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Returning home [Travel, Balbadd to Heliohapt]

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It was somewhat sad for Ani at the moment. After all she had to leave back to her home on such short notice. She was leaving behind friends, but she promised herself that she would see them again after she finished up what she needed to in her home country, well at least the country she currently owned a home in. Luckily she didn't have to get any items from her room at the inn, or find Hoyo. All of her things were on the boat which she soon enough made it onto saying hi to her friend the captain.

After she had gotten settled in her cabin below the decks she layed down with a Hoyo letting out a soft sigh. She soon enough closed her eyes and relaxed as the boat began to sail away from the tropical country where she encountered her first dungeon and learned valuable experiences. She promised herself as she relaxed there that the next time she would come here that she would be stronger and wiser. She knew for sure that she would use her time in Heliohapt to become stronger and become well known, Of course she'd also use it as a way to increase Hoyo's strength.

WC: 205/200 Travel


Returning home [Travel, Balbadd to Heliohapt] 1ZZ5IgG

Returning home [Travel, Balbadd to Heliohapt] LO0Knk3

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