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The path to the past [Fanalis Corps Training]

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She was on the search for her father, and this was the first step in the search. There was a bar were people would go to gain info, this was the best place to look for leads on to where to find her father. It was honestly like searching for a needle in a haystack, she had no idea what her father looked like. The girl only knew the mans name, it was preposterous to think she would be able to find him but it was what she needed to do. It was the final step in her path to become stronger than she was every before, and it would honestly show her skill. Sure she had proven her strentgh but this would be a test of her resource gathering skills. It would be a tremendous show of the fanalis skill infact, to find someone she barely knew with little resources and not a single lead. This was no challenge, this was an utter enigma.

The door of the tavern would creak open, as she entered the dimly lit place the light coming from the open door would slightly illuminate the inside. It was crowded, people sitting at the tables which had barely enough space for a person to get through. The air was dry and hot, breathing felt irksome with the amount of dust and dirt in the air. Which these all would have been find if not for the fact as soon as she entered everyone there went silent. She squeezed through the groups of repugnant smelling men and possibly prostitutes. Theirs eyes fixated on her, they could tell she was a foreigner, thank god none of them would be able to tell that she was a fanalis. This was an unfamiliar country, the views on her people were unknown to her. And while her strength was phenomenal, conflict was something that shit wished to avoid at this point.

The girl would take a seat at the bar counter, ignoring the gazes. The warrior would speak in a powerful tone, "bar keep give me the strongest liquor you got, and give me a lot."

A burly heliohaptian man would present a large drink before her, filled with a dark brown drink. With the a slightly honey scent she would grab the drink and down it in one fell swoop. Giving of a strong gaze she would order another and a plate of food, showing the others there she was here to enjoy her time. They would continue on their business filling the dank pub with a roaring noise once again. Frankly this would work in her favor, the only thing she knew was the black spiders generally kept informants in pubs. The attention she just drew was something that wasn't good but could possibly work out in her favor. As there was the chance that conniving bastard Remus was keeping eyes on her at all times or having scouts relay if they see someone like her. But this small fact was a way to catch one of them, her eyes would stay open, looking for someone who might be watching her and looking for a time to sneak out.

While sitting at the bar stool there were no signs of movement, she kept an eye with a small mirror which she kept hidden in her palm. The reflections of people shown, staying focused near the door to keep an eye on anyone who would make a break for it. As time passed no one moved to her avail, getting tired with her search she didn't plan to stay much longer, she had drank a lot and ate the occasional bar mush. She was getting tipsy, so that meant it was time for her to stop drinking to keep focus. IBut something would catch her eye, a man who had been here since she arrived would be exiting, before he was crowded and all she could see was his face. The entire time he never moved as if to hide his body, but now she could see his entire body. Whilst the man opened the door on his wrist the girl would notice a marking there, a black arachnid was there.

With a small and gentle movement the girl would place her coin upon the table, waiting till the door was closing to stand up. Moving swiftly, but as sure to not make noise behind the leaving man the girl would exit the pub. Seeing the man move around a corner through the dwindling crowd as the night had arrived. She would pace after him following his every step to see where he would go. In order to keep a distance she would move behind people but as the man turned a corner the amount of people dissipated. Not it was time for more stealthy tactics, hiding behind objects or stands, making sure to not make a noise. Where would he be going she wondered, hopefully the girl wouldn't be noticed by the man or this entire plan would be failure. Sure capturing someone that could provide information would be good, but what if she could find a place in which they were staying. Possibly finding more of them in order to gain a source of information and eliminate a group of them.

The man would lead the girl to what seemed to be an abandoned district, trying to stay hidden the girl would notice the man stop at a burned house. Looking around he would move a burned bookshelf revealing a hole. The man climbed down, making sure that there were no people to witness were he was. Thankfully the white haired warrior was able to stay hidden and get a slight glimpse of how he had entered. This was a good lead, even if they didn't know where her father was this was were one of their bases were, giving her a chance to destroy them. But slavery wasn't illegal here, so keeping operations so hidden meant that there was probably more to hide. What where the people keeping hidden the girl would wonder. Either way it would be time to plan a raid on this base, and begin the spiders extermination.

wordcount: 1034/1000


The path to the past [Fanalis Corps Training] BB2kzwq
The path to the past [Fanalis Corps Training] TXTx1qB
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