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Once upon a feathery time [job]

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1Once upon a feathery time [job] Empty Once upon a feathery time [job] on 25/01/17, 10:57 pm

Leila Rosenberg

Leila Rosenberg
Job Details:
Job Name: Chicken Bandit: Part 1
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Rewards: 50 XP | 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: There have been chicken kidnappings lately from a bandit. He's thin, but fast; get at least 5 of the chickens back and keep this bandit from ever doing it again.

A few days had passed since Leila's experiments involving the Worm of Morpheus, and although the power of the symbiote was worthy of praise, the consequences were simply too lethal for her to consider the creature capable of being used properly, but fortunately for her it appeared Balbadd was an excellent place for her experiments, and when a farmer reported their chickens missing, she was going to snatch an opportunity for yet another experiment.

Of course, Leila knew all too well that this wasn't the same as dealing with a child and his bully problem, the reports stated that the chickens were kidnapped by a bandit, and that meant there was a dangerous element involved in this task! Luckily the farmer was more than willing to discuss the details of the job, and it appeared the bandit was keeping the chickens somewhere in a warehouse within Balbadd, keeping the witless farmer at bay with some simple threats. Of course, she was not a witless fool, and unlike the farmer, she had approached the warehouse in the company of Trapper. Opening the door to the warehouse quickly told her the place was unsupervised, perhaps due to the bandit having gone onto one of his raids, but this did give Leila a perfect opportunity to deal with her task.

A brief glance around the room shown her there were roughly ten chickens in the room, and obviously, she was going to need to pacify those feathered abominations before the bandit returned.

Giving a light wave with her hand Leila's order was more than enough to make Trapper swiftly flap his wings, hovering a little in the air above the chickens when suddenly he spread his wings to their full length, and after a moment he gave a violently beat with his wings he decided like a bomber, slamming one of the chickens into the nearby wall with a heavy thud that caused D-tier damage and rendered them unconscious.

However, it appeared the chicken had some companions! One of the nearby chickens rushed over to Trapper, violently swinging one of its claws at the poor bird, who despite his best efforts to get airborne again felt the nails of the beast slice into his chest, dealing D-tier damage. Seeing trapped let out a high pitched noise Leila sighed in annoyance, especially at the fact a second chicken was approaching.

With a swift rush, the young lady kicked violently at one of the chickens, the D-tier kick sending the poor bird rocketing straight at his fellow buddy, the impact of the collision rendering both unconscious as if it had been a D-tier attack!

There had been two remaining birds, who seemingly had decided to try to attack her, but Trapper swiftly rammed himself against one of them, dealing D-tier damage while panting lightly, while Leila herself stomped her boot onto one of them, crushing them under the force of her D-tier hit!

The five remaining birds turned toward her, yet the sight of the girl's glare made them freeze on the spot as her bird nestled itself onto her shoulder.

"Anyone else wants to show me their defiance?"

The chickens shook their head violently, making a cry in response as if they had agreed to obey the beast-tamer. Now it was time to prepare the trap for the bandit...



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Leila Rosenberg

Leila Rosenberg
With the chickens subdued Leila had decided to prepare her little 'surprise' for the bandit, bending over the unconscious chickens and after pulling a small vial from her pocket that contained 3 of the small symbiote-like worms she had been experimenting with. Silently she let one worm inject itself into the bodies of the chicken, and then she eagerly waited to see the end results.

It was only a few moments later that the bandit arrived, humming happily till he saw Leila and the terrified chickens behind her, and of course the three unconscious ones before her. "Hey! What are you doing with my chickens?!" The girl couldn't help but smirk at the angry shout of the man, replying in a cheerful tone. "Just getting those back to their rightful owner~"

The bandit's eyes narrowed into a glare as he drawn his knife, slowly approaching her. "You get one chance missy: Either drop all your money and belongings and leave, or I'll gut you a new breathing hole!"

The threat of the man caused Leila's cheeks to flush up slightly, fidgeting on the spot as she asked in an embarrassed tone. "My belongings? You want me to even leave my clothes here?" Of course, the bandit wasn't pleased by her jest as he growled at her. "Stop screwing around and do what I say!" Poor guy... If only he realized that--- "Uuuh I wouldn't take that step if I were you---"

But it was too late, the bandit's boot stepped onto the chicken's wing, causing the bird to let out a high-pitched "boack!" sound and with an unnatural force, the man felt his foot being forced backward. "W-What the?!" Looking in bewilderment as the red-eyed chicken slowly rose back onto its claws, the two fellow companions slowly followed the example as they glared at him with an unnatural bloodlust. "What happened to my chickens?!"

Staggering backward the bandit suddenly saw one of the chickens rush at him, jumping straight at his face and pecking violently, dealing D-tier damage straight at the man's face. and while his knife dug into the chicken's flank, the beast continued pecking while Leila hummed happily. "Let's call them 'Killer Chicks'. Now come along, we got a farmer to visit, and this place is about to become bloody..." And while hearing the man's screams she escorted the chickens back to the farmer...

And indeed, when the next day some guards visited the warehouse to investigate the weird sounds, they found the bandit having been pecked into oblivion, claw marks having torn up his skin and the beaks of the chickens... Let's just say that after they were done with the investigation Balbadd became abuzz with the rumors of a 'Killer Chicken outbreak', an epidemy that drove chickens insane and turned into Berserker-like monsters! Of course, the truth behind the story was that Leila had tried to improve the properties of the symbiotic creature she was experimenting with. While it didn't outright kill the host in a short-term period, it did seem to produce some serious issues in terms of personality, and anger issues were the least of their concerns then...

One dead chicken bandit~


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