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Arise High [Job]

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Job Name:Making troops
Job Rank:D-tier
Job Location:Kou
Job Rewards: 50xp / 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites:-
Job Overview: To be able to gain more advantage in the upcoming civil war, Gao Yuan Zu thinks it is better to recruit more soldier. Help the emperor to strengthen his armies by recruiting 50 soldiers and you will be rewarded! *+1 influence to Gao Yuan Zu*
In an unsoundly turn of events, units of Yoshiro's faction vanished from that of Yu-Yin to have never surfaced another timely advent. Rise of an army of arms to combat any forces that may be dispatched to return to the village's territory, it had been sorted into an infantry base for that of the Gao Yuan Zu mere foot soldiers. "Oi Trently! This'll have been quite a success rather than entering that city huh? Not all of this village is convinced that were the best option though, what shall we do boy!?" In a question, Shian chuckled down with a hardy tone of voice. "Hm.. If I'm right, then I suspect that one hundred man unit from yesterday to make an entrance once more. Doubt that they would quit on this village so easily, even if there was an area where they could head with a more suitable range of conditions for enlisting soldiers. It'd have to take them a while to reach another area of that sort, neither that but they could have been loose on supplies. They'll return tonight, I feel it! We'll have to be out on watch to ensure they don't catch our backs turned! Let those on lookout know to rest up right now while they can! Its a battle!" Declaring that of an upcoming duel against this Yoshiro unit, Trently sent out immediate orders to have guards on watch rest up until come night's fall. "Gotcha! Lets pray that we catch these buffoons!" Delivering a sole thumb's up as he ran off into the distance, in an effort to warn guards to rest up for what would enfold later this night.

In a wholesome dive out into the sky's depths, the royals of the sun vanished out of sight. Creaking and that of chirps sprung up, it would now be the night setting for this bloodsome bath against this hundred man unit. "Men! Do not falter if there are guards posted out at night! We'll have those Gao Yuan Zu monkeys perish to the feet of Yoshiro's might! Huah! Lets go!" Marching off into the direction of in which the Yu-Yin populace laid asleep except for that of the posted up guards and Trently's Gao Yuan Zu accomplices. "There they are! Sneaky bastards!" Swooping up their image within an eye of sight, Trently burst off from his ambush spot with a pair of friends and mates who he befriended as this Civil War raged onward. "Huh!? Who is this kid!? Get him! Kill him!" An outfit of fury being lit inside this officer of a hundred man unit, the officer swung out at Trently in an attempt to cut him down. "Too slow! Heh!" Sweeping out underneath his blade, Trently flung down his blade and gifted the Yoshiro officer with a vertical wound out on his chest. Descending outward onto the cold ground flat, it was an easy victory for Trently's unit. "Hm..." Pondering to his own consciousness, it struck Trently that what just occurred was only the tip of the iceberg in this Civil War for the throne of the entirety of the Kou Empire. Defending Yu-Yin from Yoshiro's hundred man unit, word had spread in which resulted in fifty of the neutral villagers being enlisted into Gao Yuan Zu's brand anew infantry station.

WC: 571


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