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Wanderer Woes [Job/Plot/Solo]

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Job Name: Wanderer's Woe's
Job Rank: C-tier
Job Location: Kina
Job Reward: C-tier Plot NPC | 100 XP
Job Prerequisites:
Job Overview: While traveling through Kina you've noticed on all boards a repeated message generally on scratched paper and with messy calligraphy. Upon investigating further you notice that it's a plea for help, looking for someone of strength. It says they live nearby blue-flowered forest. Meet with this individual and find out why they are looking for someone to train them.

Such a peaceful day and one to take a nap in the sun of all things. But it was starting to get windy out but Ghost was so worn out. He truly needed to sleep as he was worn out. Coming to Kina for an unknown reason. However he needed money as well. But just as he sat up. A note would land on his face. He would be mad a little about it. But then he would take it off his face. Looking at it the note would say help wanted. He would look at it but said nothing. Looking at the reward ot had one hundred thousand cash. His eyes would look at it as it had a paw paint on it as well. How odd was this note. Blue forrest is where he was headed to next. As he got up he would yawn as it had a good nap.

Rain would start to come down how crazy was that. Regardless Ghost would be on his way. This job had to be a big one. If someone was offering all of this money like this. Looking on time would go by as a few fours set in. Ghost would be at the entrance to the blue forrest. Thinking to himself hiw odd was it? Maybe he had to fight off a giant or something like that. Either way it went he had to get that pay. This was what he was thinking. True it was not something he would normally do. But it was something he had to do. It was going to help him get a certain item he wanted so badly. Ghost would be thinking about this as he looked on walking into the woods. Looking at a tree ahead of himself. He would see a not. This note read keep going sucka as you are now mines.

Yes this was a head shaker for him. However he would go on anyway. As he said to himself." This best not be a joke or else. This person will soon be a dead one." Thinking out loud he would head off on his way. Soon enough he would come across another note. This note would say. Only a fool would fall in love but only a bigger fool will fall into a trap. This with a crazy look on his face. He would take the note and continued to walk. See as the last part of it said look on the back. To which he did and so he found part of a few maps on it. Two of four pieces it would seem. How crazy was this. He would think he had to go around and collect these and as he was doing that he was being watched. Ghost would let out another yawn as he kept on going in deeper and deeper. He truly was getting sleepy. But what had to be do was going to get done and that was facts to say the least.




Soon enough he would come across another piece of the map. The third piece and as he put it together. He would see that he started to make a holy cross. On it it would say.... Fear is not allowed in the eyes of the hunter...However the hunted shall fear even life itself. Ghost would see this as he started to put clues together. As the note that flew on his face dis say. They was looking for somebody strong to do the job. Ghost would smile as he kept on going. He would look on as he walked yet a another two hours. Until finally he would found what he was looking for. The last piece of the map. It would show him an area he was at. As it had X mark the spot on it as the final note. This was odd soon enough she appeared.

As Ghost looked on he would see a young girl who stood four feet even. Her hair was tied in two semi buns. He was wear a chinese komodo. How odd was this and was she the one who sent out that job request? Soon enough Ghost was about to say something. Then she would speak and in quite the proper tongue. " So the job is as easy as it gets. All you need to do is kill me and you get paid. The money is right here in my patch just take it off of me. Only if you could kill me that is." Ghost was at a lost fir words as this little girl said that. Was she for real or what? But looking on he would see items on top of items. It would have appear that this little girl has beaten pass fighters.

To make a long story short she was planning on doing the same to him. Soon with in her small little hands. She held a kunai chain. Was she planning on throwing it at Ghost? Just then it made sense to him. She wanted to die but she would not kill herself. So she wants Ghost to do it. How sad was that. But he was ready for whatever happen next. Looking on she indeed went right for the kill. But not before Ghost lore her in. As she got Closer she let out her spear at him. The chain kunai was coming at him fast. But just then right before it hit him. Ghost would soon watch it bounce right off him. To her shock she was indeed shocked so much so she jumped back. Ghost would be smiling as his BORG came about. He would look at her as fear would come over her face. Then a smile would follow it as she fell to the ground. Saying out loud that this is it this is the end. However Ghost had other plans for this young soldier and he was going to let that be known.


Chain kunai is the weapon scorpion from mortal kombat uses.

Racial Ability:
Tier: B
Class: Magician
Type: Defensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Once the Borg is broken or damaged, it requires 3 turns to recover.
Scaling: Cannot be scaled
Sustain: No sustain limit
Cool Down: N/A
Cost: 5 Magoi
    A sphere of hardened magoi surrounds the user in an instant. It will defend against damage equal to its tier before shattering.



He would look down at her as he borg was well out and epic to look at. She would look at him and yell out. "Hurry up and end me LET US make this fast." He would look at her and smile a big smile."So you hired me to kill you. I see but you had no plans on dying or did you. You had no plans on paying all that money did you? In fact you knew only small time job seekers would fall for such a trick. How crazy are you little one and you out here all along. So you must be without parents talk about a hard knock life. But get this you are wasting your time here as I find your skills truly incredible for your age. You was going to end me if I was not prepared now wasn't you?"

She said nothing as he came towards her. " Fear not for as of right now I will invite you into my ranks and you will learn to love life do you understand me?" He would say this as ahe started to get up as he went on. " I am a king without a crown as my kingdom was ripped a thunder but I am still here and so is my kingdom spirit. Now then what is your name little one?" She would look at him truly dumbfounded by all of this."You really just going to invite me in just like that huh? I am an assassin and I live to kill not follow a loser. If you are a king with no kingdom then you are no king just lost and my name is Mya Windberri.But still my father said the weak can not pick how they die only the strong can do that. So your rank you say what part will I play in it?" Ghost would look to her as she said that and would smile yet again. " You will fall in line to be my Jack. The Jack Of All Trades. Why you may ask it is because no one will think such a big threat comes in auch a small package. True I play a weak man to the world. But in reality even the ruhk will fear me. Now let's go as just like you I wish to better myself. When you fine out what it is you want in life go for it. Until then help me get what it is I want as well. Alright Mya I am counting on you my Jack." Ghost would look on as he walked away. Mya herself would still be standing there. He would wave for her to hurry up as he kept o. Walking. Soon enough she would start to follow behind him. Thinking to herself just who in the hell is this guy and what is he planning on doing? She will follow him just to see how it all ends.


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