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Assisting with Construction... Again... [Job/Solo]

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Kaveh Issa

Kaveh Issa
As kaveh was returning home from his recent training session, he was met at the entrance of his home by one of the overseers from his work at the temple's construction site. The man presented Kaveh with a letter and the magician looked at it curiously. After a second of mentally assessing why a letter would be addressed to him, he slowly took the document from the overseer. Without waiting on kaveh ro read what was within, the man turned and headed towards the ruins of the city bazzarre. Bahir watched the man for a moment before opening the letter and seeing what was inside. As he guessed, it was a request from the noblemen of the city. They heard about how Kaveh assisted the slaves and overseers at the temple and were requesting that he would help with reconstructing the marketplace as well.

The magician sighed and figured that he shouldn't deny a request from the nobility in Heliohapt. Especially after his "moment" a few days before. He entered his home and broke the news to his mother. She received it without much worry. To his dismay, she was already up and cooking dinner. She waved him off, telling him that she would have a plate ready for him by the time he returned. Kaveh couldn't help but smile at the woman and nodded in agreement. "Yes mother. I'll see you in a few hours. Don't over exert yourself." He said cautiously as he left the abode, closing the door behind him.

It wasn't long before the cloaked magician had made his way to the ruins of the bazzarre. It looked exactly how the temple did. There were signs of explosions and patches where there was completely nothing. Kaveh sighed as he surveyed the area and looked at one of the overseers and asked what he could do to help. The man explained that they needed materials transported between the sites of the bazzarre. Kaveh chewed on the inner part of his cheek before sighing and nodded in agreeance. He removed his cloak, which was actually his magic carpet and surged his magoi into it, causing it to float. Kaveh then boarded the magical carpet and looked to the slaves that were staring at it in awe and the overseers. "Well. Let's get moving! Load up the equipment that needs to be distributed on the carpet. I'll fly it through the bazzarr, distributing it to the other overseers."

It didn't take long for the overseer to order his slaves to do as Kaveh suggested. Once the carpet was full, the man took off. The carpet flew at a dazzling speed of 25 m/s. Almost too fast for the overseers and slaves to keep up with. Thankfully, Kaveh had enough experience with the tool that things didn't get... messy. He made multiple stops, dropping off hammers, nails, and planks of wood to overseers for their slaves to begin working. The magician, when finished with his task, returned to the overseer that he reported to initially. He was surprised at how simple the assistance he was asked for was, but could understand. The bazzarre required much less attention than the temple to repair.

Kaveh boarded his carpet again and flew it back home. even without doing too much physical woork, he felt like he did provide a bit of relief on the men working today. When he entered his home, he saw his mother sitting at the table, two plates of food at each end of the table. Kaveh smiled and sat down, ready to eat dinner with his mother.
Word Count: 600/500


Assisting with Construction... Again... [Job/Solo] 2q99e3c

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