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Crazy, Creepy, Morbid Witches [Solo Job]

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Job Name: The Black Witch
Job Rank: C-Tier
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Rewards: 100 XP, 7,000 Huang
Job Overview: Some children went missing after playing outside. The parents are worried; overhearing them speaking to each other, hear them out and agree to look for the children for a reward. Upon investigation, you will hear some witnesses saying that the children met with a black witch before they disappeared. Hunt the witch and bring the children back safely to get the reward.

Enemy Name: Black Witch (1x)
Rank: C-tier
Needed damage to take down: B-tier
Description: The black witch is a beautiful lady who likes to wear a black gown with black hat. She gives off this eerie vibe from her appearance and can be pretty intimidating to many brave men even though she is just 160cm because of her ability to use deadly magic.
Abilities: She will move around 15m/s and deal D-Tier basic attack.
Wall of Wind: She will form a black colored wall of wind with 10 cm wide to deflect any incoming attack up to C-Tier attack
Dark Blow: She will form several balls of wind that have 10 meters in diameter that will travel up to 10m/s, dealing C-Tier damage

'Magicians are mistrusted by others. They are considered dangerous due to their ability of controlling the rukh. What they can do can create mass destruction, far beyond the limitations of any human. What is more, Magicians are harder to deal damage to because they have no need to attack very close to their opponent... But they are also appreciated. For not only are they powerful fighters, but their abilities can also be used for the good of the people. Magic is a wonderful thing. It is neither evil nor good. How it is used is what determined magic to be evil or good,' he speculated.

He had heard of a time that magicians were used as front line fighters. He found it very foolish that anyone would do that. While anybody could be trained as a soldier, not just anybody could become a magician. They needed the potential for one. Besides, mages tended to have long ranged attacks. There was really no point to put magicians in the front, where they could offer little protection against up-coming enemies. Still, Ariel found it hard to expect any less from those foolish strategists.

Word Count: 192 words out of 1000 words

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He wandered quietly through the streets like a shadow. Staff in hand, he traveled leisurely through the city, unnoticed among the crowds of busy people. With the sun lofty in the celestial vault, the blunt magician stuck close to the towering buildings, canopies of small shops on the side of the road, and wavy palm trees, where the shade guarded him from the blithering sun's scalding summer rays. His hazel eyes flitted around the sandy city, where noise filled the great marketplace. He could easily discern the foreigners to the residents of the city. It made him awe of how much cultural difference could mingle in one city. Men and women from all four corners of the world hustled around in Heliohapt, bartering with merchants to gain their goods. Despite many barriers which created difficulties antagonizing to overcome, for the sake of winning goods, people determinedly, not without its struggle, learned to communicate with each other. People could truly do amazing things when they put their minds to it.

"Of course, so as long as it is for their benefit," he thought bitterly, "if it were ever for anyone else, they'd give up easily."

Perhaps that was the reason he avoided other people. Actually, it was the reason he decidedly never engaged others in any chit chat. He feared becoming close to another person, only to be betrayed by them later on. It had happened to him far too many times before. He couldn't risk it happening to him again. His eyes flickered, revealing the heart tearing pain which continued to ravage his life. He seemed to suffer silently by himself quite a bit. Though he perceived that it would be like an internal storm finally ending if he confessed his fears to another person, it was this same fear that bound him to preserve a vow of silence. He was distressed that if he voiced his feelings and fears, they would be used against him. Because no matter how many times he denied it to himself, deep down he knew that he would never achieve the strength he desired.

Word Count: 549 words out of 1000 words

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"Magicians... They are evil."

These were the words which flowed into Ariel's ears as he turned a corner. He halted immediately. In front of him was a sturdy, brick house with a woman and a man standing on the doorstep. Their faces were creased with worry and concern. The man was glaring at the ground with angry blue orbs. His hands were clenched tightly. It was the man who had spoken. The woman wore a despairing look as she placed her hand on the man's shoulder. She seemed to be a strong woman who was refusing to cry. However, it was obvious tears were about to fall. They were mourning over their vanished son, a boy of 13.

From what Ariel could gather, the last time their neighbors saw the child was with a frighteningly beautiful woman, who wore black. After learning more about the woman, they discovered that she was a former student of the Magnostadt Academy. A magician, like him. Ariel found this both peculiar and intriguing. He wondered what purpose this "witch", as the couple called her, had for the poor children. He said 'children' because apparently this couple's son wasn't the first child to be seen with the witch, only to disappear later on. Perhaps it was just plain revenge of some sort? He noticed that many of his fellow magicians harbored a strong sense of hatred towards non-magicians. He personally found it stupid but he had no control over the likes and dislikes of other people.

After walking away from the couple, he made up his mind: he would rescue those children to prove that not all magicians were evil.

Word Count: 831 words out of 1000 words



"Do you know where the witch in black lives?" he asked.

"No, and why would you want to know where a witch lived?" the woman snapped.

"Excuse me if I'm trying to do a favor for all of you ungrateful people!" Ariel retorted venomously.

"What favor!? I don't know of any favor!" she pointed out.

