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A Couple Crazed Communing Creepy Cultists (Job/Event)

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Crazed Cultists:

@Solomon's Proxy wrote:Job Name: Crazed Culmination of Cultists
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Rewards: 100 XP, 7,000 Huang
Job Special: Once two people have obtained a reward from this job, a second job will be posted as a chain.
Job Overview:
Rumor has it that a group of cultists have begun to kidnap the citizens of Heliohapt. Those who have been kidnapped had not been seen nor heard from again. There is a bounty for information on these Cultists, any of which is to be brought to the central Temple of Ra and given to one of the priests for further investigation. Shortly after hearing of this bounty, you notice a man cloaked in white grab a child from the streets and into an alleyway.

Follow the cultist and root out its den, where you will discover eight other kidnapped individuals; with the rumors out there, all you know is that this cannot be the only convergence of Cultists out there...

Enemy Name: Cultist (x2)
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
Description: The Cultist wears two layers of clothing, with the cloth being completely white. They may occasionally speak aloud beseeching their cult deity, Apep.
The Cultist can sprint at up to 9 m/s.
The cultist uses a 1 meter club that can deal D-Tier damage.

Enemy Name: Crazed Cultist
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Description: The Crazed Cultist also wears two layers of clothing, with the cloth being completely white. They lead the Cultists with a fervor, and wear a necklace that holds a symbol of a snake that has made three figure eights with its body.
The Crazed Cultist can sprint at up to 10 m/s.
The cultist uses a .5 meter knife that can deal C-Tier damage.
Slice: Swinging the blade at 15 m/s, the Crazed Cultist deals C-Tier damage to an opponent.
Deflect: Angling the blade and pushing an attack away from their body at 10 m/s, the Crazed Cultist defends against an attack that would deal C-Tier damage or less.

She woke up with a start. Lestacia was going to do a bit of shopping today, for the natural necessities, some food, extra clothes, and a look at their magic weapons and jewelry. She walked out into the blistering sun of Heliohapt. She waved Hello to one, of the merchants. He waved back and smiled at her. Lestacia had been staying in Heliohapt for quite a while. She was still looking for someone to teach her a new form of Magic in this desert city. So far her search for a teacher had not gone so well. With a sigh, she continued walking down the street all by her lonesome. Lestacia was a bit tired of walking and stopped off to look at a couple jewels, she found captivating to her eye.

'Hey little lady what can I help you with?'

"Oh Hi, I was just looking at a couple of your gems. They're pretty to look at." Lestacia eyed one of the necklaces made of obsidian and Sapphire. A Ring made of Amethyst, also a Bracelet with Rubies and emeralds embedded into a rose made of gold and silver. Her eyes grew wide as she eyed the gems mesmerized by their dazzling glow. The way they sparkled was truly a beauty to behold.

"Hey, Uh, how much is this one?" Lestacia picked up one of the necklaces she eyed and held it up to the merchant.

'That, right there miss is Three hundred thousand Huang.'

Lestacia thought about stealing the necklace for a minute but remembered that that would cause trouble. The merchant thought the girl was interested in the object so she decided to have him explain more about the item.

"Can you tell me more about this Item please, I want to make sure I pick the right item for my friend."

'Sure, Sure. This exquisite necklace was imported all the way from Reim. I heard that it belonged to royalty at some point. A maid had taken the necklace and escaped the palace. She sold the necklace to a man in Kou. That man was me.'

"Hmmm I don't think I'd want a stolen Item. That might come back to haunt me one day if I bought it. Do you have anything else of interest?"

'Well I have this ring. It's one hundred fifty five thousand five hundred Huang.' Lestacia was interested in seeing this ring. It intrigued her to know a ring could go for such high a price.

"One hundred fifty five thousand five hundred Huang? Can you bring it out?"

The Merchant brought out a satin case, and set it on a nearby table. Through the glass she saw a platinum ring with a gem in the middle. The gem was cut like a pizza pie and every triangle was a different type of gem. Topaz, Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst, Opal, Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, and that was all she could name. Lestacia was star struck. She had never in her life seen so many gems in one ring before in her entire life. Lestacia acted as if the ring hadn't surprised her.

"The ring is in fact dazzling but it is not what I am looking for. My friend doesn't want me to spend too much money on it."

'Young lady you're causing me a little more trouble than the kidnappings happening around here lately.'

"Kidnappings?! What Kidnappings?!"

