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Hunting for Thugs [Job/Solo]

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1Hunting for Thugs [Job/Solo] Empty Hunting for Thugs [Job/Solo] 02/03/17, 08:24 pm

Jingyi Hou

Jingyi Hou

Job Details, WC and Ability Used:

Job Name: Thugs in the Mines
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Jade Dragon Mountains
Job Rewards: 100 XP/7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: The mines where metal is retrieve for weapon production has been overrun by thugs. Go to the mining town, free the workers and kill all those that stand against Kou.

Enemy Name: Petty Thugs x5
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
Description: Petty Thugs move at 4 m/s and deal D-tier damage with their swords and daggers.
Jab – Petty Thug thrusts their blade forward at 10 m/s to inflict D-tier damage.

Striking Cobra
Tier: D
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Short (1m-3m)
Requirements: The users must grip their sword outstretched with both hands and stand with their knees bent (Mamushi Stance). A sword must be equipped.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cooldown: 1 post
Cost: 10 Stamina

    The user lifts their sword as they shift into the Mamushi Stance and holds it in front of them before lunging 1m forward for D tier damage.

WC: 1116

Jingyi stopped in front of the entrance to the mining town, her eyebrows furrowing together. The Jade Mountains stood forebodingly in the distance, which only added to the tension created by the overcast sky and the premise of her job.

Taking a deep breath and casting a confident smile on her face, Jingyi strolled into the town with a skip to her step. But her energy died when she saw the condition of the small mining town; ruffians were everywhere, and it was obvious that things were certainly far from fine.

It was then when one of the thugs approached him, and he stood alone for in his hubris he assumed that he could take the warrior himself. Though Jingyi was certain that if he knew of her then they would be shaking in his boots and cowering behind his companions. But this did not matter now as Jingyi drew her sword.

Grasscutter's rings jingled together, and the thug's gaze was pulled almost immediately to the tassel that hung from her sword. Jingyi took the chance to lunge forwards, her sword thrusting forwards, only for the attack to be dodged by a nimble jump back.

Jingyi gritted her teeth and stepped forwards again, trying to swing her sword and attack the thug once more. But her foe, nimbler with his light dagger. The thief took his opportunity to sneak past her defenses and Jab her in the side, leaving a shallow mark.

Jingyi bit back a grunt and turned on her heel, her sword swinging her sword in a wide arc,  the blade biting into the thug's side. Her attack left a deep gash in his own side, and the thug seemed to have been scared by the bleeding. The dagger dropped from his hands when they found a better purpose of pressing against the wound.

And with that, the thug managed to limp away, and in his place stepped in another thug. This one seemed angrier, and in his hands, he wielded a sword instead of a dagger. His skin was marred by scars, and his lips were pulled into an unpleasant scowl.

Without warning he rushed forwards, sunlight glinting off his incoming sword. But with ease, Jingyi stepped to the side, the attack missing the warrior completely.

The thug skidded to a stop before turning around and lunging at Jingyi again. This time she raised her sword, the two swords clashing together before his attack being pushed away. Both Jingyi and her foe were pushed away from one another, but she was the one who regained her balance first.

Raising her sword, Jingyi widened her stance before leaping at the man. Her sword swung forwards, ringing filling the air before her blade found its place lodged in his side.

The thug gave a cry before pulling away, his sword falling to the ground as his hands pushed against the now bleeding wound. He gave Jingyi a dirty look before limping away to join with his buddies.

With her path free of opponents, Jingyi quickly sheathed her sword before rushing towards the exit of the town. She needed to reach the mines to free the miners since that was her original job.

Her feet soon led her to the caves, dug into the side of the Jade Mountains. Without waiting Jingyi plunged herself into the fray and headed down into the mines.

Weak candles illuminated the tunnels, the light just strong enough to give her enough sight to not stumble and fall over at the smallest rock.

The path was winding as Jingyi rushed, and the silence was only broken by the pitter-patter of her feet breaking the ground. But it wasn't long before she finally reached what she was looking for; before her, the sides opened up to reveal a small cave. In the center was a bunch of miners covered in soot and dirt, their pickaxes stuck in their own imprisonment as everything was overseen by three men.

The men were dressed similarly to the thugs she had encountered earlier in the town, and from their condition to the way the ruffians lounged about.

The sound of Jingyi drawing Grasscutter caught the thugs' attention, the action causing them to jump to attention and draw their own weapons. One man had a knife, another had a short sword and the final one wielded a small dagger. Together they rushed towards the warrior, the smallest of them crying a battle cry as he ran.

Jingyi quickly leaped aside, nearly avoiding the steel of a dagger before kicking out her leg. The inexperienced fighter she had targeted didn't notice the foot and had tripped over it. His face met the ground with a crunch, and Jingyi took a moment to smile proudly to herself.

But this moment gave ample time for another thug to jump forwards, his knife Jabbing her in her side, making the woman stumble to the side and yelp in surprise. She tried to pull away, her sword slashing at him and knocking the man aside, a bleeding cut now across his chest.

But her plight with the man had given the other two to prepare their counterattack against her. They both jumped at the woman, their weapons swinging down and cutting at her arms. Jingyi could only stumble back and swing her sword to put a gap between them and her.

"I need to separate those two and handle them one at a time. Then I can take them down," Jingyi thought to herself before nodding. With that in mind, she turned to her left and lunged forwards. She forced the man to step away, giving her time to dig her feet into the ground and shift into stance. Her sword raised as her knees bent in the familiar Mamushi Stance. Before the other could react, her sword was pointing at him as she was pierced forwards, the sword piercing through his defenses and defeating the man.

With a grunt he fell back, but Jingyi paid him no mind as she whirled around and lunged at the other man. In a slice her sword cut through his shirt and left a wound in his chest. And with that he was down, marking the fall of all three opponents.

Now it was time for her to free the miners, which she promptly did by slashing through the rope binding them captive. With a cry, they were free to go and take back their town, and Jingyi was free to return home now that her mission was over.


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