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Felling Timber and Beasts [Job/Solo]

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Jingyi Hou

Jingyi Hou

Jingyi used Grasscutter to slash through the foliage as she transversed the forests of the Jade Dragon Mountains. Why was she there? To get wood of course.

Strapped to her back was a simple ax, sharp enough to cut through trees but too dull to prove to be useful against anything else. But that wouldn't matter- if she couldn't beat a foe with her bare hands then she certainly could do so with her sword. She was Jingyi Hou, after all.

With a smile on her face, she continued to trek through the woods, keeping an eye out for the company she was searching for. She wouldn't be able to cut down enough timber for Kou by herself, but with the help of some local lumberjacks then she would be able to do it.

Twigs snapped and leaves crunched beneath her feet as she waded through the bushes, not caring too much about if she got any attention from the wildlife. If anything, even if they heard her, the warrior was sure that they knew better than to pick a fight with her.

Unfortunately for her, that was far from the case since out from the wilds burst a cub. Despite being far from mature it was still large, with snarling teeth and sharp claws to pierce her skin.

Jingyi whirled around to face her opponents, narrowly avoiding gashes in her skin by blocking a pair of claw swipes from the tiger cub.

Its orange and black fur stuck out, and the beast snarled something fierce before it lunged at Jingyi again. The warrior stepped to the side, ducking her head as the cub flew by. But the mongrel landed on its paws, turning around before bounding forwards. This time it went lower, its teeth bitting into the flesh of her knee.

But luckily for Jingyi the cub's teeth were still those of babies, and its gnawing could only leave shallow punctures in her skin. Her sword quickly was slashed down, stinging into the cub's neck and nearly separating its head from its neck. The cub gave a wail, only to be silenced by another quick stab of her sword, mercifully putting it out of its misery.

Jingyi quickly wiped off her sword on her pants leg before sheathing the blade and bending down. She grabbed the limp body of the cub before throwing it over her shoulder. Why waste food that fate has given her? If she killed it, then she would eat it.

But it would have to cook while she chopped trees, Jingyi told herself before looking around. She quickly found her path, so overgrown with foliage that she nearly lost it, before trotting down it. The cub bounced on her shoulder, and Grasscutters' rings jingled, the sound muffled by the large sword sheath.

Her pace was quick, her strides long as she continued on her task to find the lumberjacks. As she walked, her free hand patted her pocket, feeling the shape of the Skeleton Key within it. The sooner she got to work, the sooner Kou would get the wood they would need for repair.

WC: 535
Total WC: 535 + 263 + 302 +221/1000 = 1321/1000
Magoi/Stamina Depletion:
(Iron Defense + Fit Any Hand) 10 Stamina + 10 Magoi = 205/215 Stamina & 100/110 Magoi
Job Details:

Job Name: Timber!
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Jade Dragon Mountains
Job Rewards: 100 XP/7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: The Capitol is in dire need of wood to help rebuild after the damage done by a mysterious magician during the Kou-Reim conflict. Go out to the mountains and help chop down trees. Beware the dangerous wildlife!

Enemy Name: Tiger Cubs x4
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
Description: Tiger Cubs move at 6 m/s and deal D-tier damage with claws and teeth.

Felling Timber and Beasts [Job/Solo] Dao02
Name: Grasscutter
Tier: C
Type: 9-Ring Dao Sword
Material: Steel
Appearance: Jingyi’s first sword has a blade that’s 103 cm, along with a hilt that’s around 10 cm. The sword is single-edged, with the other edge of the sword lined with rings to help protect her sword against being dulled. Grasscutter is rather plain with the most eye-catching thing about it being the red tassel whose purpose is to distract enemies in battle.[/center]
Felling Timber and Beasts [Job/Solo] G8v5uCd
Name: Skeleton Key
Tier: B
Type: Magic Tool
Magic Type: Illusion (Light + Sound)
Appearance: A small, brass key that is useless as an actual key except for the most basic of locks. A length of 15CM, and a small flourish at the head and a single square tooth of 2CM. The magic circle is located on the tooth.

