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The Orphanage [Private/Solo]

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Yuri Ransurotto entered the orphanage like he does every other week. The children quickly swarmed him. They came to touch his clothing and admire his fair caramel skin. He giggled and cupped there cheeks. He ruffled there cheeks and grinned at them.

“Okay so I brought some snacks for the story so everyone take to there seats! Go!”

He exclaimed. The children giggled and rushed off to take their seats. One of Ransurotto’s well-dressed and well-kept slaves makes his way around the orphanage to give every child a fruit or some bread. Once he finishes, they all begin to trade off to get what they want. And once they’re settled, he began the story for today.

“There once lived a beautiful princess who was adored by every man in the kingdom. She had beautiful strawberry Red hair that flowed delicately over her shoulders. Her golden eyes shimmered in the sun as she stared from the tower for which she so lived.”

“One day the father of the princess, the jolly ole king, declared a contest. To the men out there that can capture my daughters heart, I give her to you, but only if YOU can capture her heart while she watches you from the tower. Days past and as they past, they turned into weeks. Weeks turned into Months and months went by where men from all over the world would come to attempt and capture her heart: kings, princes, dukes, nobles and even an emperor all attempted to. They presented riches, exotic artifacts, food and drink that would change the world, but she never sought interest in it.”

“After a year and a half, a boy from the middle caste, a blacksmith’s son, was passing through the palace with a weapon he had mad for the king. He was attempting to become one of the royal blacksmith. He didn’t look like the other ones trying out. He was worn out. His hair was a mess and his body was covered in soot. His clothing covered in dust. He was out of place but it was something that caught the young princess’s attention.”

“The young man entered the palace and approached the king with the greatest of reserve. He felt humbled just to be in the presence of the man. He was even more humbled when the princess entered the courtroom to watch the boy. This caught the father’s eye. The princess has never once been to courtroom, not even for meeting the bachelors that flooded there kingdom….but for this boy…what was going on.”
“The king spoke up. Young Blacksmith, you are here to present me with the weapon that you choose to be your best work ever. If I accept, you will become part of my royal blacksmiths….if you fail, you’ll be severed from the palace till your son’s time. The princess flinched at her father’s words. The kings grinned at her reaction and then turned his attention back to the boy. The boy agreed grateful to even have the opportunity….”
To be Continued…

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