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Receiving Supplies [Job/Solo]

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Job Details:
Job Name: Incoming ports
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 50xp/3,000 Huang
Job Overview: King Lagi has sent for ships to unload additional supplies in order to aid with the rebuilding of Reim. Give a hand to these old sailors by helping to unload the supplies.

After dispensing the acquired metals to smithies throughout Remano with orders from the Council and Work Initiative, Bahir was informed of another assignment to assist Reim's rebuilding. Apparently, Lagi had purchased supplies for the people and the next shipment should be arriving soon. Bahir took no time assembling a different squadron of the Unity Corps. He knew that the the people that he brought with him to the Western Front would probably want to rest for a day after lugging who knows how much metal. Any man or woman would want to spend time with their family, right? That was what Bahir would assume that they were doing... at least to put his own mind at ease.

The next day, Bahir stood before his new squad and raised an eyebrow. He just put a request for volunteers and was suprised that some of the people from his scavenging showed up anyway. Bahir pulled them aside and addressed the fact that he was giving them a day of rest, but they continued to protest. Excuses about not having families to relax with, or something like that. Bahir sighed and agreed before heading back to the main group of the squad with those few following behind him. "Alright, listen up! There is another shipment of rebuilding supplies that will be arriving in Portsmouth later today. We've been dispatched to help the sailors unload their cargo and get it back here in Remano. Once we deliver it here, it will be dispersed throughout Reim's countryside. We'll head out in thirty minutes! We should get there in time for you all to recover from the journey before dealing with the cargo. Pack lightly." The squadron let out a uniform grunt as they saluted towards the man. Bahir returned the gesture and they began to disperse preparing themselves for the journey.

When Bahir met the group again, it was at the Remano Northern Gate. After all were accounted for, they began their trek to Portsmouth. Their pace was a standard march, Bahir believing that anything faster wouldn't give them enough recovery time before they had to unload the ships. A plus to this situation was, Bahir had his own spies stationed in Portsmouth. He believed that this would be a great chance for him to receive reports from them, making sure nothing strange was going on.

Bahir and his troop of Unity Corps members arrived at Portsmouth and the fanalis was met by familiar faces. The elderly man who assisted him during the Reim-Kou conflict and his two spies dispatched in Portsmouth. Luckily, Bahir sent word of their arrival prior to their departure from Remano and a place for the Unity Corps privates to set whatever they decided to bring with them and rest their heads was already set up. One of Bahir's spies escorted the men of the Corps to their makeshift barracks and Bahir went to the elderly man's home with the other spy. There, Bahir and the old man caught up over a cup of tea and made preparations with him for carts and carriages for their journey back, while the spy recounted all that had been going on. Portsmouth was just as peaceful as ever. Bahir was glad to be made light of this discovery.

Once the ships arrived, Bahir and his men made their way swiftly to the docks and wasted no time in unloading all of the cargo. Bahir delayed for a moment while his men were unloading the cargo to speak with the captain of the ships. They were from Balbadd, thankfully. Bahir's heart tugged a bit to find out where they were from. He revealed to the men of the ship that he hailed from Balbadd as well and asked them how things were going. It was as though he had met with two long lost brothers. They spent nearly the entire time speaking about days back in Balbadd. Bahir's nostalgia had to be cut short, unfortunately, as the last crate was unloaded. The men of Balbadd spoke their farewells and boarded their ships once more before leaving the port and returning home.

"So Colone, what should we do about getting these back to Reim." Bahir smiled and turned his head as the elder of the town came forward with carriages and carts for the men to load all of the supplies on. With an appreciative nod, the members of the Corps hastily began to load the carriages and carts. Each one thanking the people of Portsmouth as they finished. Good thing they know how to be appreciative... its a good way to keep receiving gifts from people. Bahir thought to himself as he bid the people of Portsmouth farewell and headed back to Reim with the supplies.
Word Count:750/500


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