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Hunting a Wolf(Solo Job)

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Job Name: Hunt for the white wolf
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim’s Western Front
Job Rewards: 50xp / 3,000 Huang
Job Overview:
Legend holds that there is a clan of wolves that roam the western front of Reim. These wolves were hunt to near extinction in the past but have been making a big boom as of late. Just recently the government has allowed the hunting for the wolves to take place again, it seems their pelts are worth a good deal of money. You will need to track the elusive beast and kill it but make sure that you do not ruin the fur of the wolf or you will fail the mission!
Enemies and abilities:

Enemy Name:The White Wolf
Needed damage to take down:1 C
Deals D rank damage with claws and fangs. Moves at a speed of 5 m/s

Aulus was now heading out of Reim, in search of a white wolf. It would seem the fanalis was taking another job, spending all of his money once again. He shakes his head at the thought of being away from his favorite brothel." I miss those girls so much."He says to himself his face turning bright red as he thinks about all the good times he had there. If his adoptive parents would see him now they would be disappointed by the young pervert and his lewd ways. But truthfully it wasn't that serious, cause they also were lewd people. Well back to the hunt Aulus turning his focus to hunting down one of the elusive white beasts. The guy he received the job from said some of the white wolves could be in a certain area, Aulus took that help and went to check it. But there was no wolves to be found there, not any sign of them or their tracks.

Aulus would continue his seemingly never ending search, always coming up empty."How hard is it to find some damn dog!?"He asks himself as he takes a break in his search. Rubbing the back of his head puzzled.He was a fanalis and a captain in the fanalis corps, how could he not find one measly wolf.The women at the brothel would laugh at him if the saw him now, or worse the other higher up in the Fanalis corps. Aulus would shutter at those thoughts and was now determined more then every to find a white wolf. Finally Aulus luck changed and he spotted one, and it didn't even know it was about to die. Aulus quickly made his way to it, as stealthy as he could. Once Aulus was close enough to the white wolf he pounced and took it out, but his attack was to ruff. He had ruined the wolf's fur, get the animals blood all over it."Dammit!" Aulus says as he sits in front of the dead beast and looks at it.All he had to do was kill the animal without ruining it's fur, but he couldn't even do that. For about an hour Aulus would sit there sulking.

Aulus was about to give up and just head home, wanting to just do a different job. But he remember his mothers confronting words she always said to him when he was down.

Flash Back

A women was holding a young Aulus, who had been crying."It's okay Aulus."She says as she holds him close as she spoke in a careing tone.But Aulus wouldn't stop crying, so she would do what her mother did for her when she cried. Which was sing the child a beautiful song and for some reason when the women sang, Aulus stopped crying and feeling bad about himself and became happy.

Out of Flash Back

Aulus composed himself as he stood up, relaxing.After about thirty minutes he found another wolf, this time it saw him. And it attack before Aulus could get any further,but Aulus looked like he embraced the wolf with a hug.But that wasn't the case when the wolf moved at him at 5 m/s toward him, attemping to knock him over, Aulus would hit it so that it's neck would break, and then catching it as it fell toward him. He would then carry the animal back to Reim and receive his payment for the job, humming the lullaby of his deceased mother.


Move used to take out wolf
Name: Fanalis Perception
Tier: D
Cost: 10 Magoi
Class: Supplementary
Range: 10 M
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 2 Post
Description: The user faces the opponent and if an attack is coming of the rank of D or less, the User will move at 15 m/s quickly dodging the attack as long as they have a minimum of .175 seconds to react.

And a punch to the neck breaking it from the punch.


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