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Returning home [Travel, Balbadd to Heliohapt]

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The sailing had been smooth and Ani had spent the entire time planning about what she would do once she had made it to her home. She had heard about a dungeon which was one of the reasons she had come here. She wanted to compete once again and hopefully get the djinn this time around. Though she knew her chances probably weren't that high, but she was determined to compete and complete it no matter what the cost would be. Though she planned to train a bit before she would go to it. After all she needed to be stronger then before.

Soon enough as Ani was waking up from a nap with Hoyo she heard a noise at her cabin door. It was captain telling them that they had docked. Anxiously as if her home would dissapear if she took her time she rushed up the steps and onto the deck. It was then she was greeted with the great place she called her home, Heliohapt. Once all her stuff had been unloaded she said goodbye to her captain friend and got off the boat with Hoyo by her side. She looked at the city letting out a long exasperated sigh. "I'm home."

WC: 200+/200 [Travel complete]


Returning home [Travel, Balbadd to Heliohapt] 1ZZ5IgG

Returning home [Travel, Balbadd to Heliohapt] LO0Knk3

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