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Of Tomes and Rukh

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Job Name: Assistant Librarian Needed
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Magnostadt
Job Rewards: 50xp / 3,000 Huang
Job Overview:
The magical school that helps bring so much joy to our country is sort handed this week of librarians. They need a person to come in and help sort through some books and scrolls and put them back in their proper locations. Just show up to the library and help go through the giant mounds of backlog books and scrolls and find their proper homes. The library is the largest in the world and is up to 30 stories tall making it a pretty long task to do.
Enemies and abilities: None

Life in Magnostadt was full of learning new things which made each day a new experience in one way or another for the Blue Magician Imuchakk, Yakuroro. After spending a great deal of time training new spells, he was out on the prowl for new jobs and other ways he could be of service to the magic academy. While his passion was burning for a fight, the task that fell in Yaku's lap was a much more passive task than magical combat. It seemed that a large number of librarian's were out today and the few staff on hand were looking for volunteers as Yakuroro passed by.

Why did the giant northerner from a hunting and pillaging clan pass up a more dangerous task for pushing paper? It was so Yaku could get a chance to meet and speak with the old librarians that were still around. All of their hair had grown white with age and sagely beards hung from their faces. Each one had pale and pastey skin which made Yakuroro suspect that they probably never left their books or the library.

He was paired to work with the librarian in charge of stocking all the shelves and making sure all the scrolls were in find order. The younger magician ended up doing all the physical work, but that was hardly a bother to Yakuroro. While he stacked books, he probed the elderly mage for wisdom about the rukh and its secrets. Since Yakuroro was not an official student yet, the old man had no reason to answer, but he also didn't want to spend the next few hours denying endless requests. Good thing too, as Yaku would have stubbornly kept asking had he refused.

The questions began about magic types and how Yakuroro could learn a second. He'd seen a few magician's using two elements at once, so he knew it had to be possible. Yaku also wanted to know about the white and black rukh that seem to be present around people in states of extreme emotion. Unfortunately, the old man didn't seem to know much about the latter, but he gave Yakuroro a pretty nice break down of the magic wheel.

After hours of discussion about magic types and theories for how Yakuroro could practice learning his next compatible magic type it seemed like the work was done. Through their talks, Yakuroro also learned that his second magic type would be sound magic and was able to brain storm some good ideas of how that could be used in conjunction with his water and ice magic. With the day's work done, Yaku bowed in thanks for all the knowledge the old man shared and promised to come back the next day. Yaku suggested that for every day the old man answer's Yaku's questions, he'd spend another day helping out around the library. Since the other librarians were going to be out for a whole week, the old man accepted knowing that if he ever got tired of the curious Imuchakk, he could just stop answering his questions.

~512/500 Word Count~


Thank you all, for everything.

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