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Twilight of Magic: Kou Civil War II

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

Twilight of Magic: Kou Civil War II F77cbd73619200650160d086fb91cea2b5f27ad4_hq

Upon the throne of the Kou Empire, Yoshiro Zu had lost control of his empire only to regain it again through the efforts of his soldiers. The mighty emperor managed to prove his father's equal with the scales still tipping in his favor. The citizens of Kou still stand divided within the war and the battles wage on. Their armies continue to clash and tensions rise even higher than before. Gao Yuan Zu and his allies continue to push to gain advantage within the war.

The once beautiful lands of Kou are now torn apart from the brutalities of war. Putrid smoke rises from the villages and the rain falls now, only to cleanse the blood that stains the earth. The children cry and the women weep over the corpses of dead fathers and sons. As the country loses morale, the more desperate the emperor has become to climb for the gold.

The mountains begin to quake violently for a brief time and thus go silent again. A rumbling that could be felt throughout the Kou Empire. It affects the nation with a fear of natural disaster. In which some blames Yoshiro for angering the land yet some Gao for bringing this war upon their people. While Gao Yuan Zu is distracted with devising a plot to take back his country, a spy slips into their midst.

A shadowy figure emerges from the veil with a gift and a plan. Crows set out from the castles and keeps. The murder suddenly disperses across the land carrying a precious cargo. A simple notice tied to their ankles, an invitation for those who have shown promise in these hard times. To visit the castle or the fortress in the east. Their fates have been led to this moment. What will they do with it?

A select few have been chosen and invited to attend a private meeting with their respective emperor. The sudden quake has resulted in a standstill on both sides. While a certain darkness looms in the shadows, the country feels more divided than ever. The city packed to the brim with refuges from across the country while Gao Yuan Zu's supporters hold up in camps. Many villages of Kou are now just ash and ruin. While soldiers await commands, their leaders sit patiently, awaiting their guests to arrive. These guests are:

Gao Yuan Zu - Link to Meeting

◆ Trently
◆ Lestacia
◆ Vardreth
◆ Adrastos Thanatos

Yoshiro Zu - Link to Meeting

◆ Noir Ecryola
◆ Mikazuki Tenma
◆ Merrze
◆ Diana Corvus


First Battle

◆ Diana Corvus | Aseo Asehi vs. Trently | Lestacia ◆

◆ Endolf | Cyrus Argentum vs. Jingyi Hou | Oliver Oxford ◆

Third Battle

◆ Noir Ecryola | Lagi | Merrze vs. Zadi | Vardreth ◆

◆ Tenma | Ani vs. Adrastos | Rima ◆

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