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Mystery in the Library [Job]

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1Mystery in the Library [Job] Empty Mystery in the Library [Job] on 16/02/17, 07:49 pm

Aoife Reis

Aoife Reis
Job Details:
Job Name: Assistant Librarian Needed
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Magnostadt
Job Rewards: 50xp / 3,000 Huang
Job Overview:
The magical school that helps bring so much joy to our country is short handed this week of librarians. They need a person to come in and help sort through some books and scrolls and put them back in their proper locations. Just show up to the library and help go through the giant mounds of backlogged books and scrolls and find their proper homes. The library is the largest in the world and is up to 30 stories tall making it a pretty long task to do.

The majestic, almost endless walls and ceiling of the library stretched farther than Aoife's eyes could possibly imagine. How did anyone sort out this library in a whole day? She came early, even, so that she wouldn't fail her mission, but it was a feat that one definitely needed to wake up early for, otherwise they could not finish. She walked nervously up to the front desk and tapped the bell, secretly wishing for a ghost to will itself into existence right in front of her and give her a nice little "boo!" just so she could repeat the tale to her roommate or anyone she came in contact with after. Unfortunately, a very short woman with oversized framed glasses came scooting toward the desk, plopping herself on the chair and looked up at Aoife.

"What?" The woman said, her lips curled slightly in contempt for Aoife. Sensing that they didn't exactly get off on the right start, Aoife merely curtsied and put on her best show of politeness she could possibly muster.

", miss. My name is Aoife Reis, I'm here to accept the job posting for helping to clean up the library here! I just came by to let you know I'm here and if you needed me to start anywhere specific," Aoife sang, her voice inflecting high and low in an effort to charm the disgruntled woman. It did not work and the woman was only more annoyed with the overly gleeful nature of Aoife. She rolled her eyes, hopped off the chair, and waddled around to the front of the desk, a keyring in her hands as she stared up at Aoife.

"Follow me...miss. A man came in here earlier and cleaned up most of the library, but he did an abysmal job in this one section. I'd like for you to clean it up, reorganize it, everything was out of order. Well, my order," The librarian ordered, speaking slowly and with dripping amounts of condescension so that Aoife would understand the directions well enough. Aoife was starting to get annoyed, but she kept her composure and exercised saintly patience. She'll have to get used to impolite people, her father always said she would have to. The librarian led her to a small, non-threatening section of the library, all books of what seemed to be of inconsequential genre: children's books. Why the library carried children's book at a prestigious college for students to learn magic was beyond her, but it looked easy enough so she was more than happy to do her job and get the hell out of there.

"I find it hard to believe the last person could organize the entire rest of the library but fail to sort these children's books in order?" Aoife asked, lifting up an old tale her mother used to read her called The Great Escape, a fascinating novel of adventure and danger as two friends escape from the clutches of an evil king.

"I don't think he was ever a child. Or, he's just dumb and got lucky elsewhere. They are organized by age order, not alphabetically. Leave a note when you finish," The old woman barked, leaving Aoife to wonder exactly what "age order" meant and could definitely see where the previous employee had messed up. She still held the book in her hand, wondering exactly what age order could mean. Perhaps it was how old the book was? She climbed the ladder to put The Great Escape on the top shelf, as it was the oldest children's book she's ever heard of until it hit her. EUREKA! It was recommended age level! She quickly scurried down and emptied all two cases of books onto to ground, preferring to work in chaos rather than in order.

After several hours of unsorting and sorting, crying and laughter, brief moments reading passages from books she read as a child, she had finished, placing the final book at the bottom shelf, the recommended age level being around her age. She hopped down from the balcony where the section was and wistfully walked to the front desk, hoping to find the woman and tell her in person that she had finished. The old woman wasn't there, however, so Aoife left a note decorated with calligraphy and bombastic designs, and skipped out the door, pleased with her work ethic.

"Whoooooo goooooooes theeeeeeerreeeeeee" A voice boomed and echoed through the library halls, "Whooooooo daaaaareeees disturb meeeeeee!" Wasting no time in staying in the library any longer, Aoife zipped out of there faster than she could cry about the thought ghosts actually being real and not just a figment of her imagination. If only she had lingered around a little longer, she would have heard the faint cackling of an older woman amplifying the pitch and sound of her voice with sound rukh, who came out from underneath the front desk and brushed herself off.

" So gullible, so fun!"

A mystery indeed.

Word Count: 841/500


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