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Amira. {Job}

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Niklaus Magios

Niklaus Magios

Job Detail:

Job Name: Bandit Threat Elimination
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Rewards: 100 EXP & 7000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Total rank must equal C or above.
Job Overview: A group of bandits has started minor trouble in and around balbadd. They always stay for only a short time stealing and breaking what they can. But never harming anyone while doing so just being a pest. Soon after a notice was put up for their elimination. At the reward of a small but sizeable profit for those in need.
Enemy Name: Bandit(s) x8
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
Dodge: The bandit does a backflip of 5 meter backward to evade incoming attacks.

Enemy Name: Bandit Leader
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Dodge: The bandit does a backflip of 10 meter backward to evade incoming attacks.
Throwing Dagger: The bandit throws a dagger that applies C rank damage upon impact.


Amira. {Job} FDuCR0fm
Name: Maverick
Tier: D-tier
Type: Foldable Compound Bow
Material: Steel
Appearance:  An ashen foldable compound bow, with a thin green handle. The bow has a 48 cm draw length and is 114 cm long. It folds down to be a carriabled-sized concealable weapon.
Ammunition Material: Blackwood and Steel
Ammunition Appearance: The arrow itself is made from same material as the bow and it is 52 cm long with 1cm width. A long thin shaft, easily draw from the quiver.

It may have been fall, but it wasn’t for Balbadd. It had the atmosphere definitely for the season as of recently, and it caused for him to wear his hood. The day unlike most has been drizzling, and the sun covered by clouds high above in the sky. On a perfect day, the sun would been breaking through the clouds easily, and dancing along the pavement warming it up to scorching heats. Someday’s he couldn’t stand the rain, and at worst storms. Niklaus, just didn’t like this setting, but that wasn’t going to stop him from being out and about trying to make a name for himself. With, or without his relatives, or anyone's help.

Hands slid into his pockets, feets splashing into puddles, and his head over his sternum as he slouched over letting rain drops hit the bangs of his hair. Walking at a fast pace compared to others around him, he found himself nearing the docks where a request board was spoke of. “ Can’t stand this rain. ” He spoke quietly, and soft. The boyish, and young amber eyes peeked from the wet yellow locks. As he stepped up to the notice board. A dashing cart came through kicking up rubble, and gravel leaving a medium size wave of water to rush across the back of Niklaus coat. Soak, and now agitated nothing more could piss him off, than not be able to find a notice on the notice board. Rainy days proved to give him many ‘issues’.

Word Count: 253/1,000

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Letting out a yawn, Amira gazed off into the distance. Today was such a dreary day, a day full of cloud and rain. While most hated days like this, Amira couldn't get enough of them. Living in Balbadd, it was always a gamble on what sort of weather you'd see. One day it'd be sunny, the next would be a day such as this.

As she took a sip of hot tea, she noticed a figure walking over towards her. At first she just assumed it might have been someone trying to get out of the rain. However, with another good look, she realized it was actually a familiar face. It was the odd boy she had met the other day, Niklaus.

"I don't know, I think the rain is quite peaceful." She would say, twirling the parasol hoisted over her head, whilst taking another sip of her tea. Placing the cup on the table she sat at, she would begin to lift herself up to stand. Not long after that, she would grab her parasol and begin walking towards the boy.

"Can't find a job? Balbadd has been a bit dry of crime lately, or at least public crimes. Unless you want to count all the homeless people fighting in the slums, of course." Amira snickered, placing a hand across her mouth. "I might be able to figure something out for you, if you'd be willing to take me on such adventure."


Word Count - 243/1000
Font Color - 666699


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Niklaus Magios

Niklaus Magios

Huffing. Each breathe in, came out a cloud of visible smoke. The temperature seemed to have dropped. Looking down at the stone with both eyes closed. A soft mellow voice came across the patter of rain. Each droplet hitting behind him, the sound of words travelled into his ears with the first wave. " Can't find a job? Balbadd has been a bit dry of crime lately, or at least public crimes. Unless you want to count all the homeless people fighting in the slums, of course." The rain seemed to keep it hidden, but clear as day. Niklaus, lifted his head. Familiar with bad omens was this lady, with the large hat. Amira. Niklaus, had a feeling he’d run into her, literally and figuratively.

...” Seemed the only thing she carried was a thunderous presences, and a killer instinct. Literally. Damp hair, soaked clothes, and Amira. Rain was certainly making it better, as her approach was near. “I might be able to figure something out for you, if you'd be willing to take me on such adventure.” That hit his ears. Not only was he wet, but now outspoken killer? Wanted to accompany him. Not under her lead neither, but his. Niklaus, day must’ve gone wrong, and with silence it could get better. Holding up his right arm at  right angle, and signalling for her to come towards him by bending his fingers. “ Find a job. You can come. ” His manner of speaking was silent, and unlike when they met. If she noticed, he was just giving her commands. Whether she took them, or not, Niklaus would only move himself underneath the large hat she wore, bending down to allow him to be near her body. “ …. “ Not excusing himself, or really saying anything. He dislikes rain.

Word Count: 564/1,000

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