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Religion Within a Temple [Job||Solo||Chain]

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Job Name: A Trip to the Temple
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Heliohapt’s Black Pyramid
Job Rewards: 50 XP, 3,000 Huang
Job Overview:
Visit the Black Temple located at the heart of the city. The temple is used in religious ceremonies for mainly death rights. The pyramid is over 300 years old and is a massive structure that holds the tombs of many of the country’s past kings and political rulers. After taking a tour of the temple and learning the history of Heliohapt, the priest recalls that he had a letter he needed to send, but has equally pressing matters to attend to. He offers to pay you to bring the letter to another priest near the entrance.

Ammon stepped into the temple. This wasn't his first trip to the tombs of the dead kings and it probably wouldn't be his last. Enun was commanded to wait outside out of respect for the pyramid.

Ammon approached a gangly looking man in his late forties. He probably didn't have much longer to live as many didn't make it past their fifties. The man beamed a smile as he always did. He was always eager to talk whomever passed by head off.

"Ahh, Ammon. Shall we picked up where we left off? King Ramses the second was a noble man. He built man pyramids in his day. All to house his dead foes. The man was a legend among legends. He marched his armies all over the place laying claims to the lands and making the great land of Heliohapt known throughout the continent," the priest rambled on. Ammon listened as he walked. He seemed keen to talk about the king everyone knew today.

The king who conquered lands. It was hard to imagine Heliohapt being small today. However each country had a beginning. Theirs was driven through war however. He couldn't help but to wonder what sort of man this Ramses was.

Was he power hungry and needed everything he could ever want? Did he wish to improve the country? Was he just blood thirsty? Or was he actually the exact opposite of what his history said. Was he actually kind and caring?

Ammon shook his head of these thoughts. No matter what the man was like he was long dead. It hardly mattered in this day and age when it seemed every country was progressing into an unseen future. Magic becoming far more dominant.

"And that was then I said of corpse," the man burst into laughter. Ammon just smiled having missed the punchline.

"Speaking of Nazim. I forgot to give him a letter. I knew i was at the entrance for a reason other than blabbering to you. Honestly you have to stop me sometimes. I can go on for hours," the man said laughing at himself. "Here would you mind on your way out?"

"Not at all," Ammon said taking the letter with a nod.

"Ah I appreciate it. my old bones aren't letting me make as many trips as I use to," he said smiling and Ammon gaze a polite smile in turn.

"Why are you here anyway," he asked.

"I've forgotten," Ammon said sheepishly. He had come here for a reason but between his talking and Ammons mind wandering. It had escaped him.

"Sounds like my wife," the man cackled.

"I'm sure I'll remember once I've left. That is the way it always works," Ammon said chuckling.

"Indeed it is. Well then I'll be seeing you Ammon," Ammon nodded and bowed goodbye.

He started back down the hall for the entrance. Stopping on the way to drop off the letter he held in one hand. Nazim gave a nod and a wave of the letter in appreciation. Ammon left the temple and motioned for Enun to follow. Halfway back home he suddenly remembered why he was there. He had gone to pick up some crushed herbs the guide kept packed away for burial rites. He sighed and turned on his heel heading back.



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Job Name: A Sacrifice
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Rewards: 100 XP, 7,000 Huang
Chain Bonus: 3,000 Huang
Job Overview:
The Black Temple is a place that people come to mourn the dead and offer sacrifice to the gods and the Ruhk so that they can find the answers that they desire. The temple often sacrifices a beast found near the town of Heliohapt. This beast is one that the people often saw as symbols of the gods; the desert crocodiles. Monstrous in size with thick hides, they are able to kill a person easily, making these beasts difficult to take down. The priest of the temple has a powerful poison that was made for the beast, causing it to become sluggish and weaker and making it a much easier target. Do not kill the beast, as doing so will prevent the sacrificial rites from being able to be performed.

With poison applied:

Enemy Name:Desert Crocodile
Needed damage to take down: 1 C-Tier
A weakened beast which deals C-Tier damage with its teeth. The crocodile can move up to 10 m/s.
Chomp: The Crocodile chomps at an opponent at 15 m/s, dealing C-Tier damage.

Ammon walked up to the temple Enun at his heel and Nuro dragged along by his reins. Ammon has received a message to bring along a beast of burden as well be prepared for battle. Not very descriptive but he was sure he'd hear all he needed and more from one of the priests. He dropped the reins as he started to go in. Nuro left at the entrance with Enun who sat beside one of the guards getting a pet.

The inside was as brightly lit as always. Though the ceilings still seemed cast in shadows. The carvings were deep to make the best use of it however. He followed along the main hall for some time before turning left. Several doors down he opened it into a room. Inside sat a familiar priest.

"Oh, Ammon you came," the priest said happily. "You know so many tomes are published each year it is so hard to keep up on our history."

