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Trip to the Temple [Request/Solo]

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The day was still bright and young, and the red haired figure that walked near the great Black Pyramid of Heliohapt was looking for a place to cool down. He had just completed some errands for the priests of the black enormous temple. Farah was looking to complete single tasks for the moment before he embarked into other jobs that demanded more from his abilities. Either way, Farah simply walked throughout the streets of the crowded city looking for something to cool off his head. He had just killed off a desert crocodile as an offering to the gods, and to be quite honest the fight had been a really big let down. He was beginning to wonder why in the world was he actually doing those kind of baby jobs. Never mind that, the fanalis adventurer decided that he would pay a visit to the huge temple to learn more about the place's history. It was a landmark that one could simply not ignore if they visited Heliohapt. The red haired male was a curious person too, so he usually wanted to learn more about the things that surrounded him; he figured that since he was close to the Pyramid he might as well learn about its history and importance.

After much troubles, he finally found a place that sold coconut water. Truth be told, he had only tasted it once in his life, and the taste it left and the feeling of completeness it left had stood on his mind all these years. He ordered the biggest one the man had to sell and drank it all up in one single sip. He let out a loud Agghh of satisfaction as he left the money on the counter. Grabbing his sword, Farah left the establishment with aims of going once more to the Pyramid.

Once he made his way to the entrance, he saw the priest that had just rewarded him for bringing the beast to sacrifice. "Ahh! It seems the might of this place simply amazed me geezer. Figured I might as well learn about it while I was nearby" The old priest simply smiled as he nodded in agreement. He then replied to the eager fanalis with a soothing and calm voice. "You come just in time then. The tour over there is about to begin" motioning towards a large crowd that had gathered at the bottom of the black landmark. The tour guide began speaking as soon as he arrived.

"Here in Heliohapt we believe in the powers of the Ancient Gods. Ra, the sun of the sun and Anubis the King of Hell and Netherealm. Many of our day porcessess here in the Black Pyramid involve praying to these gods and worshiping them as a whole. The mighty ruler and our holy savior the Pharao is the leader of the kingdom and direct descendant of the gods. Whenever they leave this plane, they are buried here in the Pyramid in a Sarcophagi so they can be forever worshiped."

Farah listened attently to each and every of the man's words. It was never a bad time to learn something new.


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