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Marauding Forces [Job]

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Job Name:Making greater troops
Job Rank: C-tier
Job Location:Kou
Job Rewards: 100xp / 7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites:-
Job Overview: Having more soldiers will surely bring advantage for the war, believing that, Gao Yuan Zu gives order to recruit more soldier. Recruit 100 soldiers and you will be rewarded. *+1 influence to Gao Yuan Zu*
In this time frame of the Civil War, each faction was focusing their time and energy in strengthening in both quality and quantity. For the newly brand enlisted youth of the Yanaihara family, this was a task that was now being shouldered on top of him as he gained orders to recruit a truly marauding force counting at over a hundred. Disadvantages were obvious when observing this Civil War as a simple outsider, Yoshiro owned an upper hand when it resulted to quality of soldiers. Opposing the absolutely superior faction in high caliber soldiers within their arsenal, Gao Yuan Zu rose with his massive quantity of foot soldiers whom grew restless of Yoshiro's grave mistakes and or decisions. Combating the weakness that Gao Yuan Zu owns with lower experienced soldiers, the striking king decided on rousing his men with colossal moral that would overall brave the rebellion's forces. Assigning various promising and or trustworthy soldiers as with essential roles of recruiting in and mustering a new grand of foot soldiers for the monumental rebellion to soon take action, Trently was one of the many to be chosen to start recruiting.

Entitled with duties of that of a recruit guard for this assignment, the youthful mercenary was told to be garbed as if he was that of a high ranking rebel officer in order to capture the attention of the neutral citizen of the Kou Empire. It felt strange to be attired as that of a noble turned rebel although in a sense, Trently's family did own an amount of small nobility at one point. Could be told that Trently is that of a noble brat yet that is nowhere near the case as the Yanaihara household has been through turbulent times on their road; with more to possibly emerge.

Displaying an utmost frightening appearance within his sight, Trently captured the view of combat breaking out in fires in a certain village along his way to a neutral torn city engulfed in the flames of war. "Stop! That Village! Its in total chaos! We have to halt whatever is occurring there!" Directing a carriage to be drawn to a pause in order to side into a small village's troubles for aid, Trently hopped out with a bursting spring in that warrior's step of his. Sprinting out with equipment on his waist, Trently didn't hesitate at all to quell the ignition. "Huh!? We can't waste time though! They need you to recruit men over at neutral city, if were late then Gao Yuan Zu will end up amounting over hundreds of taken neutrals!" Shouting out at the urgent felt Trently, an officer in charge of travels of Gao Yuan Zu sighed with distress.

"Alright! We can't help it then! Let us escort Trently and recruit in this village at the very least!" Escorting pairs of foot soldiers alongside Trently's shoulder, they ran to the village's rescue. From initial glance, the village appeared to be that of a tiny and minuscule populace, yet what they didn't know was the fact that it was a village hidden in the hills of the rocky terrain nearby. Never acknowledged by any of the Kou Empire ranking officers whom passed by, this population was under siege by Yoshiro's men. "Let these lowlifes cling onto the dirt that is this village! Don't want to join Yoshiro huh!? Then we'll make you do it you damn pesks!" Enforcing those not wishing to decide sides into the Yoshiro army by force, these Marauding Forces of Yoshiro were definitely brutal. Steps of Gao Yuan Zu entering the frame of both sight and ears, Trently drew his arms against these marauders.

Jumping up with an almost divine strike, Trently leashed his blade upon the dozens of Yoshiro soldiers. "Gya!" Slicing around in every direction these soldiers were, Trently was up against about seven recruits of Yoshiro. Delivering a stabbing wound to an arm on one soldier, Trently returned it back to his side and advanced on as the less experienced men fell to a single strike of Trently's blade. "What the fuck do you think your doing!? If they don't want to pick sides then you don't have to make them!" Roaring out from his stomach and conscious, Trently caught the attention of these neutrals who were being abused to join Yoshiro's ranks.

Cheering of a low caliber rose into the air, what followed this was an increasing revolt, those who accompanied Trently aided the village in plowing through these Yoshiro soldiers. "If there are any fires, help each other stop them from spreading! We'll make this a quick one!" Ferocity of an intense pressure enveloping Trently's sharp eyes, they all proceeded in drawing Yoshiro's men away from the village. "Gao Yuan Zu's faction has arrived! Numbers are unknown but they are not your regular foot soldiers! Should we retreat, commander!?" Reporting the emergence of Gao Yuan Zu and Trently's accompanied forces in the village, the Yoshiro soldiers had been drawn into a bad position. In order to preserve their hundred man unit, they decided to retreat from that village.

In turn, this resulted in Gao Yuan Zu being responsible for this village's rescue that would amount to an increase in quantity of rebels amounting over a hundred. "Yip Yip Hooray!" Celebrating the village's victory against Yoshiro, a feast was thrown and with that surfaced countless individuals that were seeking to now join the rebellion against Yoshiro's rule. "Gahahaha! Did you see their faces when we arrived Trently!? They were pissing their pants! Gahahaha!" Mocking the Yoshiro forces that were invading the hidden village that day, Gang Sei of the Gao Yuan Zu faction enjoyed the celebration alongside the people of Yu-Yin; the village almost completely hidden in the earthly terrain that is their village. Parties were thrown for both, Gao Yuan Zu's and Yu-Yin's securing of citizens and new recruits.

WC: 1013


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