Yep more information than he needed. As he expected nothing less from the talkative priest. He just stood just inside the door and listened to his ramblings. Why was it he was too polite to interrupt?

"Ah, but enough of that. You were requested to help get a sacrifice," the priest said grabbing a vial and walking over. "This here is special mixture meant to weaken the desert crocodiles."

Ammon took it with thanks. The desert crocodiles were as difficult as they came really. The beasts have hide tougher than leather and were popular not just for sacrifice but for armor. It made them a lot more vicious at the sight of humans because they have become use to being hunted.

"Thank you," he voiced taking the vial. It would definitely make his job easier.

"Your welcome....oh and if it isn't too much trouble. Before nightfall," the priest said sheepishly. It seemed he had waited last minute again.

"I'll try," Ammon replied with a sigh.

He started back down the halls to the outside. He footsteps echoing in the large space. He blinked several times as he came back out into the light. It was as blinding as ever. He stood there letting his eyes get us to it again.

His gaze went to Nuro who stood off to one side scraping at the ground to uproot a bush. Enun came to his side as he walked over and picked back up his reins. With a click of his tongue and a gentle pull Nuro stopped and knelt. Ammon pulled himself up onto him. He tapped Nuros sides with his heels and Nuro got up and started walking.

Enun trotted beside them as they headed out into the desert. Nuro let out snorts here and there his ears flicking at gnats. Ammon watched both horizon and ground looking for tell tale signs of the desert crocodiles. It took a long while but eventually he noticed a large dragging pattern in the sand. One that would come from a nice sized crocodile.

He urged Nuro to follow it until he saw the bulge of the beast. It looked like a rock from a distance but at a certain point one could see the folds of the legs and spines of the body. It lay there sun basking. Its mouth wide open and jaws red. No carcass could be seen but they also ate their prey whole. Bones and all.

Ammon pulled back urging the nervous Nuro to finally stop. Nuros steps had slowly diminished to a drag and he was going to push him closer. Despite its shorter stature it could still easily eat Nuro whole.

Ammon dismounted and slowly approached.One hand reaching for the vial. It stayed deathly still. Just like those in the water waiting for prey to wander to close. Though he was no where going to get close enough to the beast. Instead he stopped several paces away The open mouth his target.

With a heave he threw the vial into the crocodiles open mouth. It snapped shut instinctively as it felt something touch its tongue. The sound of shattering glass could be heard followed by a guttural hiss of pain borderline a roar. It's tail slapped at the sand and its eyes hardened. It rushed them.

Ammon fled to the side slapping Nuros side as he went. Nuro broke into a run and Enun followed. After its short burst t hissed again at the three. Its eyes had grown a bit cloudy. The potion was slowly working. It was no doubt a very strong tranquilizer.

"Enun," Ammon said bending down. "The eye," He pointed at the beast head. "Tear at the eye."

Enun seemed to nod in understanding. His body crouching like he was sneaking up on the larger beast. Ammon turned back and reached into a satchel for some rope. He would have to tie the mouth shut and the legs to its sides if he was to drag the thick skinned crocodile back.

Enun was finally close enough. He gave a burst of speed using the crocs shoulder to help put him in range of his eye. The crocs head whipped around in an attempt to bite at him but he was already on the head. His fangs sinking into the soft watery flesh of the eye. Blood tainting his tongue as he held on. The beast let out a roaring hiss its mouth opening wide and its body thrashing. Enun jumped down barely escaping being crushed.

It took awhile but the croc finally settled. Its mouth partially open and its sides heaving. Its only other eye partially closed. It went from noisy to quiet very fast.

Ammon approached with a loop. He slowly eased it over the top jaw. The jaw snapped closed and it faintly swung its head side to side threatening to break his legs. Ammon took several quick steps back then went around in front of it. He swung the rope around a few times pausing to make sure it didn't trash around.

It was a long process to tie the croc up to the point it could be hauled. Enun took to laying around watching him while Nuro took to an uneasy grazing. With one final tug on the knot he was done.

Ammon took and tied the rope to Nuros saddle in two places on either side. He clicked his tongue and he bent down allowing Ammon to mount him. Ammon nudged him with his heels and they were off. The process was slow dragging the large croc back but they made it before nightfall.

Ammon dismounted and untied the crocodile. One of the guards approaching to inspect it. Ammon nodded at him and remounted Nuro. Their job was done and he was eager to rub down Nuro for his hard work as well as treat Enun.



Magoi: 120
Stamina: 180 - 20 = 160

Tier: C
Class: Beast Master
Type: Offensive
Range: Close

Fangs and a unblocked mouth. Must have a running start.



Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2
Cost: 20

Orders the beast to grapple foe, tearing flesh or clothing as the beast rushes by. Does C-tier damage.


Religion Within a Temple [Job||Solo||Chain] 6yAJnMt

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