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Hunting the White Wolf

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Jael told me I could start posting missions and just link them back, but proper requesting has been done after this edit

Job Name: Hunt for the white wolf
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim’s Western Front
Job Rewards: 50xp / 3,000 Huang
Job Overview:
Legend holds that there is a clan of wolves that roam the western front of Reim. These wolves were hunt to near extinction in the past but have been making a big boom as of late. Just recently the government has allowed the hunting for the wolves to take place again, it seems their pelts are worth a good deal of money. You will need to track the elusive beast and kill it but make sure that you do not ruin the fur of the wolf or you will fail the mission!
Enemies and abilities:
Enemy Name:The White Wolf
Needed damage to take down:1 C
Deals D rank damage with claws and fangs. Moves at a speed of 5 m/s

The mission was a simple one, at least in Kris's eyes. Find the white wolf, and kill it without spoiling the fur. Given how big of a repopulation boom the wolves were making, it would not be difficult to find the creature and kill it.

There was a simple way to kill wolves, or anything related to canine without damaging the fur, and being part of Reim and having fought such beasts in the Coliseum, Kris was extremely used to that style of fighting. The only problem was the fact that wolves hunted in packs, but the one Kris was hunting was an exception to that rule.

Either an outcast, or abandoned because of a previous injury, there were reports of a lone wolf off to the west of Reim that was terrorizing farms and live stock. The reason the farmers and land owners did not send out a request earlier was because of the fact that it was a white wolf, and that should have stood out and been easy to catch with how many of them were supposedly hunting for it. But they had had no luck up until this point, and the live stock population was dropping lower and lower, and so they had finally decided to send a request to Reim for help.

The fact that this mission had not been picked up yet was a slight surprise, but give the ranking of the mission and how unimportant it was to the stronger officials who were waiting for a better paying mission, it really didnt phase Kris much at all. This would be a good start to get his name out there and start climbing through the ranks. He had plans for the future after all.

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After a good quarter of a day of traveling, Kris finally reached the first farm where the sighting of the wolf had been the most frequent. It didnt take any stretch of imagination to figure out why either. The fences were poorly built, and they were situated to the beginning of the forest behind the farm house, making the entrance and exit for the wolf quite easy. Also, as Kris approached the house, he noted a lack of a guard dog as well, who easily would have provided a warning the wolf was outside.

Now, it would surprise one that there were farms on the Western Front, which historically were a barren wasteland. But as this was within walking distance to Reim still, and actually more in the middle of the two areas, the forests and farms were still surviving. Otherwise Reim would have been completely at the mercy of other countries economy wise, as it would need to trade for pretty much any and all types of food.

Stepping over the bottom part of the fence and sliding under the top railing, Kris walked through the fields that held the sheep, and took a look around. He would probably be here for a good amount of the day setting up anyways. According to the reports, this house was hit at least once a night now, mostly due to the fact that the other farm houses had gotten guard dogs and the owners sat outside with bows watching for the beast. Any predatory animal would feel that threat and be cautious, so the wolf coming here tonight was the only logical choice.

Rolling his shoulders and stretching, Kris began looking over the field, and where the wolf would have to travel tor each the sheep. Anywhere across the open field was good, and since the grass was a decent length, it would be a little more difficult to see it cross the field, but not impossible. As he approached the barn where the sheep stayed at night, the smell of blood infiltrated his nostrils. A rich, iron scent with the smell of decay and death mixed in. All in all, if Kris was not used to killing by now, the smell would have made him vomit. No wonder the wolf always came back.

Either the owners of this place just were not here for a while, which could have been a possibility, or they were just lazy and did not care. Both were equally plausible, and so, treking into the bloody barn, Kris began to lay with plan out. First though, he needed something to plug his noise, otherwise he would not be able to last throughout the night like he needed too. The fact that the sheep still came in here to sleep amazed him in general.


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His nostrils plugged with mint leaves he found growing in the forest, just on the other side of the fence, Kris sat huddled in the hay, the only thing remotely visible were his eyes. As he watched the sheep enter the barn to sleep, still fully amazed at the fact that they came back to the barn, he was rewarded with the knowledge that the farmers were just stictly lazy and stupid. Walking in to check on the sheep, or so Kris supposed, the man just stood there and watched them walk intot he barn, the smell of alcohol prevelant and his eyes half lidded. It looked like he had just woken up from a druken stupod, and was about to go back to sleep.

Without looking in the barn to make sure anything that was not supposed to be there was not there, the man just shut the door, not even tightly, and left. Rolling his eyes Kris just waited as he heard the main house's door shut. If his mission wasn't to kill this wolf, he probably would have just thrown the bloody and beaten beast into the man's house and been done with it.

As it turned out though, Kris did not have to wait to long for the wolf to show up. The second the sun hit the horizon and the sky started going dark, the wolf appeared at the door way, sniffing slowly to make sure that there was no intruders or humans. Thankfully it did not smell Kris, although that could mostly be attributed to the lingering and very strong smell of dead sheep and decaying corpses that were still sitting there.

As the wolf approached, it caught wind of a sheep and reared back, prepared to lunge. The sound hit Kris's ears a second later, the ewe moving from one sleeping stall to another. As fate would have it, the ewe happened to walk right in front of Kris, so he heard more than saw the wolf lunge. At the same time he heard the movement, Kris leapt as well, taking his left arm and shoving it through the wool right by the wolfs mouth, which was latched on to the sheep by now, and down its throat. This forced the wolf to let go of the sheep as it could not close its jaw adequately, and at the same time prevented it from biting down on Kris's arm too harshly.

The most damage that would be done would be a couple teeth marks, and so Kris carefully, but extremely quickly latched his legs around the wolf's neck, much like a gladiator fighter would. His right calf was braced against the back of the head of the beast, while his left shin was pressed against the wind pipe. Using his feet to lock his legs into place by placing them behind and around his knees, all Kris has to do was squeeze, suffocating the animal.

He stayed like that for a couple of minutes, as he wanted to make sure that the wolf was legitimately dead, and once he was sure, Kris stood up and opened the small pouch he ahd brought with him for this job, revealing a long strand of bandage wrap.

Quickly and neatly tying his arm, Kris grabbed the leg of the wolf and dragged it out of the barn. Thankfully the trek back to Reim wasnt't to long, because this was one heavy wolf.


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