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Amira Fanalis

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Amira Fanalis AladdinTab_zps506e3ebb
Name: Amira Fanalis
Tier: D
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age + Birthdate: 17 | N/A
Nationality: Wanderer
Race: Fanalis
Specialization: Strength

Amira Fanalis JudalTab_zpsa330a902
Personality: Amira is a very independent individual, the kind of person who does not like to depend upon people especially since she has been doing it her entire life. Thus attempts to help her could result in hostility, uncalled for hostility. She always wants to prove that she can do things on her own, and despite having depended on her brother for the majority of her life, that she can do fine without him. But exercising her independence can be hard, especially since she does not like being among strangers nor being to far from her brother’s side.

She can be quite calm and laid-back, but such a thing is rare to see due to her rumbustious personality, which is a dominating trait. This means that she can be quite noisy, very energetic, and abnormally cheerful. She does her utmost best to see the positive in things for she very much would like to keep up her cheerful persona since she does not like being anything else. Despite being basically a young lady, Amira still has her childish tendencies that she has thus far been unable to grow out of. One being that she can not sit still for a long period of time without fidgeting. Another one would be poking fun of her brother and her friends.

Likes: Amira loves many things which heavily outweighs the things she does not like. One of the most noticeable is her fondness towards her older brother. So much so that many would question rather she has a brother complex or not. The idea is not something she denies nor is it something she accepts. Thus she leaves it as simply a younger sister looking up to their older brother.

Another thing Amira simply loves is fighting. This can be in any form, a spar, training, or even an actual fight. Either way, she shall enjoy it.

Lastly, Amira likes traveling the world and making new friends, the former she has been doing ever since she was 3.

Dislikes: The things Amira dislike are few, but significant nonetheless. For one, she does not like sitting still for long periods of time. Thus stopping to admire the roses is not something this Fanalis would be able to do. Of course if her brother ask for a moment to admire nature, than she shall comply.

Another thing she dislikes is the unfair treatment of her race. For last she checked, besides their monstrous strength, they were just like everybody else. And thus to treat them as if they were lower than the dirt beneath their feet is something she can not stand for. Especially since her own parents had been sold into slavery.

Amira has found herself disliking anyone who threatens the life of her brother or her friends, and shall even get violent with those foolish enough to do so.

Phobias: For one reason or another, Amira has this intense fear of loneliness. She does not know why since she does not remember ever being left alone, but it's a fear that she has. Quite frankly it can be seen as irrational, but it's a fear she deals with on a regular basis. The main trigger of this fear is the simple thought of her brother leaving her side, and since she has spent most of her life with him, she does not know how she would coop. This goes for friends as well, but to a lesser extent.

Aspirations: Amira wishes to find her parents not only to reunite with them, but to get to know them for her memories of them is hazy.

She also desires to help her brother complete his goals, for she believes it's the least she can do. For he had raised her and protected her since she was born.

She also wants to prove to the world that Fanalis are not bad. They are regular people, just like themselves. And enslaving them is not right.

Amira Fanalis ScheTab_zps4f77e3b6
Face-Claim: Elesis - Elseworld
Weight: 138 lbs
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Red
Height: 5'11
Rukh Alignment: White
Special Traits: ~
Appearance: Like all Fanalis, Amira has red hair which is hip-length with some pinned up for one reason or another. On top of this she has red eyes and a fair-skin complexion.

Amira has quite the fashion statement, with her white jacket, black zipper crop top, and black pants with one full length pant leg whilst the other is cut to short length, a long black knee-high sock coming up from her black boots, and add fingerless black gloves. It leaves much of her body uncovered, specifically much of her torso and thigh. Two red belts hang off her waist and a necklace adorns her neck.

Amira Fanalis YunanTab_zpsba28a063
History: Amira is the daughter of Katrina and Zanatos Fanalis, and younger sister to Dynatos Fanalis. Her childhood though has consisted solely of her elder brother, memories of her parents being fuzzy as she tries to remember them. This could be due to the fact that she had been separated from her parents at the age of 3, and only had Dynatos there to take care of her. Going where the wind took her was something she grew up doing, though going wherever her brother took her would be more accurate. Especially since that is the case, though she had managed to make plenty of friends throughout her travels.

