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The Darkness Burns Bright [Plot/Closed]

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Adrastos Thanatos

Adrastos Thanatos

Nights on The Plains were normally serene; the sky would be speckled with millions of stars twinkling with their delicate luminosity, the moon would be resting in her usual spot in one of her many forms, the gentle breeze would caress the grass, causing the blades to dance with unmatched elegance, and all across the hills, every village rested without a worry to plague their sleeping minds. However, tonight, there was no such image. Fiery devils unleashed their famished roars, turning everything their fevered fingers touched to black soot. The sky was blanketed with thick smoke that wrapped around people's lungs and squeezed every ounce of oxygen they tried to cling to. Screams echoed across the plains in every direction. Anyone who had yet to be claimed by either smoke or flame ran, their hearts beating as fast as a hummingbird's wings and their feet carrying them as swiftly as the wind that spread the unrestrained demons of hell. Peace had been instantly destroyed, and all it took was a spark from one seemingly innocent girl that now stood among the flames, holding a halberd in her right hand.

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The girl grabbed a nearby cowering old man and and hurled him to the soil. She positioned the halberd tip at his throat, her eyes smoldering with the reflection of the devouring fire. "I have heard that your village has been harboring an old magician dressed in purple robes. He would have had severe burns covering his flesh upon his arrival. Where is he?" The frail man whimpered and shook his head, his sagging folds melting from the intense heat. "No man has come here. Please, stop this senseless violence. Already most of my family has perished... Spare the children.. Spare their parents.. Spare whoever is left... We have done you no wrong. Please..." The girl narrowed her yellow eyes and spat at the man, then released him. "Very well," she snarled.

The old man clawed his way to his feet before he hobbled away, guiding the few that remained away from the destruction that had been unleashed upon the poor, unsuspecting village, which had been reduced to a ghostly disfigurement carved into the Plains. The girl watched them scamper away, but did now allow their freedom to become reality. Since there were no survivors within the raging infernos and smothering fumes, there would be no one to witness the slaughter of the fleeing escapees. With a wave of her halberd, the female cast a spell called Nemesis Sol and within seconds, the group was engulfed by a sphere of black light that burned their bodies.

With narrowed eyes, the female looked back at the ever-growing fire. "You may have done nothing wrong, but I will not be taking any chances. The weak must perish along with those who dare mock me." She gripped the halberd tightly, and the spell Thanatos Persona withered away, revealing a young man with a hood shrouding his face dressed in black clothing. "If I find out you're alive, I will cause you so much agony that you would have preferred that your life expired earlier." Without another spoken word, he turned his back on the tragic scene and walked away without so much a glance behind.
Magoi: 190/250
Abilities Used:
Name: Thanatos Persona
Tier: A
Cost: 40/20 Magoi
Element: Light
Class: Supplementary
Range: Self
Cool-Down: 7 posts
Description: The caster is able to control the rukh and  bend the light around them at 25m/s to form an illusion that changes the caster's outward appearance.

Name: Nemesis Sol
Tier: B
Cost: 30/15 magoi
Element: Light
Class: Supplementary
Range: 30m
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: The user commands the rukh to create a sphere of black light that has a diameter of 10m-15m and travels up to 20m/s within a 30m of the user, dealing B-Tier burning damage to anything caught inside. Can be sustained into next post.


The Darkness Burns Bright [Plot/Closed] 3oCk1sb

The Darkness Burns Bright [Plot/Closed] 7kZv0Du
The Darkness Burns Bright [Plot/Closed] AmCJaPN The Darkness Burns Bright [Plot/Closed] Ltg0RVb The Darkness Burns Bright [Plot/Closed] VjD0Py3

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