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Building Up the Forces [Job/Solo/Event]

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Jingyi Hou

Jingyi Hou

Job Details:
Job Name: Rebuilding the Armory
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 50 XP/3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: After the armory was destroyed in the Kou-Reim Conflict, the military is short on supplies. Do your part to help by delivery much needed ore to the blacksmiths and wood to the carpenters.

Jingyi set a pot and a pan onto a nearby table before pulling herself on top of it. Her actions gained the attention of several men, but when the woman started to clang the pot and pan together, more people turned to watch her. She paused with the noises to mentally count the people before dropping the utensils with a clatter.

"Hey, I need you all to listen up!" The woman shouted, her hands cupping her mouth so her voice would carry out further. A small smile curved across her face, it would seem that she successfully attained the attention of the soldiers within the pub. "We're in the middle of a civil war, and it's up to us to stop it! More than enough soldiers have been hurt in this fight, and it's not going to end if we don't cause it to end."

Her words caused plenty of people to burst into quiet mutters, and several people turned away to go back to whatever they were doing before Jingyi had interrupted them. But nevertheless, the woman continued with her recruiting speech.

"I'm sure plenty of you, if not all of you, know about Kou's empire. We forced people to join our country. We fought many people and there were many wars under our old king. We all thought that with Lord Yoshirou it would end, yea? But it hasn't, and that's because of this war. All of us need to follow our guts and fight for what we believe in," Jingyi explained, her right hand pressed on her breastplate and over her heart. "I want to support King Yoshirou because he has promised us peace! To end the corruption up high so we may live better lives! So that we don't have to live through the times that our parents had to live through."

"But what about the tribes that were forced to join us?! How are we sure that he's going to keep his promises? He could easily be lying!" Shouted a soldier as he interrupted Jingyi.

The woman paused as she quickly though over her response. She had to make sure that she got it right, or she could damage the possibility that she would recruit soldiers for Lord Yoshrio.

"He has already shown us that he wants to help us through trials! And anyways, putting our trust in his word is better than giving the power back to Gao Yuan Zu! We know that if he returns to power than the wars could.. no, would resume! And if we want to live in a world of peace, then we need to align with a ruler who believes in peace!" Jingyi boomed vigorously, her hand extending out as if inviting them to grab it to join her.

A new set of muttering exploded as soldiers, people, turned to one another and talked among each other. Some more people walked off, but the majority stuck around to see what else the young girl would say.

Jingyi simpled smiled to herself before noticing an upset barista walking over. She quickly grabbed the pot and pan before jumping off the table. She hurried over to the group of fifty strong soldiers and ushered them over to a corner of the tavern.

WC: 573/500

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