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Kill My Weakness (job)

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@Solomon's Proxy wrote:Job Name: Medicinal Woes
Job Rank: C-Tier
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 100 XP | 7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: -
Job Overview: Due to the alarming increase of fights among peasants and soldiers, doctors and herbalists are working overtime to heal the injured. However, the medical pavilions are refusing admittance for peasants. Because of this, the peasants have been launching attacks against the hospitals. Either protect the unwell soldiers or join the indignant peasants. *+2 influence to Yoshiro if you protect the soldiers, +2 influence to Gao Yuan Zu if you help the peasants*

Enemy Name: Angry Peasant (6x)
Rank: C-Tier
Needed damage to take down: D-Tier
Description: Nine angry peasants have decided to attack a local hospital. They look half starved, but they possess a determination worth respecting. Though they're seemingly weak, they can be overwhelming together. They all have somehow obtained a knife (most likely they stole them), but they seem somewhat clumsy and unused to fighting with a knife.
Slash ~ The peasant rushing his knife across the target to cause C-Tier damage.
Stab ~ If the peasant is feeling especially vicious, he may decide to lunge forward at his enemy, knife out in front of him, and stab his target, causing C-Tier damage.

Enemy Name: Soldier (2x)
Rank: B-Tier
Needed damage to take down: B-Tier
Description: Three soldiers guard the hospital's inhabitance. Though they are young, they seem tough. They're unusually level-headed soldiers. They're all equipped with a sword, but someone apparently forgot to give them a shield.
Bat ~ Using the blunt side of the sword, the soldier hits their opponent hard on the head (or whatever happens to be convenient, really). The attack will deal blunt C-Tier damage.
Lunge ~ The soldier brings the leg farthest away from the target forward. With him, his sword will be pushed forward. The force combined will deal B-Tier damage to the opponent.
Edge ~ With his sword horizontal with the ground, the soldier will swipe it across his opponent to cause bodily harm (B-Tier bodily harm to be specific).

Lestacia had been studying as she always was. The young magician had always been fond of the libraries. She often loved reading up on the different types of magic that there were. She had a book on the different types of magic. two of which she was incredibly interested in. Lightning, magic which harnessed the powers of electricity at a magician's finger tips and Clairvoyance magic. Which  made it so one could see the future. These intrigued her the most. If Lest could see the future, then she'd be able to plan accordingly for the future damage that would be dealt. She brought about more books upon the Lightining Magician's and their specialties. She read an excerpt from on of their books out loud.

"Lightning Magic, is a type of Magic where the user orders the Rukh that produce Magoi to change into Lightning Magic. It is the fourth type of magic; Magicians who have an affinity to the fourth type are known as "Yellow Magicians". I knew that already but lets ee if this book holds any more information. Yellow Magicians are capable of summoning natural lightning from the sky to the ground which causes tremendeous explosions. Lightning attacks work by electrocuting the opponents to various degrees or burning them based on used Magoi. OH! Intriguing. So it's mainly offensive? If I think hard enough I can come up with something. After all it is directly opposite from Life Magic so it shouldn't be too hard to come up with a good property to support people with. Users of this Magic are also able to utilize magnetism to collect magnetic materials from the Earth such as iron sand. Oh my that is very interesting, but there's got to be so much more that goes on with Lightning other than power. If I think I may be able to come up with something. Lightning Magic can be dispersed by an air wall created by Wind Magic. Ok so when using Lightning magic one must first be wary of wind magic users."

The excerpt ended there and thats where Lestacia had begun thinking. What kind of properties could she bring to the table that life couldn't. She tapped her fingers against the desk and suddenly, she had an idea. Opening one of the older books of Anatomy of the human body, she reached the area she was looking for. "THAT IT! If all actions that we made are just electrical impulses sent to our brains then why wouldn't I be able to enhance that with more electricity. Also, theoretically speaking since we generally have limiters placed subconsciously I could reach that limiter and temporarily remove it!"

Lestacia smiled widely she had made a breakthrough in what she could do to affect the human body with magic. If people could do it before, then it was rarely used. If so why was it rarely used? Why didn't people utilize this much more than usual? Lestacia Sighed she needed more information to create a better detailed thesis and what better place to go rather than the local clinic.

Lestacia gathered her things and prepared to head out for the local clinic. However there was a slight problem. A group of people who looked distressed and in need of help  were standing outside of the clinic as soldiers guarded the entrance. Lestacia put her hood up to cover her face for just in case reasons. "May I ask what's going on here?" Lestacia said approaching the middle of the group.

As she asked this everyone began talking at once. Lestacia annoyed and confused stabbed her Deep edge wand into the ground and shouted. "SHUT UP ALL OF YOU!" The area was quiet. Neither side said a word as she pointed to a random peasant. "You! Speak! Explain! NOW!"

The man gulped and stepped forward, his heart nearly beat out of his chest as Lestacia listened to him closely. 'Well, miss. we are but humble peasant folk and because of this war we have many who are sick and injured, but the docotrs won't see us because they are prioritizing the soldiers over us.'

She then pointed to the other side. One of the Soldiers. "You, Speak your side, now!" The guard would step up and explain the situation.  'Well, miss our guards have taken heavy hits from the Gao Yuan Faction so we need facilities like these to keep us from faltering.' Lestacia clenched her teeth. "Who are you fighting for if not your people. Who will Yoshiro rule over if everyone in his kingdom except for the guards dies?"  The guard clenched his teeth in anger. 'Well you are still not entering. this facility has been claimed by the guards of Yoshiro. So move along little girl! Before you get hurt!'

There it was again. That word....."LITTLE!" Lestacia Clenched her teeth tightly and raised her wand. "Reveria." with that, she send the guard flying all the way back through the doors and into the back wall. He lay down on the floor making a mess of the hallway, knocked out. "You know, someone had better warned you not to call me little. Lestacia's eye's darkened as the second guy looked at his friend fly past him. He turned to Lestacia with great haste.

'YOU BITCH!' He said swinging at her with his Edge. Lestacia simply Looked at the man again and pointed her deep edge wand towards him.

"EXCUSE YOU RUDE! I AM NOT A BITCH! I AM A LADY; AND A LADY NEVER DIRTIES HER HANDS!" She'd swiftly dodge the soldiers strike and point her wand in his face and smiled. "Precision is the difference between a butcher and a surgeon! Reveria!" With that the skeletal arm protruded through the ground once more and knocked the man into one of the near by windows. He too was knocked out. She stood upon the steps and faced the doctors who looked on in horror. "NOW YOU WILL TREAT THESE PEOPLE!"

WC: 1024
Magoi 180/240)
Magic used:

*Scaled to B-tier twice*
Tier: D-Tier
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Lestacia must swipe their wand/staff in front of them.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10 Magoi | 5 Magoi

The caster of this spell swipes their wand/staff in front of them, causing a skeletal hand that is 2m long and 1m wide to appear from the ground. It then swipes everything away in a 2 meter wide arch in front of them, dealing D-tier damage to anything it hits.


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