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The Boat Home (Travel)

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Cyrus Argentum

Cyrus Argentum
It was mid morning, the sun was high in the blue cloudless sky; Cyrus slowly trudged through the throngs of people and made his way to the harbour. He was finally on his way home. he boarded the vessel without much hassle and settled into his room, the captain was an old fried of his father who had been on just as many adventures as he had. Naturally they talked and chatted before the boat left the harbour the sights they’d seen the characters they drank with, the adventures they had gotten into, before too long it was time to go. The Capitan got up and made is way to on deck to pull out, Cyrus accompanied; it was finally happening, he was going to Reim. As the boat pulled out of Heliohapt, he remembered all the people he was leaving behind, all the people he had met he was sad to see them go, but at the same time, he had wanted to go home for so long. It had been almost a year and a half. As the days went by, the sun-kissed land that was Heliohapt was nothing more than a memory to him, he was surrounded by nothing but open ocean but finally he felt like he was heading home.It had been two weeks since they had taken off from Heliohapt Cyrus was not as antsy as he thought he would be, in fact quite the opposite, every day he would sit and gaze out into the azure void the seemingly endless ocean was something of a comfort to him reminding him that him that in two weeks he would see his homeland again.


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