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A multi-series rp site

Newly started non-canon, original universe RP site based upon a mixture of series, currently we’ve implemented Bleach, Naruto and One Piece, and we’ve got more planned!

The first 50 members that join currently get a bonus for each active week they're active for the first four weeks!
Week 1: +3 Levels.
Week 2: +5000 Ryo.
Week 3: +10000 Ryo.
Week 4: +2 Levels.

We’ve also got a referral program on the site, where you get 50 XP and 5000 Ryo per character for each person you recruit to the site! - Wait, per character? You read it right! Per character. You’re allowed up to three PC’s per player! (Certain conditions apply.)


The Smokey Islands are a group of volcanic islands where people have lived and survived for hundreds of years. They have adapted to the strange nature of the islands and developed tools and equipment to deal with the adverse conditions they face.

The sky is frequently covered by an ash cloud, blocking out the sun and should it rain during these times the rain has an acidic quality which erodes metals. Only when the wind is blowing in a particular direction are different islands affected as the ash cloud usually comes from the main central island, though the smaller islands do have their own volcanic activities as well.

For food the people living here encase their fields in glass houses and have the earth being used in the growing process lifted off of the land so that it doesn’t suffer from the acidic ash. The soil has been treated with limestone to lower the acidity level of the soil and make it capable of growing vegetables. In fact due to the richness of the soil the vegetables grown here are larger and tastier than those found elsewhere. They are a source of trade for the Smokey Islands and are grown in large quantities. Meat is expensive however as only on outer islands are there any native wildlife and not enough to feed the populous without over hunting, so meat is something which is brought in by visitors to the islands who are hoping to make some money. The only form of meat which is commonly found is fish, which is unsurprising due to the place being a set of islands.

Because of the acid rain the locals have had to adapt to survive over the course of hundreds of years. Houses are built from glass, the walls often thicker and heavily coloured glass, the rooftops usually a clearer glass to let the light into the homes when it is a sunny day and offer views of the stars during clear nights. These have there benefits and negatives. The houses can overheat, though this doesn’t affect anything inside the house it does mean that sitting inside during sunny days can get uncomfortable. The glass used for the creation of the houses has an unusual property however due to its flexibility. During earthquakes (something which also happen frequently) they do not crack like glass would be expected to. This is also the type of glass used to build the greenhouses located around the islands.

Metals are worthless here due to the acid rain, and anything metal quickly erodes in the acidic atmosphere. Ships dock in the harbour for as short a period of time as possible and many visitors complain of sore throats and soapy skin within hours of arriving. The people of the Smokey Islands suffer neither of these symptoms, the reason for this is unknown, though it is assumed to be a natural adaptation that was developed by some through birth. Because of the acidic nature of everything the locals have developed many different types of glass to use as their tools and weapons. More durable than normal glass they are still brittle compared to that of metal tools, though have a keener edge upon initial crafting.

Current Year
697. Wars have begun to break out on the mainland again, fears of the wars less than twenty years ago spread amongst those who live on the mainland. The islands receive the news of these wars and are also unsettled. Gemini have poured vast amounts of money into creating a new navy, they have named this navy the Marines. The leader of the marines has three of the strongest fighters in the known world under his leadership and there are rumors of an attempt to retake the islands. With the new battles on the mainland however this may be incorrect however as Gemini are forced to focus on the problems at home.

Local Recent History - Caldisla
Upon the death of Emperor Shidousha the occupants of Castle Sanguine and their military were pushed out of Caldisla and forced into consolidation on their own island. This was done by a Pirate who like many others decided to take several island nations under their control. Ishida the Lipless is the pirate who has taken control over the Caldisla island group, and despite this he has simply been taking a percentage of profits made by the more wealthy occupants. His decision to do this has had a positive effect on the general wealth of those living on the island and though the more wealthy still support the old regime they are powerless to make those changes and the majority of the population see Ishida as a better leader than what they had previously known. He has for the most part left some of the previous guard in charge of running the island, picking those who has betrayed the previous leadership, though through he questioned them and found someone who was reasonably popular amongst those who remained.

Crime rates are lower, poverty has been reduced and the current lord of the Island is barely ever there. Life over the past ten years has been good. News of conflict on the mainland has had a positive reaction amongst the locals as this is delaying the inevitable re-invasion from Gemini.

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