'If you want more information on this you'll have to go to the other side of town. There is a priest there who can tell you more about the kidnappings. He's enlisting the help of all the mercenaries in the area.' The Man noticed her staff. 'You're a mage I see.' Lestacia nodded. 'Well then you should go and see what the priest wants.'

Lestacia nodded and walked away from the merchant towards where he pointed. Then he realized he hadn't sold the girl any of his goods.


Lestacia ran away acting as if she didn't hear his pleas for her to return. She ducked around a corner and sighed softly, apologizing under her breath to the man for wasting his time with her window shopping. Lestacia walked through the town quite vehemently. Kidnapping was a serious offense, what kind of creep would kidnap another human being. Her heart pounded harder against her chest, she looked left and right. She could be kidnapped at any moment. She looked young enough to be kidnapped. The girl was afraid for her own safety. Especially since Axel and Hiro were not with her. She immediately went to go see the priest with minimal interruptions. She arrived at the priest's dwelling and knocked on the door. The man approached the door and looked at the staff Lestacia had.

"I'm Lestacia. A Mage from Magnostadt, here to discuss the kidnappings happening in this city. I was told to talk to you to get better clarification on this situation."

The priest nodded 'Well you see there have been kidnappings happening in the city by an unknown cult organization. Men in dark cloaks have been spotted snatching children.'

Lestacia shivered, she looked like a small child. What was wrong with people these days? She turned around to sit on the steps but found a child being bagged and dragged into a nearby alley way. Lest caught this and pointed it out. That must've been the kidnapper that the priest was talking about. Lestacia Ran after the man as fast as she could. She followed him into the back streets Heliohapt until she lost him at a dead end. She kicked over a nearby crate and the broom moved only forty five degrees making a loud clanking sound, the wall in from of her opened and revealed a spiral staircase leading down. She ran down the stairs as fast as she could and found the men crowded around a magic circle. The boy was set in the middle still struggling within the bag. Lestacia withdrew her staff and in the heat of the moment she whacked one of the men on the head with her staff. She faced the other cultists with her staff in hand. The Crazed cultist immediately used his sacrificial blade to try and Slice Lestacia. She wasn't able to dodge and the crazed cultist cut her shoulder. Lestacia would have to handle him at a later time. For now Lestacia focused on the other men. She swung her staff to the side but the cultist she attacked used his club to block it. The crazed cultist Jumped over the blocking one to try and to attack her once more with a  Slice but Lestacia had had enough of this man.

She pointed towards the crazed cultist and shouted. "REVERIA!" A skeletal hand arose from the ground slapping away the Crazed Cultist. The crazed cultist however cut her before she could knock him away. He was too fast for the spell. The crazed cultist was knocked into a wall. He seemed to get up slowly. It would take more to finish this guy off but she had no time for games.     Lestacia, was livid. Both men looked to each other then nodded, to each other, but Lestacia took out the lesser cultist first while his back was turned. She whacked him with her staff as hard as she could and the cultist slumped down onto the floor. The crazed Cultist now in a bind tried to escape but Lestacia wouldn't let him. The only Exit was behind Lestacia and she was playing goal keeper. "You'll have to get through me if you want to leave." The two stared each other down as Lest went in for a basic attack. The crazed cultist easily used Deflect to defend against her. She however had another reason entirely for attacking him at this range. Stabbing her staff into the ground she cried out. "FIELD OF FAMINE!" The hands formed around the girl and pushed the man back hard enough to knock him out against the wall. There all three cultists sat defeated. Lestacia freed the kid held captive within the bag. She walked over to the crazed cultist and grabbed him by the neck. "WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR?"

The crazed cultist laughed, no longer holding the will to fight the young girl. 'A........pep.' With that the man feel unconscious. Apep? Cultists? Kidnappings? What was going on in this crazy city?

Words: 1414
Magoi: 30/200

Abilities Used:
Name: Reveria
Class: Offensive
Cool-Down:2 posts (Sustain +1)
Description: The caster of this spell lifts a hand up, and a skeltal version of said hand shoots from the ground. It then swipes everything away in a 5 meter radius as it goes 10m/s dealing D-tier damage to anything it hits.

Name: Field of Famine
Cool-Down:3 posts (Sustain +1)
Description:  The caster stabs their staff into the ground and a field of bones 10 meters in diameter is generated at 10m/s. From where the caster is a giant wall of bones protrudes from the ground 10m in height. surrounding the mage. With a simple hand gesture the bones push anything in front of them, dealing C-tier Damage.


A Couple Crazed Communing Creepy Cultists (Job/Event) 6ouumjD

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