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The Black Swordsman(Spec Training)

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Daisuke Yuu

Daisuke Yuu
Axel was now in Helio doing nothing really. He honestly didnt expect to be here he had all intentions on doing a job but ended up here instead. So that was one client Axel had lost. However what had happened back at the windmill left Axel uneasy as he was a mercenary and he should never get so seriously injured in battle. He started to remember how when he went to the doctor that he said Axel was very lucky that the arrow didnt hit a few inches over because that would have been his heart.

So surviving this experience Axel spent some time away from Lestacia and Hiro so he could train and get stronger, so he could better protect himself and them. Axel found a abandoned building out on the city's edge and he went in and used it to train. He didnt do anything spectacular or anything he just did simple things. He started with three hundred one handed push ups. After that he would take a small break and then he did two hundred jumping jacks.

After doing that he would take another short break before doing one hundred sit ups with rotations. This work out was pretty harsh on him but it wasnt too much of a stretch for him. Axel would then leave and call it quits for the day. However he would then come back and do this same workout routine for the next week and a half. After the first week and a half Axel then increased his training regiment. Instead of three hundred one handed push ups he now did four hundred. Instead of two hundred jumping jacks he now did three hundred. Instead of one hundred sit ups with rotations he now did two hundred. He now even added in one hundred pull ups to the routine.

Axel continued on with this new routine for a week. After the week he could most certainly see improvement, great improvement at that. He could feel his body reaching new heights, however he still felt like it wasnt enough and he knew he still had to go on. Axel once again changed his training regiment only this time he added something new and changed the configuration and order, so that he could mix things up.

He now started his routine with five hundred pull ups. Followed by four hundred downward arc sword swings with his daito. After that he would go do three hundred push ups. Funny enough he was so into training he stopped taking breaks and he didnt even eat some days, even though this certainly wasnt healthy. However after he did the three hundred one handed push ups he would go and do two hundred sit ups. And finally move onto one hundred jumping jacks. He did this new routine for only four days and he was hoping that would be enough. After almost a month of training Axel thought he was now strong enough for his current state and went back to living a normal intense training free life.

WC 510/500

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