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Rest and Eating Systems

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Rest and Eating System

In the Magi world, when you run low on stamina and magoi there is only one tried and true method to restore them. Rest and food respectively. Resting allows you to restore physical stamina while eating allows you to restore magoi.

The following conditions must be met in order to enter a "Resting State" on the forum:

  • You must not be in combat for at least one post before beginning to rest.
  • If you are attacked while resting, you must end or escape combat for another whole post before you can resume resting.
  • You may rest for up to three posts. After that, you will no longer gain benefits.

The gains from resting are based on the quality of the rest you receive. Normally, this quality will be D-tier by default. However, certain items or professions can be used to increase the quality of your rest.

D-tier: 20 stamina recovered per post
C-tier: 30 stamina recovered per post
B-tier: 40 stamina recovered per post
A-tier: 50 stamina recovered per post

You must be in a state of "resting" in order to eat. You may eat at any point during a resting state, however you may only eat once per 10 posts. Eating more before 10 posts have passed will not give you benefits.

The magoi gains from eating are dependant on the food and increase with the quality of ingredients.

D-tier: 50 magoi recovered
C-tier: 100 magoi recovered
B-tier: 150 magoi recovered
A-tier: 200 magoi recovered

Food can be obtained from the shop or through crafting as a profession.

Extended Threads
An exception to the above limitations is if you are doing an extended thread that covers a long period of time. If your thread includes a timeskip of an entire day or more, you may recover fully without using these items. Unless of course, you are in the middle of a job. If your thread contains a job, you must complete the job before any time skips can be used to fully recover your stamina and magoi for free. The rest and eating system must be used otherwise.

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