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~The Rukh~

There are two types of rukh in the world:

White Rukh: White rukh is a representation of fate and the Will of Solomon. It is the natural state of a person's rukh when they are following the flow of destiny. Having white rukh means that you are moving forward and facing the future without heavy attachments or regrets over what happened to you as a result of fate. Many types of people, both good and evil, can possess White Rukh.

Black Rukh: Black rukh is in truth, the original form of rukh before solomon's will turned it white. It did not originally hold the great malice that it now does, however it has been corrupted by an overwhelming rejection of Solomon's Will. Black rukh gathers when one resents and curses their own fate and if their feelings intensify then their own rukh turns black. This is known as Falling Into Depravity. When black rukh gather in large quantities, it influences people with feelings of anger, resentment, and hate, amplifying negative emotions. Having Black Rukh does not make you evil, however those who possess it are prone to emotional acts of aggression and are generally consumed by a desire to enact violence against others when large amounts of black rukh are near.

The Rukh's Perks

Depending on the rukh you possess, certain perks are available to you. White Rukh perks represent Fate whereas Black Rukh perks represent Depravity. The perks are all predetermined and may require a staff member to review the situation in which a perk is utilized;

White Rukh Perks:

  • When actively in the process of accomplishing your character's Aspirations listed in your character profile, you may request that fate intervene should your life be in danger. Fate might turn the situation around so you can be victorious, or it might only leave you just barely alive but left for dead. But chances are, it will save you from death.
  • Once per thread, you are able to resist intense physical pain (A-tier or lower) for a short time (2 posts), unless the wound is fatal.
  • By being white rukh, you are more prone to being picked by a djinn in a dungeon.
  • During events, you may request that fate give you guidance on how your character should act to get the best possible outcome. However, fate will only grant you a hint and it is still up to you to perform effectively.
  • By performing actions that instill hope and faith in the future within the general population of an area, it is possible that while rukh will gather. When this happens, all other white rukh perks are triggered regardless of their usual requirements.

Black Rukh Perks:

  • Once per thread, when within a situation that triggers your cause for depravity, you temporarily gain 10 magoi and 10 stamina once per post for five posts.
  • Once per thread, when in a situation that triggers your cause for depravity, you can increase the tier of a single attack by 1 tier.
  • Being black rukh qualifies you to potentially obtain a Dark Metal Vessel.
  • By committing acts of violence driven by malice you draw black rukh to the area adding +1 to the thread's black rukh counter for that post. If the black rukh counter reaches +10 all other black rukh perks are triggered regardless of their normal requirements. Multiple characters may contribute to this effect.

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