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Search For Supplies [Lagi/Solo]

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Job Name: Search for supplies
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 50xp/3,000 Huang
Job Overview: Search the western front for supplies; scavenge anything you can find that's a remainder of the war. If it's salvageable, take it back to the city guards.

Lagi was searching the western front with El Drago for some supplies. There was definitely the voice of reason that explained that Lagi didn’t have to do such a thing in order to  help out with Reim. But the Dragon Emperor insisted with his philosophy of showing that the ruler of the county isn’t a lazy one.  Such an appearance was a statement to the people of Reim, as well as the others who resided in other countries.  “Did you find anything yet?” El drago would of snorted some lightning while he continued to fly around the western front at top seed. “I see a  bunch of Debris down below, perhaps we should descend and take a look?” Lagi nodded as they both went down and descended  onto the western front. “ Alright El drago, keep your eyes open.  “ Lagi started flipping some of the debris around while el drago checked another place. Lagi used Bulk up strength in order to be able to lift these things with ease, just in case  he wouldn’t have any trouble. El drago with his natural A tier strength was pretty fine by himself.

Draconis, check this out, there is a bunch of old broken tools that can be broken down for scrap. Maybe we can use some of this metal to build new tools? A bit of reinforcement for some metal  outfitters  on the houses or something like that?” With that being said, Lagi and Draconis collected the scrap metal and head on back to Reim.


Abilities used
ruler Gem, Emerald of Ashanti- 50% word count Reduction on missions

Name: Bulk Up- Strength
Tier: B
Cost: 30 Stamina/ 15 Sustained
Weapon Type: Arms, legs
Class: Supplementary
Range: Self
Cool-Down: 5 Posts
Limbs: Arms/ Legs
Description: Lagi increases the mass of muscles in his upper body and lower body, making it so he is capable of dealing B-tier damage with normal attacks. Lagi can sustain this for a longer duration if he chooses to.



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