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A Time of Weakness [Djinn Training]

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It felt like everything had happened yesterday and that she had only gone to sleep, but no matter, if she tried to open her eyes and take in the world around her darkness, was all that had set in. That's how she had felt for the first week after she had left the dungeon, blinded by her own choice one she didn't regret even as her Wyverns had ferried her away while bleeding and clutching her child. While it had occurred someone might attack her in the mountains after they had left the dungeon to take advantage of her condition she had been lucky that Dragotsennyy was quick and that her fortress was in the same mountain range.

For one whole week, she had kept herself locked in her office with her cot and child, even her beasts had stayed with her as no one came in only leaving her food outside the door. In the end, it wasn't that she was depressed or broken after the dungeon, however with her sacrifice, she still had to deal with the ramifications of never seeing her child grow and the new problems lack eyesight would cause and how she would compensate and how to fight. Most of all it was a moment of weakness where even in the overwhelming joy of gaining another tool, the completion of one goal that would help her on the path to the other dreams that always loomed in the Azure Amazon's future. The time with her child, his touch, his smell, and his voice would be the most important to her in this time as she would let his last image stay in her mind as she prepared to remember and know him in the only ways she could without her sight, and would cherish them as a mother should.

After her time with Kor resting up after the events of the dungeon she knew there was something she had to get done before moving on. From her experiences with the other candidates, she knew that her vessel had the capability of changing into a powerful weapon of the djinn's and that at some point she would also be able to take on a full transformation. In a time where introspection was important, she felt this was the ripe time for her to train, to use Gamigan's power.

Time had passed as she prepared for her personal pilgrimage and Kor had continued to grow, having already been well into speaking and walking the young child big enough to be left with her wyverns, who would also be left behind, and one of the elite soldiers she knew was also a mother. Even without her sight, she began to notice things change around her most of which were about herself. Each time she braided her hair she could tell that it was past her hips again, each time she tapped her hands against a table she heard her nails click, and even her steps sounded a little heavier as of late. After some time had passed she had felt ready, armed with no weapons, but only a satchel filled with food, a waterskin, and of course her metal vessel. Soon enough she gave her vassals and her soldiers a formal declaration of departure, and so the blind mercenary left to be alone.

While most in her band thought that the trip would hinder her training in her eyes the entire point of training would become purposeless without the pilgrimage. Within the first night, it would begin as the moon was still rising to its prominence her fire was dim and the last bits of crackling flame was snuffed as a log broke and fell into ash. A cloth tent covered in furs had been pitched decently due to the muscle memory from years of camping, the flap opened as sandal soon clicked against the hard mountain rock.

"Is it a new moon, or just me?" The words accompanied by a half-hearted chuckle as she used the humor to ease herself, only figuring it was night from how much time had passed and the lack of sunlight against her skin. All of her other senses had risen to prominence since the dungeon, they had to when she used them to navigate through life now. Her pale skin shone under the moonlight, revealed as her light clothing fluttered in the air, Kou robing that she acquired during the war and before the dungeon, her chest bandaged the crimson robes hanging only on her left shoulder and arm before wrapping around her waist. With each step her wooden sandals would continue to click against the ground, the dirt from traveling was already on her white trousers that were also from Kou, the dirt in patches from the cuff at her calf to the band at her waist even if it was under the robes.

From the wind, Ani knew that she was still decently high up and decided to use that to her benefit as she chose to sit where she could feel the wind rushing. It was near an edge that wasn't too steep and that if she had happened to fall over would roll for a few meters before hitting a lower part on the trail. As the cold night mountain air hit her lungs she felt refreshed soon taking off her earring, the bell ringing and keeping it in her field of knowledge as she sat down, criss-cross with it in her palm. As her thick blue braid would almost coil like a snake on the ground, slithering as she tilted her head down and spoke to herself once again. "This should be good."

In her memories and in her body it had reminded her of the magical tools she had in her treasury, feeding her essence, her magoi into an object to activate some kind of power. Except, this time it was something else's power, that had become hers and it was as if she had to bring both of their wills to life. She had seen the others do it, and now unlike the small samples of power that could be used with just the vessel, she would work on bringing out a weapon to exemplify her will.

"Djinn of The Heroics and The Damned eh?" She reminded herself of his purpose, the meaning of sacrifice she had learned and the way the Djinn had pitted his powers against them. He had been leading them through the dungeon and tried to force them all into teamwork to gain control of each situation Her hands clasped as she tried to form the image of the perfect weapon, how to bring his power to shape.

The familiar sensation of her life, her magoi shifting, and moving began to ooze through her as she let her thoughts drift to her experiences once again. The first thing to return was the unbearable heat her body almost breaking out in a sweat from memory as the echoing cries of the lost ringed in her head. Then came the cold, a frigid grasp that could even make the Imuchakk rub their arms as they become covered in goosebumps. Then there were the brief moments of heroism and glory and how it made her feel to direct her wyverns and stay within the flow of battle, how it felt to match herself against the Asuras. All of the overwhelming memories filled her head as she tried to give them form, to feel it seep back into her as she seeped herself into it.

Even as she kept chanting and mumbling she would meditate and continue, taking only brief rests to snack or drink water when she felt tired from feeding magoi. However, she didn't move from where she had been sitting and returning the earring back to her ear when she was snacking as not to lose it. Nothing happened with the bell that night as she soon felt the warmth of day embracing her  she began to sit up, feeling small burns and ice around her she figures she might've accidentally let out small bursts of its power, but it could've also been the dew or the fire, though surely she would've noticed that?

Deciding to rest she soon finished off her snacks for the night before going to her tent and thinking it was time to move on after sleep, but she slept through the rest of that day and through the night as well. Not wanting to leave any traces she threw the campfire ashes to the wind and packed up shortly after.

