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Painful Woes [Solo/Job]

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Job Detail:

Job Name: Medicinal Woes
Job Rank: C-Tier
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 100 XP | 7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: -
Job Overview: Due to the alarming increase of fights among peasants and soldiers, doctors and herbalists are working overtime to heal the injured. However, the medical pavilions are refusing admittance for peasants. Because of this, the peasants have been launching attacks against the hospitals. Either protect the unwell soldiers or join the indignant peasants. *+2 influence to Yoshiro if you protect the soldiers, +2 influence to Gao Yuan Zu if you help the peasants*
Enemy Detail:

Enemy Name: Angry Peasant (6x)
Rank: C-Tier
Needed damage to take down: D-Tier
Description: Nine angry peasants have decided to attack a local hospital. They look half starved, but they possess a determination worth respecting. Though they're seemingly weak, they can be overwhelming together. They all have somehow obtained a knife (most likely they stole them), but they seem somewhat clumsy and unused to fighting with a knife.
Slash ~ The peasant rushing his knife across the target to cause C-Tier damage.
Stab ~ If the peasant is feeling especially vicious, he may decide to lunge forward at his enemy, knife out in front of him, and stab his target, causing C-Tier damage.

These past days everything seemed worth doing. Helping the people who are stuck in the middle against poverty that has taken them is just sort of lifting his soul. He may have hatred but his heart was warm enough at the moment to visit the streets again. War has many tools but it won't take it tolls on Aseo, yet as he still learning the customs and history bestowed along with the country. It's morning and he hasn't yet to get ready for his day. Bed head at its best and moments later he might be laying back down for rest. Between fighting an Archer, and Street thugs he thought the wild life back home in Magnostadt was scary with some chuckles. Getting up he felt his back crack in pain. Releasing a agh, but doing a little stretch popping his back into place he stood on his carpet readying himself to get dress. Staring with his hair taking a thick sized noodle steam of hair together to braid and clip down. Than doing it to another on the right side having one both on the right and left. Moving over to a small screen to fetch his clothing and a hot towel to wash his face, as small portion of eye crust sat in the corner of his eyes.

Sitting down in a chair. Aseo calmly moved his shoes next to his chair than grabbed at the lower garments of clothings looking at the silk he has gone through to wash each day as it somehow turns into getting stained and dirt. Something beautiful stained with dirt, blood, or whatever he has to deal with in that current event. Ting would have his head if she known he missed his classes yesterday to get public eye on his own recognizance. He may dislike his fate, but it won't halt him from doing something good for those 'peasants'? It didn't really feel they were peasants to him, but as he came to this realization he had already put in his yoroi hakama to go along the belt. " I still don't understand how they enjoy wearing so much layering of clothing here. This country doomed and they still barter in traditional ways of style. " the expression funny if someone saw it, but no one to hear his early morning rant about these traditions. During that he'd throw his arms into the air and his right shoulder still hurt cracked loudly and he came down to one knee holding it in pain. He was glad the chair was there to use to properly allow him to stand back up, but he quickly went to sit back down as his kimono rested on the armor stand. Holding his arm as it thudded in pain he had to go through it slowly as everything seemed to hurt just from that one area being in such condition it was in. Stumped on whether to call for assistance or not giving up to working out this issue alone he felt stuck. Slipping his feet into his boots they loosen currently Aseo, attempting to tie them with all his might. Doing a little winch before standing and flinging his kimono off the stand and around showing off the ruffles dazzling in the sunlight piercing through his curtains. Heat of the moment he trampled around struggling to place the kimono on both arms as he tucked the ends inside the belt and called to the servants about him being ready.

