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Thus Arise Whom Seek!

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Thus Arise Whom Seek!

(Task Track) Bridges between nations across all of this world's cobalt blue oceans have sprung up due to various reasons though it may be a rare sight for few to witness it among one's own country. This is a yale tale of a young blood of whom arose to the thus seek out the issues in which has the world reacting in a mystical stir of emotions. At a merely age of seventeen had this boy set out on a journey in which took him to beautiful cities and areas where he developed as a person and a potent warrior of the ages. Various readers may just be asking currently about what this allusive entity of a country is known as and well, thus whom seek know to acknowledge this territory as a pinnacle state of dominant influence for those wishing of dreams of royal authority among the stretches of the world. Titles of this sovereign kingdom have always rung as high as the birds can soar; The Kou Empire.

Deriving from this military centered army empire, Trently could sense this blood boiling within his inner self as he caught news of this opportunity. Those who viewed Trently at a time like this would assume he would be frustrated and heartbroken at first glance that the nation of Kou is being torn by opinions and political views, though this is not how Trently would ever take a look at the situation stemming from his home country. Instead, it was the sense of joy as Trently would be able to utilize his nimble fingers to the best of his abilities to unite the empire once more although possessing very little experience. Being limited to little experience with these types of situations, Trently was up to lend himself as a sword to Zadi though not to wield as he please but to fling him as a spear to soar throughout the skies and heavens of the Kou Empire.

Pouncing off with a spring in his step, Trently left the inn he was currently residing in just for a night's rest. "Should probably start a small investigation around the port of Reim if I want some further information on the current situation of Kou. Heard that those sailors who I hitched a ride with are back in Reim for a short while, being in Balbadd they must have caught ear of some juicy stuff." Sprinting at a leisurely pace as he laid his right and left hands on top a freshly new acquired Katana in whom he heard the story of was quite the whirlwind of a storm. "From this point on I should be racing with the times of this nation and the rest. Neither that but I need to develop more if I want to become a bird; a flying bird of Kou. Dawdling around in countries like this will end up being a waste of time if I continue on though I still want to achieve something at-least in every country." Conflicting sides of both coin, dueling it out as they were arguing for what Trently should be doing, in which it ended up being the latter; taking his strength into Kou.

Arriving with an entrance into the port's docks where Sailors tended to hang out, unload, load, and just various actions. "Oi Trently! Hows it going fella!? You take your sword into the arena yet boyo? What am I saying!? Your probably a phenomenon in the arena at this point! Am I right!?" It was a sailor in whom directed Trently to the arena in where he met Zadi, this old sailor had assumed Trently went and took part in the battles of the Colosseum of Reim in which warriors of all kinds thrived. "You can sorta say that ehe.. Anyways, I decided to start training for the epidemic in Kou. Just dropped by to let you know I'll be setting sail for the place in a few days. I've been around the world's parts for about a year already and its not exactly taking me anywhere interesting though it was a pleasant journey. It just might be that time to head out to Kou and enlist into their military. I wish to soar among the heavens of the Kou Empire! Whether it may be me having to perform deadly missions or being one of the royal's personal swords... I'll climb the ranks!" Weight of his grandfather's passing was stamped onto these words of his, Trently was planning on wavering his name throughout this upcoming event that was planned to take place in his home country.

"Ahahaha! Keep dreaming kid! Even that is a long stretch for a mercenary like you! Though, I wish you the best of luck. Word has it that the two candidates for the throne are father and son! Of the same blood but with very different views on how they wish to run the empire of Kou. If it is true that you want to rise among the empire then you'll have to hone that sword of yours! There can very well be rivers of bloodshed awaiting you in this war! Doubt that you'll even escape alive... if you do then.. that is one damn story to tell kid. Good luck!" Acknowledging that the youth is truly out to gain name in Kou, the sailor wishes him best of luck in his journey.

While Trently questioned the remaining sailors around these parts, Trently took key notes of information and rumors that had ran all the way into Reim's port. Then with initiative, Trently left and prepared for these new troubling times to arrive as he arrived. "Alright Zadi! Expect me to start up in overdrive! Then witness me to take this war by the horns as I ride this wave of bloodshed and tears! This is what is I will become... an airborne soaring bird along the heaven's pathway of strives!"

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