  • Fit Any Hand - By infusing magoi into the tool, it can create an illusory weapon or mundane object up to 2M long, with the key as its handle. This created weapon can interact with material objects, the weapon deal up to B-tier damage.  10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

Abilities Used:

Iron Guard
Tier: D
Class: Warrior
Type: Defensive
Range: Close (0m-1m)
Requirements/Drawbacks: User must shift into a defensive position and brace themselves for the incoming attack.
Scaling: Hits; each time Iron Guard is utilized, the amount of hits it can block raises by 1 for an aditional 10 stamina.
Sustain: 0
Cooldown: 1 post
Cost: 10 Stamina

    The user plants their feet into the ground and raises their sword as their brace themselves. Any incoming attack that deals D-Tier is blocked, but Iron Guard may only block a single attack per use unless scaled.

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Jingyi Hou

Jingyi Hou

Jingyi continued to trek through the forest, her head turning as she looked for the lumberjacks. But all she could see were trees. Trees with thick trunks and wide canopies. No sign of the men she was looking for.

But the woman wasn't worried- she was bound to encounter them sooner or later as long as she stuck to the path. Though I better get going, Jingyi thought to herself before, from out of the bushes, lunged another cub, drawn to Jingyi by the scent of its fallen. This one was a larger tiger, with bigger fangs and a nastier look too it.

The tiger cub's teeth latched onto her forearm, chewing the guards that she wore and scratching at her. Jingyi winced at the pain, quickly drawing her blade and knocking the beast away from her.

The cub yelped and fell away, its body crashing to the ground. But it still managed to scramble to its feet, lips pulled back into a vicious snarl as the cub lunged back at Jingyi.

Its claws swiped at her, but it was too late for Jingyi fell into Iron Defense's stance, her sword raised and blocking the feeble attack. Battering the cub away, Jingyi quickly followed it up with a slash that traveled in a downward arc

The attack left the cub dead, its body limp on the ground. Jingyi quickly sheathed her sword and kicked dirt over the cub before continuing on her way to the lumberjacks.

WC: 263 + 535 = 798

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Jingyi Hou

Jingyi Hou

During her fight Jingyi had found that she had shuffled away from the path that she needed to follow. Turning around in circles, Jingyi searched for it, but there wasn't any butter for her toast. She was unable to find it, causing the woman to frown faintly. It was a bad time to get lost, after all.

Shaking her head, Jingyi picked a direction that seemed similar to the one she was heading down before continuing to march. Her eyes scanned the landscape, still trying to find the path. Grasscutter was once again drawn, cutting down brush limbs to clear her path so she may walk a little bit easier.

It wasn't long until a third cub jumped onto her path, drawn to the sound of the ringing that was caused each time Jingyi swung Grasscutter.

The beast bared its teeth and snarled before rushing towards her ankles. The warrior then tried to avoid it, stepping around the gnashing teeth that aimed for soft flesh. Jumping away from a lunge, Jingyi quickly swiped her sword, catching the back of the cub's back and creating a gash.

The small beast gave a yowl before whirling around and lunging at her. Its claws tore at her leg, leaving cuts. Though, they weren't deep enough to distract Jingyi from her battle.

Jingyi watched as the cub crouched down before lunging at her again, only for her sword to knock against it, the blade end of the weapon leaving a slash on its face. But that wouldn't matter much to the beast as it lay limp, its body no longer moving.

"Crap! I can't keep on getting distracted!" Jingyi thought to herself before starting to jog, finally spotting her path and moving onto it.

WC: 302 + 798 = 1100


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Jingyi Hou

Jingyi Hou

Jingyi finally reached the logging camp, a relieved sigh escaping her lips at the sight of it. But that soon died when she heard a growl from behind her.

Shoulders drooping, Jingyi turned around to face her cub, the fourth, and she hoped final opponent. But this time the warrior didn't draw Grasscutter. Instead, she pulled out a brass key, light reflecting off the metal object.

In the sunlight, the Magic Circle glimmered, the tooth of the key shimmering with magoi as Jingyi raised the key in front of her. Her eyes narrowed as she focused Magoi to it, causing light to shimmer around the key and briefly form the outline of a weapon.

But the cub was having none of that, lunging over to the woman as it threateningly bared its teeth. But it was too late for Fit Any Hand has formed, the shape of a sharp but thin sword forming around the key.

Jingyi raised her "sword" over her head before swinging it down and cutting into the cub. It was knocked to the ground, a yelp briefly escaping its lips before another slash came and ended it.

Nudging the cub to make sure it wouldn't do her any more harm, Jingyi dispelled the illusion, the back of her hand wiping across her forehead.

WC: 221


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