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Job Name: Lonely Orphans
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Rewards: 50 XP, 3,000 Huang
Job Overview: Since the attack during the Festival of the Broken Sun, there has been an increase in the number of orphans. The children are sad and lonely. Visiting them and cheering them up by making them happy through laughter, singing and dancing, telling them stories, or other means, will be rewarded.

Children have always been a touchy subject in accordance to Vivian. Of course it was on her to-do list to eventually bare a child, however there were too many obstacles to lay into beforehand. Thinking about children hit her deep, she would often avoid such thoughts, but when they did spontane, blushing and moodiness about her future would follow. She wished to save herself before marriage, yet she knew marriage wasn’t happening anytime soon as well. Thoughts of commitment had always made her pale cheeks match the color of her hair. Romance and such had that effect on her. Whether or not it derived from the six-hundred light romance novels she’s read is unknown.

Orphans, to Vivian, were something different. They were children who did not deserve what they were forced into. Orphanages in Heliohapt were known as rat-homes. Kids growing up without parents, their helping hand to guide them along, grow up to be misfits. Those that work there have nowhere else to go, have failed in life, and usually take it out on the children. It’s a large chain reaction that leads to the worst within Heliohapt. In slums in which the library was in, the orphanage was ran by a woman named Grelod the Kind. She was an old crone who was nice to those who paid her, and no one else. The children referred to her as straight out evil, one time, a child almost called an assassin on her.

Vivian decided she’d do a good deed for the day and host a small event within her library. With her passion of reading, she would share it with the children. Books are how she escaped from the downfalls of life, and she hoped she could teach this to the children. With the stories on paper, she would explain the stories of life and how to push through it. Grelod would take the day off and relinquish the children upon the Librarian. The library, that day, was packed with children.

They would all sit on the floor, in a big circle around Vivian. The library was lit by candlelight and the children seemed to stack up in rows. The redhead could see as to why the old crone was always so stressed out, a single person handling this many children is madness. In a way, she could see why she was so nasty and how these children were the banes to her existence. Although they were quiet for the most part, probably under the threats of the old crone, the kids would ask questions every now and again. Most looked younger than seven.

At the end of the day, the children would all flock back to the orphanage in waves. In a way, Vivian felt pity for Grelod, however she wouldn’t push on it, picking on children isn’t the best stress reliever. The redhead would leave a bag of coffee in one of the pouches of the kids as a gift to the old crone. It’s what Vivian had drank when she was stressed herself and it could possibly help the children’s case.

Vivian, with a sigh, would lean back in her chair and open a book to look through it’s pages. The book was a horror about a couple children wandering into a mysterious forest. It kind of made her want to travel to a place such as this. Trees and water was not something common on her side of Heliohapt, and lord knows she hasn’t seen any snow in her lifetime.


W/C: 500+/500

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