Dynatos, being the only family that she had and her sole caregiver, had done a fine job raising Amira. Though some may had thought she could had been brought up differently, she knows that her brother did the best he could with the little he had. Most of what she knows has been gained from her brother, and what she knows about her parents is based entirely on what her brother has told her about them. For she does not remember the night they were taken nor does she remember the short time that she had spent with them. And though her drive to find out what had happened to her parents is not as strong as Dynatos, she still hopes for a day that the entire family can be reunited and that she can get to know them personally.

But to delve farther into her past would not be a wise thing to do. Despite her brother’s best efforts, Amira still managed to see the cruel ways of which the world worked. For one, she had seen many of her kind unjustly enslaved by those who believed themselves to be better than the Fanalis. She experienced a life of fear, for being caught would result in the two being sold into the slave trade. And thusly so, there are many nights that they ran from those who desired to earn money by selling two young Fanalis. Despite all of this, Amira still found ways to make friends where others would had been cynical towards everyone. She has actually managed to remain positive, and has thus grown up into a beautiful Fanalis with the strive to free her people from the fate they had been doomed with.

Role-Play Sample: I have provided a role-play sample from a Naruto site I am currently on below. If need be, I have no problem verifying that Anubis is me.
A lone figure crept towards the house of the former Anbu Captain, Ginjo Kaguya, the newly appointed Mizukage. The figure would be hard to identify by physical appearance, her face hidden behind a mask and her hair tucked into the hood of her vest. But to anyone whom knew the figure, would know by her attire alone that she was The General - or Mai to her friends. Mai's bold fashion statement was unique, since most people preferred to look somewhat modest. But her outfit threw modesty to the winds. Not only that, but her trademark vest easily gave away her identity.

Why was she snooping around the residence of the new Mizukage? Simply because she decided to congratulate him on his promotion to the position. That, and she wanted to surprise him since she doubt he would be expecting anyone to be within his house upon his arrival home. She neared the entrance to the house, looking around to make sure no one noticed her entry. Especially since she didn't look like she belonged there, and didn't want to give people a reason to alert Ginjo. That would ruin the surprise, and she didn't want that.

Seeing that the coast was clear, she slipped into the house quickly, closing the door promptly after her entrance. A smile spread across her lips as she looked around the large place, shaking her head as she walked down the hall. Mai had no idea when Ginjo would be back from whatever duty he had today, and thus decided that she would wash up. She was covered in blood from the mission she had returned from, having heard about Ginjo becoming Mizukage from the whisper of the people.

"Which way was his room again?" Mai mumbled to herself, pausing to look around. She had come to this place plenty of times, but still got lost. The place was just to big to remember where everything was located. Which was great security for anyone who decided to kill Ginjo to go through, but she should really talk to him about getting someone to look over the house. She didn't think that he would be killed, he being a Kaguya, but it was just for safety measures. So people like herself, couldn't so easily sneak into the house and kill the man in his sleep.

"Aha! I remember now," Mai exclaimed, turning on her heel to head down another hall. The place may be confusing to navigate, but she tended to remember where certain places were every once in a while. And she remember where Ginjo's room was. She couldn't wait to get into the shower and wash off the dry blood, and than she would steal one of Ginjo's shirts so that she could wash her clothes. With that plan in mind, she entered her friend's room, and headed straight for the closet. There she took out a random white shirt, than went into the bathroom to shower.

A couple minutes later, Mai was showered and dressed in the stolen shirt. She had decided to keep on her own swimsuit bottom, but everything else had been taken somewhere to be washed - which included her mask and eyepatch. The bandages that had covered her skin had been thrown away, and she made a note to buy some more the next day. But that wasn't important at the moment.

She was now in the kitchen, preparing tea. It was something that would easily give away the fact someone was in Ginjo's house, with the aroma of tea in the air. But Mai would take the chance. Besides, she wasn't hiding or anything, just lounging around his house as she awaited his return.

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Your RP sample is missing. That is all that's left stopping me from approving this app :3


Thank you all, for everything.

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Sorry about that, forgot to add it. But now it's there >w<

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Thank you all, for everything.

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