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A Trip to the Temple [D rank] [Job/Solo]

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Diego Namez

Diego Namez


Job Name: A Trip to the Temple
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Heliohapt’s Black Pyramid
Job Rewards: 50xp / 3,000 Huang
Job Overview:
You need to visit the Black Temple located at the heart of the city. The temple is used in religious ceremonies for mainly death rights. The pyramid is over 300 years old and is a massive structure that holds the tombs of many of the country’s past kings and political rulers. For this job the player only needs to visit the temple and take a tour learning the history of this great country.
Enemies and abilities: None

Diego awoke on a cot in a dimly lit room and he wasn't quite sure where. He started to sit up and winced when he put pressure on his right leg. He noticed that his right pant leg was cut at the knee and his calf was bandaged. Trixie perked up aside the cot, "Mew~" She nuzzled his leg and looked to see if he was alright.

There was a knock on the door and a priest entered, "Ah, you are awake. How are you feeling?"

"A little sore, where am I?" Diego asked as he sat up and hung his legs off the cot.

The priest smiled warmly, "You are at the Black Temple. Your stunning tiger brought you and the crocodile here. You showed similar symptoms that our poison gives which is curious, but oh well, the job is done." The priest pulled a chair next to the cot and motioned for Diego's bandaged leg. Diego obliged and the Priest started peeling them back to check the wound. "You know, now that I think of it, this is the first time in a long time that this room has held a living person." He laughed merrily, "Absolutely amusing."

"Umm...Huh?" Diego was taken back, shook his head and looked the man in the eye. "I appreciate you taking care of me. That was very kind. So, what do you do here?"

The Priest finished bandaging Diego's leg and stood up. He dragged the chair back to the wall. "Come with me." He waved his hand and left the room. Diego grabbed his sack and followed with Trixie prancing behind. He led them down a long hallway with black stone walls, "The Black Temple is a sacred part of the city. Not only are ceremonies held here, but within these obsidian walls are tombs of Heliohapt's most important ancestors. To work here is a high honor. I usually deal with the dead, removing organs and mummification."

"Mummification?" Diego scratched his head.

"Yes, we wrap the deceased in linens after taking out vital organs. It is part of our religion to preserve the dead by embalming them and wrapping them up to help them in the afterlife." The Priest's smile stretched into a wide grin, "I like the dehydration process the best." When he noticed Diego giving him a strange look he quickly replied, "I simply can't stand body fluids. So when I'm around a dehydrated corpse I feel at peace."

Diego thought for a moment, "That sounds like an awesome job! Respecting the dead who helped bring us to be who we are is important."

When they reached a corridor where they couldn't turn anymore they turned right down a short hallway. When they went through the doors at the end of the hallway, there were a set of stairs that led them to the entrance of the Black Temple. "300 years this temple has been the very heart of Heliohapt. Anyway, here we are. Your leg should heal nicely if you take care to wash it."

Diego nodded, "Thank you very much. I learned a lot and I love the design of this building." He waved goodbye and headed off to find something to eat. Trixie couldn't disagree with that idea and tagged after eagerly.



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