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Searching for Supplies [D/Chain/Solo]

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Job Name: Search for supplies
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 50xp/3,000 Huang
Job Overview: Search the western front for supplies; scavenge anything you can find that's a remainder of the war. If it's salvageable, take it back to the city guards.

Ayero raised a hand to shield her eyes from the blinding sunlight as she made her way through the gloomy area knowns as Reim’s Western Front. In an effort to help rebuild the city, Ayero had agreed to trek out to the abandoned battlefield and see if there was anything to be salvaged. The Fanalis had been to the area several times, mostly for training or escorting those with interest in the battle-torn lands. The land wasn’t often patrolled and had the potential to be rife with thieves and dangerous animals, but it wasn’t unheard of to pass through without incident.

Regardless, the red headed warrior continued onwards, weaving her way through the various ruins and patches of shredded earth. She’d brought along Kabu and Tomato to help her with her search, the black snake able to reach more secluded areas and the red hawk observing from above.  Do we even know what we’re looking for? Ayero frowned as she passed through the remnants of the Reim-Heliohapt conflict, finding nothing of use from the remains of the old war. Anything of value had been taken and any metal that could be used for scrap had long since rusted. Pressing onwards, the woman and her beasts headed towards a more familiar area.

”This is…” Ayero trailed as she walked into the abandoned camp, realization slowly dawning on her that this was the exact same camp she and Merrze had observed before killing a group of soldiers on patrol. Ayero had returned to the camp later with two Fanalis Corps members, Tiberius and Felix to finish the job. She shivered upon remembering the nature of the attack, glad that it had long since been over. Surveying the camp for a moment, Ayero wrinkles her nose as the stench of death hits her. Bodies from the previous assault were strewn across the makeshift battlefield, many in various states of decay. Holding the breath with a grimace, Ayero does her best to ignore the offensive stench as she begins to rifle through the tents in search of supplies, feeling a bit guilty for going through belongings that were not her own.

Ayero was able to procure several bags of uncooked rice and various other food items that did not perish easily; any produce or meat the soldiers had would likely be spoiled by now. She’d also found several jugs of beverage while going through their rations, recognizing the familiar tingling scent of alcohol when she brought one up to her nose. Curious, the Fanalis took a quick swig of the liquid, coughing as the burn of the drink slithered down her throat. Thumping her fist on her chest as she cleared her throat, Ayero looked at the bottle in her hand with mild amusement before stepping out of the tent to see if the others had found anything.

Kabu and Tomato had done good work, the trio eventually obtaining several bags of rations, medical supplies and several weapons made from high quality material. Ayero was satisfied with what they had found and determined that it would be best to leave after doing another quick sweep over the area to make sure that they hadn’t missed anything important. The Western Front was largely silent, and the former Kou camp was eerie. The past few months had been nothing but battle and strife, but the dead silence of the abandoned camp made her unsettled. Gathering the supplies, Ayero and her beasts headed back towards Remano to turn them over to the city guards.




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