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Dawn of Darkness [Private|Plot]

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Adrastos Thanatos

Adrastos Thanatos

Once the drama of the Balbadd Cabinet had been dealt with, Adrastos could focus his attention to something more important. The other leader of the Shadow Society, N, dressed in a black overgarment and white mask, arrived not too long after the conclusion of the cabinet vote. He had left right after sending his letter so that he could arrive in time before anything momentous occurred in Kou. Together, with Adrastos, Zayn, Kenji, and Yoshi, he sat in the dining room next to his blood brother. They sat in silence, waiting for N to share what he knew.

The man stood and bowed his head when acknowledging the Shadow Master. “I’m aware that rumors have already spread throughout the world pertaining to conditions in Kou. I am here to tell you that they are all accurate, even the one about Emperor Gao Yuan Zu being alive.” Zayn abruptly stood, “How?!” Annoyed by the unruly outburst, Adrastos gritted his teeth together and stared coldly at the fanalis. There were so many times when the Shadow Master wanted to torture the fanalis until he begged for death, but loyal underlings were so difficult to come by in this day and age. “Do not interrupt again.”

The blue magician waved his hand, signaling to the masked individual who was speaking, “Please continue, Nox.”

“Nobody seems to know the reason behind Gao Yuan Zu’s revival, especially considering his body was burned alongside his daughter by Yoshiro, his traitorous son. However, it couldn’t have come at a more crucial time. Yoshiro issued a declaration to abolish slavery, causing most of the citizens to revolt. The country is being split in half, my lord, and I am afraid that not many people will join the right side: the side of the True Emperor of Kou. I suggest that you head to Kou to assist our rightful ruler in his endeavor, whatever that may be.”

Adrastos leaned back in his chair with his hands carefully folded together. He never understood how such a powerful man could easily have been defeated and caught unaware. He thought all hope was lost for the Kou Empire, even though he planned to overthrow Yoshiro himself someday and establish the country to its former glory while under the rule of Emperor Gao Yuan Zu. Now, the situation demanded a different course of action for Kou. The brewing civil war in Kou would probably allow Adrastos a chance to meet his most idolized world leaders and assist him. Not only that but it could prove to be a useful asset in the future as well. The Alchemist might actually be proud if Adrastos managed to achieve some worthwhile goals under the guidance of the emperor. He’d go to Kou, but he couldn’t leave Balbadd without supervision.

“A grand suggestion, Nox. I’ll travel back to Kou with you. Yoshi will see to it that the Cabinet of Balbadd is held on a tight leash and constantly observed. We don’t want any of them slipping up. Zayn, you will head to Reim and perform reconnaissance. I want to know everything that’s going in in that country. Kenji, you will head to Heliohapt. Gather as much information as you can about the people, their customs, and their government because Heliohapt will be my next target after the situation in Kou has settled down. Each of us will take twenty-five Shadow Puppets to aid us in our operations.” He paused as he stood, passing each individual a cold, hard look. “Failure is not an option.”

There was silence within the ancient mansion. Nobody moved a muscle let alone breathed. “What are you waiting for? A formal invitation? Get moving.” Zayn, Kenji, and Yoshi departed, leaving the blue magician alone with Nox. “I know we are not blood related, but I am glad to call you my older brother,” he said, breaking the brief pause that festered after the others left. “Likewise,” Adrastos responded, “I’m glad you verified those rumors I’ve been hearing. It’s been long overdue to put that degenerate Yoshiro in his proper place. I didn’t want to step out of the shadows so soon, but if it’s for Emperor Gao Yuan Zu, then I don’t mind. It’s time to let the world know that men like me exist and that we will stand together against the corruption of fate. It’s about time we stain this world black.”

Adrastos walked toward the window. Already he could see his minions departing the country of Balbadd, slithering through the streets and unsuspecting crowds. “When I heard that the Emperor and his daughter were killed, I couldn’t believe it. When I found out that his pathetic son and his allies committed the heinous crime, I was outraged. How could they take down the mighty Emperor of Kou? How could he have not had powerful allies at his side? If he did, then why did he perish?” The magician shook his head. “This time it will be Yoshiro that will feel Death’s cold, bony grasp against his heart. If I can’t do that, then I’ll make sure he suffers loss. I will be there for the Emperor even if nobody else has the courage.”

Nox tilted his head to the right ever so slightly. “If I may ask, what do you plan to do with Heliohapt and Reim afterwards?”

With curled lips, Adrastos laughed. “I don’t want to ruin the surprise, my dear brother. First we must turn our attention to the more pressing issue: Kou’s civil war. We’ll have time to worry about the other country’s at a later time.”

“Then what is the point in me accompanying you to Kou? Why not send me to Imuchakk?”

“Because the Imuchakk do not like strangers. They are mostly an isolationist country, and their population are mainly warriors. If we stand any hope of taking them, I think we should control the rest of the globe first. Even then, who knows? We still need more allies, preferably those who have conquered dungeons like Noir Ecryola. As it stands, it’s us against the world. There’s no guarantee we can take the other countries like we did Balbadd, in fact it’s impossible. Each country has their own structure and who knows how many dungeon conquerors there are in each, willing to fight against people like us. We need to be smart. You’re going with me to assist in gathering intel against Yoshiro. We can’t have the underworld thinking the Shadow Master isn’t operating 24/7. Understood?”

Nox bowed, “Understood.”

“We leave for Kou in the morning then.”



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