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Awakening [Solo; Private]

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Off the shore of The Tropics, a small home floating atop the water.

The skies were as blue as can be. Clouds drifted aimlessly up above, and various avian creatures roamed around its massive space. On a day like this the people of Balbadd would normally be up and about, either going on with their day-to-day chores or simply relaxing on the Siren's Beach; however there was a special few outside of the city itself.

Living within a fairly large cottage in the middle of the water (staying afloat thanks to several deserters of the Reim Empire) was a group of magicians: healers, to be specific. All of them specialized in Life Magic and possibly dabbled in water, yet the most spectacular aspect of the troupe was the fact that they were all blood-relatives.

A total of 8 people lived within that home: a mother, a father, three sons, and two daughters. But one would wonder who the third member of the group was. Well it's quite simple, he was a complete stranger; however after all the time they'd "spent together", every single soul, including the strange man were practically kin.

Now besides him being a wanderer and all, there was something strange about this man. He was fairly tall, had a blade strapped to his waist, and was dressed in an outfit reminiscent to that of the Zou Empire. His long purple locks were opened up and strayed to every side, whilst several tattoos and scars littered his body. The strangest physical feature of the being was probably his two red eyes, similar to that of a wolf's on the prowl.

The greatest oddity however was the fact that this man had been asleep for his entire stay with the Sirraf family. One year's time they had spent together, and in one year's time he had been passed out and none the wiser to who was around him.


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As the Sirraf family was separated and going about their day to day chores, the man would finally awaken from his year-long slumber.

As stated earlier the day was quite nice, but not within the man's mind.

It was dark, clouded, and completely jumbled up. He was standing within a black abyss, surrounded by shimmering, blurry images which he couldn't make out the slightest detail in.

"Who am I...? Where am I?" He mouthed to himself, just as the black walls came crumbling down to reveal a wooden panel above him.

The man blinked several times as he stared at the ceiling, his red irises adjusting to the light of the new day which was striking down on the Tropics.

In the background he could hear the birds chirping whilst the slurs of the ocean wished and washed back and forth.

With his senses having come back to him the figure immediately sat upright, opening his eyes awide for he noticed something strange about what he was looking at. Right in front of him, sat atop a makeshift chair was a girl.


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The man stared at the female in front of him, his face blank yet ultimately questioning for sure.

With an air of cautiousness around him, the purple-haired man would speak: "Who are you? Where am I?".

Typically someone else in this situation would probably be in the same state as the confused male; however the overall course of actions which they'd take would most likely be different. In his head the man was already contemplating as to whether or not he should run, or stay and see just what was going on here.

Before he had asked the question he'd made sure to examine the girl carefully. She had light brown-hair with sea-blue eyes, an extremely "beautiful" appearance, by known standards.

She didn't have too many wrinkles, and her skin was still soft. One could confuse her for an eighteen year old, but there was something about the woman which made the man think otherwise. No doubt she was probably within his own age group...whatever that was.

"My name is Serena, and you're currently in my home." The female spoke as she lifted an object concealed in cloth from underneath the bed-frame.

"I believe this belongs to you." Serena continued as a smile spread across her face.

She rested the long object on the purple-haired man's lap. Judging by the weight pressing down on his person, he figured that it was made of metal. The shape itself was more or less distorted due to the cloth, but one could easily guess that it was a weapon which was present underneath.

Raising a brow at the girl first, and bringing his attention to the object a tad later, the male would begin untying the thread keeping the cloth attached.

The brown rug would glide softly off of the blade as he gripped the hilt tightly. The sword itself was quite massive, yet for some reason the man didn't feel too slow or restricted; it felt as if he had been wielding it all his life.

"Waral Sinn." The man's red eyes would open wide as he spoke the words aloud. "That's the name of this weapon." He continued, exhaling a soft breath of air as he raised it ever so slightly. A ray of sun coming from the window hit the blade, and the latter gleamed with a radiant light.

The girl sitting down whistled in a form which would normally display surprise. After the man put down the sword, Serena would ask a question of her own.

"So, what's your name exactly? Who are you?" She asked, later continuing on to ramble about how her mother and father had found the boy just several kilometers deep within The Plains.

For several moments the man would simply sit there and stare at the girl as she spoke, thinking to himself all the while.

"My name is Jael. But...that's all I remember."


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