Nothing last forever so he finish getting his  attire set as he moved down the hallway Of The Asehi household. Many decorations of fine arts be passed by, he couldn't name any of the artist even if he tried, so he chuckled at the funny looking ones and then gave hard looks at the ones to off or distort for him to understand. Following the servants along the carpets passing many halls as they finally made it too a large red wooden door. It looks like a maple wood door, but when he pressed his hands against it felt cold like steel. With large cracking noises from the hinges the escape of indoor light brought forth the clear sky filled with sunshine Aseo, first reaction was blocking it with his hand as he scurried off to the carriage to head to the hospital. His cane 'Ebenezer' already place inside the carriage, but it donned upon him he may need to replace Ebenezer, as it out of fashion for a noble to have a cane at such a young age. His heart dropping as he just held his cold gaze hidden by the doors of the carriage closing as he loaded in. " Driver could you take me to the hospital. I need to get medical attention. With it haste! " voice booming from behind the driver as the reigns around the horses shuffled and the carriage sprung into action. Looking back to how he said that it may seem like Ting almost sounding vile and disrespectful which made him fear of what he may become later, but he had to choke back the fear as he choose this instead of death just for Montague. " Young Master, the hospital isn't long way, shall you need me to tell you when we arrive? " the carriages man said. Aseo calmly spoke back for his reply. " That shall be fine, don't leave the premises once we arrive. I won't be long as I just need to collect medicines and herbs for the wound so it doesn't puster or infest with insect. " He hold his shoulder with the arrow wound as small creaks could be heard Aseo trying to roll it too pop. Cracking his bone to make sure it's properly in place, but it pained him so.

Pulling up the carriage man rung the bell to let Aseo know they had made it. Opening the carriage door he noticed injured guards cowering in fear, this looked like an unpleasant sight. Many citizens were rallied around and ready to kill the injured guards men, as some doctors were rushing around about through wooden houses back and forth trying to get certain herbs and medicines for people running lower and lower on supply. Aseo, stepped out with his cane in hand taking cation hiding in the coward of citizens as six of them stepped forward with knifes probably from their kitchen aiming at the injured guards men. One guards barking at the already nervous citizens with weapons provoked them too many times. One lady scared Half to death lunged forward stabbing the guardsmen who been mocking them, as she cried her face curved into a grin as she chuckled. " They think they're all strong with the militia, behind them. Huehue, but I just killed one and nothing happen! So strong now! We must rise up and taken back what are, we worked harder than them! " she'd rally them looking half starved just about. Aseo knew he couldn't let that one of many deaths happen here right now so he simply tapped his wand on the stone.

In the crowd of people Aseo, spun a tidal wave into life. He jumped into action getting within distance for his attack to catch the six people readying to slaughter the rest of the guards. Sending the rushing waters in a pillar thrashing through the ground he'd knock them two of them towards a wall to render them unconscious from the force. Sustaining the skills, as he moved to get in close and personal. The lady who killed the guard swarmed and charged with the remaining four. Each one of them slashing at the torso and head of Aseo. Two coming from his side and two in front he'd step back in time to let them collide injuring one another and head butting knocking themselves out, while the two who came frontal hopped over and lunged. Not being quick enough the he tripped backwards and one knifed lunged into his wounded shoulder Aseo, eye bolting in pain as the Tidal wave around him rises into a column and crashed into both people knocking them together and off into a barrel. The lady from earlier taken care of, he tugged at the knife in his shoulder as he walked toward the housing for the doctors and herbalist.

They took him in to prepare for surgery and remove the knife. Hours later Aseo had regained consciousness since he passed out due to shock from the wound. It's patched up, but his shoulder sort of stiff and can't move, he needed to be weary for now on until he could recover to full health. They gave him takes for protecting the guards and not killing the citizens as it was a noble thing to do, but assured him he was going to have to stay home for the meantime due to injury. With that they sent him back to the Asehi household with little to much of supply to keep the wound from being infected. So Aseo calmly stood in room with the supplies and placed them on his stool and threw himself on the bed readying to sleep.


Word Count: 1,540/1,000
Magoi: 225/240
Item Bought:

[Painful Woes [Solo/Job] 9bU7kn0
Name: Ebenezer
Tier: D-Tier
Material: Wood, Silver, Gold.
Appearance: A long cane that doubles as a walking stick. It also has a large knuckle guard which reaches down the bottom of the handle. Inside the larger area where the white and gray meet, there are small gold-colored gears. Handle is 10 In ( 25.4 cm ) ending at the wood. I don't know how to say the length of the wood, but i’d say it goes down to the ground.
Abilities Used:
center]Vandens Kolonėlė{Water Column}
Tier: D-Tier
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Requires the user to tap his staff against the ground.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1 Post
Cost: 10 Magoi ; 5 Sustain

    Using water magic, the user generated a column of spinning water . The water spirals around the caster like a whirlpool crashing toward the opponent from 5 meters away to deal D-Tier damage.


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