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Hunting [Job/Solo]

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Luca Rinascita

Luca Rinascita

Job Name: The Hunt
Job Rank: D
Job Location: The Tundra
Job Rewards: 50 XP + 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: Food is needed for your tribe. You must hunt down at least two wolves that you kill and bring back to your tribe.

Enemy Name: White Wolf (x2)
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: C
Description: A white wolf about .5m tall with glowing yellow eyes and perfect white fangs. The wolf deals passive D-tier damage and moves at 10 m/s.
Bite: The wolf bites down on its prey at 15m/s, dealing C-Tier damage.

The wind whipped violently around the tundra,kicking up snow and breaking the snow banks just to form them elsewhere. The sun was causing shadows to cast over the land from the mountains of snow that refused to be blow away. The clouds in the distance were darkening,a sign of an oncoming storm. What little life that walked the tundra was running to their caves for shelter. In the distance was a howl of a successful kill pierced the air. A tall figure in dark robes turned toward the sound a smiled,knowing his prey were close.
Luca had heard the howl of the wolves he was hunting and knew he would be back before the storm hit.He walked up one of the hills close to him to get a vantage point,he pulled off his hood running a hand through his hair.His green eyes darted over the land trying to look through the clouds of snow drifting across the land,hoping he could find where his prey was.He pulled his staff from its place strapped to his back and gripped it tightly in his hands,feeling the cold material in his hand he began walking towards the origin of the howl.

As he walked ever closer forward the soft sounds of snarling could be heard. Luca changed his course of movement circling so he was walking into the wind,as to not alert the prey of his presence. As Luca came to the top of a small hill he spotted his targets.They had their heads buried in a carcass the was to dismembered to be identified, and their white fur was caked in blood. Luca stood their admiring them for a moment before he continued his slow stalk towards them.He stopped at the base of the hill 15m away from the wolves.

As Luca stood there his scent finally reached the wolves and they turned, lips curled their fangs showing as they eyed him their yellow eyes staring through him. Luca met their gaze with his own,challenging them,waiting for them to take action. His muscles tensed as he got into position to defend their inevitable attack,he brought Fulmine forward and pointed it towards the wolves. The wolves tired of waiting bound towards him at 10 m/s closing the gap he left in between them. He pointed his staff towards the oncoming threat and the tip started to spark. When the first wolf was close enough he used Shock hitting the target and causing disorientation and the wolf to slow.

While he was distracted,the other had managed to get behind him and bit into his leg.Luca cringed and struck the beast with his fist,feeling the bones crunch beneath his hand.The beast's jaw went slack and it fell to the ground.Luca turned his attention towards the other as it had resumed its attack,he struck Fulmine to the icy ground and used Fulmine Muro,causing a wall of electricity to form in front of him. The wolf crashed into the wall and dropped to the ground shaking as it died.He turned to the other which lay sprawled on the ground and crushed the beast's head under his foot.

Luca relaxed as he stood over the dead bodies,he let out a sharp exhale and strapped Fulmine to his back once more before he picked up the bodies and began the walk back to his village.

WC: 546/500
Magoi: 80/100

Abilities used:
Name: Shock
Tier: D-tier
Cost: 10/5
Element: Lightning
Class: Supplementary
Range: 10m
Cool-Down: 2 posts or Sustain +1
Description: User blasts out a 1 meter diameter ball of electricity at 10 m/s up to 10 meters away, causing D-Tier disorientation to any caught in its blast.

Name: Fulmine Muro
Tier: D-tier
Cost: 10/5
Element: Lightning
Class: Offensive
Range: 10m
Cool-Down: 2 or Sustain+1
Description: User casts the spell at 10 m/s forming a wall of electric energy 5m in length and 7m in height. Deals D-Tier Damage.


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