Ariel scoffed angrily and stormed away. What a bothersome woman! He was really ready to give up on the whole idea. But he reminded himself to think about the poor children. With a renewed spirit of determination, he set off to find someone who could direct him to the witch in black.

His search led him all over Heliohapt, but with little success. As the day dimmed, he prepared to give up. Just as he wearily approached the inn which he was staying at, he felt a tug at his clothes. Looking down, he spotted a young boy, whose eyes were brimming with tears. He immediately spilled out why he was about to cry. At the end of his story, Ariel had gotten on one knee and was hugging the crying boy.

The child had been with his older brother when the witch had appeared. By orders of his older brother, the child had fled before the witch spotted him. However, the witch had kidnapped his brother.

Ariel promised the boy that he would retrieve his brother.

"Do you know where the lady went?" Ariel asked softly.

Sniffling, the boy nodded.

"Can you take me to her?" he asked.

"Yeah," was his reply.

The boy took Ariel's hand and started pulling him away from the inn. The magician followed him without hesitance. He led Ariel to a place the black magician would have never discovered had not the child showed him it.

Warily, Ariel knocked on an obviously old door. It opened after a few seconds to reveal a short and beautiful woman who was wearing black. She fit the description of the witch perfectly. She was staring at him with alert, gray eyes. She reminded him of that hag who had been his first master. It was a slightly disturbing resemblance, he reflected. Looking closer, he realized they were quite different, though they seemed the same. Perhaps it was those eyes piercing into him?

"Is there something I might be able to do for you?"

Her voice was light yet laced with a dangerous tone. Her eyes seemed gentle and kind but Ariel could see what was beyond them. He spotted the malice in her eyes. It almost made him shiver. Ignoring the intimidation he was feeling, he demanded for the children which she had taken. She tried to play innocent at first but soon gave up on the act.

"Who sent you?" She hissed.

"Myself," he replied sharply.

A wave of orbs flew towards him immediately. His borg quickly deflected them, however. He glanced back and spotted the boy fearfully looking on.

"W-watch out!" the boy screamed.

Ariel turned around just in time to spot more orbs coming at him. He was too late to react. He stepped back slightly, his grasp on his staff tighter. The woman was glaring at him fiercely so he glared just as fiercely back. With a twirl of his staff, he performed Krashing Finsterdnsh, where two orbs flew at his opponent. Due to the proximity, dodging them would be very difficult. They hit their target, much to Ariel's glee. He immediately followed up with a more powerful shot of Shotn Pilke. To his relief, the witch crumpled up - not deadm of course, but knocked out.

He opened the door all the way and entered the house. Looking around, he spotted some children hiding in various locations.

He approached the couple from earlier, child in hand. The parents immediately rushed up to their child and hugged him tightly. When they looked up, all Ariel said was:

"Not all magicians are evil,"

With that, he left.


Word Count: 1498 words out of 1000 words

Magoi: 195/240
Stamina: 110/110

Abilties Used:
Shotn Pilke

Tier: D-Tier

Specialization: Magician

Type: Offensive

Range: Medium

Requirements/Drawbacks: The user must flick their staff/stave/wand forward in order to release the attack.

Scaling: Damage

Sustain: 0

Cool Down: 1 post

Cost: 10/5 magoi + 10 magoi every scaling


    The user commands the rukh to gather around the orb/tip of the user's staff/stave/wand. Once launched, the orb of magic will be increasingly more clear if more magoi is being used. The orb will manifest to be approximately 0.3m, measuring its circumference.

    • It forms a single black/gray orb that shoots very quickly.
    • After going for such and such a distance (4m-6m) without hitting anything, it will disperse.
    • It generally has a range of about one person per hit.

Krashing Finsternish

Tier: C-Tier

Specialization: Magician

Type: Offensive

Range: Medium

Requirements/Drawbacks: The user must slash into the air a '+' shape. Afterwards, they must point their staff/stave/wand towards the the center of the '+'. The user must release the two orbs one at a time.

Scaling: Amount - The number of projectiles doubles for every 10 magoi invested.

Sustain: 0

Cool Down: 2 post

Cost: 20/10 magoi + 10 magi every scaling


    After performing the necessary action, orbs with a circumference of approximately 0.08m will be launched into the air. They will follow their intended target until either they catch up to him/her/it or the orb goes out of a 10m range from the spell caster. The spell caster launches projectiles one at a time. A black light illumines the orb of the staff or the tip(s) of the wand/stave before being released.

    • The spell will create two, small, magical orbs.

      • Together the orbs equal the power of a C-Tier spell.
      • Each orb contains the power of one D-Tier spell.

    • It effects a small range after coming onto contact with anything.
    • It is similar to a bullet: it only damages its target.
    • It uses purely strength magic.


Tier: D-Ω

Specialization: Magician

Type: Defensive

Range: Close

Requirements/Drawbacks: Once the Borg is broken or damaged, it requires 3 turns to recover.

Scaling: Cannot be scaled

Sustain: No sustain limit

Cool Down: N/A

Cost: 5 Magoi


    A sphere of hardened magoi surrounds the user in an instant. It will defend against damage equal to its tier before shattering.


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