Spending half of each night and each day training she would use the other halves to sate her needs before taking another travel day. It was easier for her to lose track of the time as she traveled, keeping notches in a piece of leather on her bag she would return if the entire thing became covered or ripped apart with them. Her surroundings would never escape her though, even as she moved with the sound of rushing water suddenly filling her ears. Thinking it could be a flash flood or some kind of rain she had pressed herself against the mountain wall for a minuted before realizing she wasn't getting wet.

"Where is it then?" She spoke quietly to herself as not to appear crazy, and on the off-chance that there were other things near the water that would hear her and take advantage of her lack of sight. Turning to step back onto the path a sound of water splashing would get louder with each step forward. Once the splashing sounded like it was only a few feet away she began to crouch down slowly the sound of her leather sandals creaking just a bit as she pressed her hand to the ground and began to reach forward. Almost crawling around for a few moments she suddenly felt a surprising cool sensation. "It's just like I thought." She said to herself as she stuck her hand into the water, splashing around. It was seemingly a cool spring in the mountains, based on the ones she had found before and the depth she had felt it seemed to make a small pool big enough for bathing.

Within moments Ani had stripped down to her trousers and her bandages and had sunken herself into the pool, letting the cool water envelop her body. It might've been obvious had anyone been there that she had plans to train from the sight of her earring being hooked onto her ear still. The sound of splashing and running water drawing her to the destination she sought as she would swim along the wall running her hand along its side. Her hand would suddenly be hit by a rush of water first, standing up and back for a moment she knew that she had found a waterfall.

The sound of rushing water was intense it filling every canal of her ear as the coolness of the water would trail and leave an impression with the force of the liquid as it almost continued to fall down her body. Having sat under the waterfall with her eyes closed, the earring in, and her braid undone as she would let herself begin to meditate once again. At the moment her head had drifted off to the dream she had experienced in the dungeon, it was almost as if she was underneath the Imuchakk once again. While it was only a part of her imagination it felt like the ocean was not as dark this time. While her power was unrelated to it the water seemed to calm her and help her mind work through some of the barriers it had. First came the crackling as the water would start to stick against her skin, then came the hiss as it all began to turn to steam around her the water starting to become affected by the minor magic she released as her magoi flowed into the earring.

"O' Djinn of Heroics and the Damned grant me your weapon to protect the innocent, a weapon to avenge the unfortunate and to bring justice to my enemies, Brandish, Gamigan!" Her words echoed even against the water as nothing seemed to happen, the sound of her bell ringing filled her ears. Then suddenly, her magoi stopped draining for just a moment and then her body felt all of it suddenly rush to one place.

Her earring unclipped as she felt its form beginning to change as it brushed against her ear, an image forming in her head of martial beauty and unprecedented control. With the sound of the weapon hitting its proper form, the sound of water would become metallic, but the feeling and pressure would not leave her mind as it was still there, but different. Moving her hands to her face she felt her flesh, but could still distinctly feel the water dripping as it continued to clank against the metal as the pressure, but lack of true feeling began to make her realize what was going on.

As the bell had grown it had separated into two different, but a rather large object. Two massive arms made from metal, with floating rings of silver around the wrist, they were held up with the massive palms blocking the water. Within seconds though her concentration had broken and the weapon started to reform. If it hadn't rung she might've lost it, but she would leap forward and grab it from the air as she decided it was time for her to rest again. "I got this, it's all a feeling."

In the next few days, she had refrained from meditating but spent the time continuing some physical exercises and getting her body rested up as she knew her pilgrimage was ending as the elevation of her path had gone up over the last four days, the air even getting thinner as it almost seemed like a struggle to get a lungful.

With each step, she took a breath and kept her hand against the mountainside as she trailed up, before stopping at the tip of her middle finger had curled into a crevice, a clean little cut. "I think I might be there." Her words soon accompanied by her pressing both of her hands against it, moving them slowly as she began to find more cuts and other signs of battle that had taken place some time ago. "This should be it, this should be where Gamigan was."

Her entire goal had been to walk from her base, back to the location of where she was last was before that, it was more symbolic to herself, everything else before that adventure was like a blind walk through the mountains, and it all leads back to this place in the mountains, to this power, to Gamigan. With the clicking of her sandals against stone, she began to unclip her earring, holding it tight in her fist as she yelled out into the sky. "Brandish, Gamigan!"

The metal began to creak and fill with magic as it suddenly exploded with her energy and the power of the Djinn. The hand shaped ringer inside would pop out and begin to expand and shape into the left arm, while the bell itself would stretch and warp into light, dazzling against the reflection of the smooth rock as the blind woman lost herself, to herself, it was her power and like Gamigan had chosen her for the intense and almost too willing sacrifice she had to give into herself, not give into the shadow of herself, but to give in to the passion of herself.

Exploding with confidence the final formed arms flexed as they began to shimmer under daylight, glimmering gold arms that towered over even the Amazon showing off their pantomimic muscles as she kept herself in position. Then the music began to play in her mind with her hips soon turning and twisting to match the ethereal orchestra that had filled her mind and her soul. Each twist of her heels and body the arms moved along even managing to keep their elegance as she soon threw herself into a cartwheel.

Just as her body began to roll it would soon lift high into the air as she felt the massive metal arms pushing off the ground and sending her flying up into the air, her momentum causing her to speed up briefly as she felt her rainbow wings form just before she began to fall. Swinging the massive fists down the only sound she could hear was crashing, and cracking as powerful fists broke into the earth.

It was all perfect and she reached down to check her belt, 58 notches, she had been gone for a decent amount of time, it definitely seemed it was time to return.

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