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Did I Ever Tell You About The Time I....(Job)

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Daisuke Yuu

Daisuke Yuu
It was a beautiful Sunday morning in Helio and Axel was up early as he was out doing some odd jobs around the city so that he could get some money. Ever since him and his team had arrived he felt like he had gotten lazy as all he did for the most part was lay around besides for the few times a a week he would go and train out in the old building he found. So early morning Axel had got a job to go out the city and take notes about plants and animals outside the city. The job was really easy but at the same time it didnt pay very much either. The next job he took would be later on in the afternoon where he had to go and just cheer up some of the orphans throughout the city, yet another easy job especially for him seeing as Axel was so nice. After that was done with the day was coming to a close and Axel was making his way back to the camp they had set up.

As Axel walked back to the campsite he was approached by a city guardsman. Axel looked at the guard and said "Good evening officer can I help you?" The officer looked at Axel and said "You look like a very capable man. Is it possible you can do me a favor?" Axel nodded his head in a stern yet nervous manner. The guard said "Theres a bar like 2 blocks that way, and theres a old drunk soldier. People want him gone... I dont care how you do it just do it and dont tell me how you did it..."

Axel thought that this job would be easy just like the others and so he ran off in the direction of the bar so that he could remove the man. Once at the bar Axel could immediately tell the man out of the crowd, he could hear him too as he was the loudest one. "HEY BARKEEP DID I TELL YOU ABOUT THE TIME I WENT TO KOU AND MET THE EMPEROR!" Axel walked over to the man while he was in the middle of telling the bartender his story and said "Umm sir can I have a word with you?" The man threw his drink on Axel and said "HEY KID IM IN THE MIDDLE OF TELLING A STORY!" Axel was furious from the man doing this and so he decided to take him with just a little force.

He took a hand and karate chopped the man's neck thus knocking him out instantly. He then grabbed the man before he could fall to the floor and sighed as he picked him up and slung him over his shoulder. As Axel waved to the bartender and walked out he said "I hope you all have a good night!" Axel was now walking the streets with a passed out drunk man over his shoulder. He then sat the man down on the sidewalk so he could look for his ID papers or anything to tell him where the man lived. After he found them and found out he picked the man up and started walking towards his residence. Once they arrived Axel dropped the man off on his front stoop and he walked away into the night so that he could go back to his 'home'.



Did I Ever Tell You About The Time I....(Job) B0c28e10

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