death, one must also understand life. Amaya wrapped her wrist in cloth before donning her armor once more, pushing past the barriers into the night. Amaya knew intimately how to kill, but how to live was a different matter, and one she would need to learn from square one.

And it was here that she found herself, isolated in the mountain forests in the gentle tug of the pre-dawn. Her body was shivering from apprehension, as the roots of life began to take hold. Still, in the darkness beneath the mountain, the silence stood deafening before her. It wasn't long before a hart strode into the clearing before her, emerging from the den she had been watching. Her eyes widened in shock as she saw two fawns and a doe emerge after, the entire family moving out of the den to forage. She knew she had come here with the wrong intentions, and she stood from her vantage in shame. Her heart was not a curse, but a blessing that separated her from becoming just another murderer. She fell back against the tree, crumpling into a seated position before the grief overcame her again, and the tears flowed freely once more.

She had been so cruel to life, treating it as a resource for her own benefit, rather than a gift that could never be replaced. The sudden influx of emotions hit her hard once again, and she struggled to hold her voice in, cursing herself under her breath in an endless stream of profanities and slurs. She was a disappointment to herself, and the shame she felt in her selfishness was immeasurable, a weight that she could not bear to lift. A gentle push pulled her head from between her arms, the soft kiss of a rough tongue against her face pulling her from her desperation. The fawn was before her, eyeing her curiously, taking in the details of her eyes and face, reddened and distorted with pain. The beast licked her face once again, before curling up next to her briefly.

Such a simple act, and one fueled only by instinct, and yet it broke Amaya completely. She began to sob openly, all of the pain she had been stowing this time flooding forward as the deer taught her a lesson that no human had ever been able to display to her. Amaya remained like this for quite some time, even after the deer left. She was re-evaluating everything she had learned, and re-orienting her life. A value she never knew was taught to her by instinct, and if an animal so young could understand the virtue of altruism, then surely she could as well. Amaya had added a goal to her life. Now she only needed to pursue a means by which to accomplish it.

Her skill set was cruel, and could not help most. But perhaps she could help society in another way. She nodded to herself. Yes. That was good. She would take care of problems that other people were not capable of dealing with themselves. With a resolve stronger than she had ever possessed before, she stood from the forest floor, suddenly pushing back towards town. She needed to leave. These people didn't need her help anymore, and she needed to be somewhere she could make a difference. If the only skills she possessed were in death, then she would become a bounty hunter.

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[Assassin Training C to B] What Guilt Death May Bring [Solo] GHN16xD

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