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Chicken? [Job]

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1Chicken? [Job] Empty Chicken? [Job] on 20/08/16, 03:50 am


Job Name: Chicken Bandit: Part 1 Job Rank: D Job Location: Balbadd Job Rewards: 50 XP | 3,000 Huang Job Prerequisites: N/A Job Overview: There have been chicken kidnappings lately from a bandit. He's thin, but fast; get at least 5 of the chickens back and keep this bandit from ever doing it again. Enemies: Enemy Name: Bandit Rank: D Needed damage to take down: D Description: Moves at 10 m/s and deals D-tier damage with his knife. Enemy Name: Chickens x5 Rank: D Needed damage to take down: Human Strength Description: Moves at 3 m/s and deals D-tier damage with its claws. Can be taken out with a punch or kick.:

Today was yet another day that Zax would get rolling into the fucking news. Well, not really news, but he would be doing a pretty cool job. So, it wasn't that bad in the end of it all. But hey, he finally got his knives sharpened a little bit, so he figured he'd test his combat skills today and go see if he could slay a monster of something like that. Little did Zax know however, he would be thrown into a sage of epic proportions, one that would change the very fate of Balbadd forever - the chicken bandit's reign of terror.

Zax approached the job board, and everything seemed normal. He picked up one of the pieces of paper, and little did he know... it was something he couldn't of ever imagined, in his entire life as a simpleton. Someone was stealing chickens. Zax gasped, and quickly moved on so he could find out where this bandit had kept the chickens.

First, he had to look for the bandit. He had asked around Balbadd for a little bit to see if there was anyone that had seen a suspicious figure that had been taking chickens anywhere, and he had no luck until an hour in, when he had found that an old man had seen him walk into a nearby house, getting directions, Zax headed straight over to that house, hoping that he would be able to find this bandit.

Zax took a deep breath in, hoping that this would all go well. What if the bandit had already killed the chickens? That would be horrible! Zax would almost cry thinking about the thought. But, now was not the time to be sad. Zax gulped as he stood in front of the house where the bandit was keeping the chicken's door... and took a deep breath in.

Suddenly, Zax opened the door right then and there, only to see a man eating a sandwich! How could this man do this?! Just steal a bunch of chickens, then eat lunch? Zax acted without hesitation, as he quickly took out his pouch of knives, throwing one at the evil bandit. The bandit had dodged, but Zax then managed to grab a second one. Throwing this one at the man's stomach, it would go straight in, leaving the man bending over in pain. However, not before long, Zax looked down to see a frightening sight - he had a dagger in his arm! The man must've thrown the dagger at the right time, just before Zax hit him. Zax took the dagger out of his arm, bleeding and cringing from the pain, but continued further into the house to a closed door. In this room? Chickens! Tons of them! Zax would almost jump with joy and pain as he began to gather up the chickens to take with him.

Not before long, the authorities showed up, Zax's wound was treated, the bandit arrested, and Zax's heavier pocket growing bigger with change! Just another day in the life of the OG, I guess!

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