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MS Saga: New World (Mobile Suit Gundam Multiverse RP)

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MS Saga: New World (Mobile Suit Gundam Multiverse RP) Rdn_523fe89e93415
MS Saga: New World
"We're not in Zeon anymore"

Preferred age: 14+
Preferred grammar and spelling ability: Coherent
Preferred posting activity/availability: Consistent

Hello! MS Saga: New World is a forum based RP dedicated to a AU (Alternate Universe) of the Mobile Suit Gundam multiseries.

The story/setting:

The world has been reduced to a pre-industrial state due to a cataclysm of unknown cause. However, mankind rose from the ashes of the ruined world and slowly began to rebuild, mostly in the forms of towns and small villages scattered across the world due to the lack of infrastructure and advanced technology. Slowly, humanity began to reclaim what was lost, it was then that a terrible foe descended upon the Earth.

This enemy, known by many names but never truly identified, appears only when a population begins showing signs of technological development. Descending from the skies in giant humanoid machines from an age long since forgotten, this enigmatic enemy proceeds to mercilessly purge the population, leaving nothing but ash in their wake before returning as mysteriously as they appeared. On rare occasion, some dwellers manage to survive the attacks, seeking shelter within caves or tunnels, deep beneath the ground or in mountains. Through sheer luck and desperation, one such group stumbled upon an ancient cache of lost technology and the weapons known as Mobile Suits. Armed with the means to defend themselves, these survivors formed the beginning of a resistance dedicated to protecting what people they can using whatever means and technology they can dig up, showing the other settlements that they can stand together.

What we offer:

At MS Saga: New World, we have painstakingly worked out a tier system including every single mobile suit and mobile armor currently known, even the lesser known variants . We offer a mind boggling level of customization and freedom to choose what machine you pilot into battle. You want a GM that can go full-on Samurai? We got duel katanas! You want shoulder cannons to go with it? BOOM! You got 'em. You want Gundam Exia with seven swords, a bazooka, AND fangs for all the fun? Got it! A fully customized and upgraded Barbatos to slaughter your foes? Come on, give us a challenge!

For combat we utilize a modified D&D System. We have a complete guide to introduce you to the system and a fair starting system to help you work out the kinks and fully immerse into the fun and action. Everything you need to know about our forum can be found on the home page, of which a link is included below the image above. We have a discord chat server for open use. The link to join is found on the home page and fairly easy to spot.

So how about it? Are you ready to get into the cockpit and fight destiny?

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