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From Swordsman to Scientist?(Job)

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Daisuke Yuu

Daisuke Yuu
It was a beautiful Sunday morning in Helio and Axel was up early as he was out doing some odd jobs around the city so that he could get some money. Ever since him and his team had arrived he felt like he had gotten lazy as all he did for the most part was lay around besides for the few times a a week he would go and train out in the old building he found. So early morning Axel had got a job to go out the city and take notes about plants and animals outside the city. The job posting was from a university in the area and they were very friendly and easy going about how they wanted the job done. When Axel met with the Environmental Science department head he was very friendly and he told Axel all he had to do was go take notes on some plants and animals.

Seemed easy enough Axel thought to himself but boy was he in for a surprise when he got outside the city. When Axel got outside the city he was immediately encountered by some plants which he could take note of. The plants were a sort of cactus and venus fly trap hybrid. Axel took careful notes of the strange plant and then moved on a little further into the dessert. The next thing he saw was a animal that had the body of a snake but had the facial attributes of a bird and the wings to match. Axel once again wrote in his little book about the snake bird. Axel then continued on through the dessert and after a while he stopped seeing any plants and animals, another thing he stopped seeing was the city and that was because he had gotten lost.

Axel had no idea he got lost while he was out and about but it happened so now he had to back track his steps and hope that he would find his way back. After about a hour or two he found his way back to the outskirts of the city and so he continued his plant and animal note taking. Axel found a patch of plants that resembled rose flowers that were able to grow out in the dessert. Axel took note of this in the book because he thought that flowers could only survive with the proper amount of water and other conditions. However these flowers were something special so Axel thought it best to grab a flower and take it back with him.

After a few more hours of taking notes on the plants and animals Axel thought that it was time to wrap things up as he went back into the city and went straight to the university so that he could deliver the notebook. However on his way back into the city he saw a weird animal, one that resembled a rabbit but it also looked like a bear. Axel had no idea what it was so he just took a few notes and continued to make his way back into the city. Once back he gave the notebook to the same man he got the assignment from and left heading straight to whatever his next job for the day would be.



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