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Assisting the Miners [Job/Solo]

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Job Overview: There has been reports since the recent volcanic eruption of the miners coming into many troubles. The mines seem to be overly infested with creatures and the metal coming from the mines were giving off noxious fumes. Report to the Overseer to investigate what is going on.

Kioshi closed his eyes, enjoying the breeze playing through his long hair as he hiked along. He had a bit more free time to explore his homeland to his leisure due to tensions slowly dying down between Reim and Kou. At the same time, a new type of tension had sprang up from Yoshiro taking his father’s place and Kioshi was eager to get a feel for what his native people thought about the changes. While he supported the new Emperor in his desire for unity through peace, rather than force, violence and conquering had been bred into the people of Kou since it was founded, so there was an entire culture to try and alter, not just a few people.

He had taken it upon himself to personally visit the smaller villages to see what kind of impact the change in rulers had on the less populated areas. The first several he had stopped by had seemed relatively stable, but as he strayed farther from the capital and closer to the Plains, there was more and more unrest. Farms that had been stolen from the people of the Plains had been returned, forcing a large number of Kou natives to return back from their expansion into the Plains. For some, this was seen as unfair as they had grown up on these lands and were now being forced out. Others understood that the land had never belonged to them to begin with.

Kioshi’s path had taken him a bit more towards the north and farms began to give way to lumber and mining villages. Growing weary, Kioshi stopped in a mining village for the evening. He found a small inn with a tavern on the bottom level to stay in for the evening, paying for a bed for the evening before making his way to the tavern for something to squelch the grumble of his stomach. As he waited for his meal to arrive, he sipped at the tea on the table, listening idly to the chatter in the room. He found people were more honest when they did not think they were being observed, so he sat back and enjoyed his tea as he covertly gathered information.

There was plenty of chatter about the weather, trading, food, and relationship dramas, which Kioshi casually tuned out. When mention of a volcano came up, though, his ears metaphorically perked up. It seemed a volcano had erupted nearby, which was not completely uncommon in the area, though they certainly were not frequent. What caught Kioshi’s attention the most was hearing the Overseer of the local mine mention that since the eruption, the mines had boiled over with creatures, making it dangerous to search for the minerals they needed. On top of that, the minerals they were able to gather were giving off noxious fumes that were making the miners sick. The Overseer was at the end of his rope as most of the miners refused to enter the mines now and help from the capital was slow in coming.

This would be a good opportunity to get more information on the local feelings towards Yoshiro. If he could gain their trust by offering to assist, perhaps he could strengthen their feelings about the new Emperor. Kioshi stood and approached the man who gave him a small, albeit confused, smile.

“I apologize, good sir, but I could not help but overhear about your problem. If you would like, I could look into this matter for you. I am trained extensively in combat and normally at as a bodyguard, but I am on vacation.”

The man looked over Kioshi with a critical eye, pondering for a moment before nodding.

“If you are willing to help, young man, I would appreciate it. Meet me tomorrow morning when the sun touches the horizon and I will show you the mines we are having problems with.”

Kioshi gave a respectful nod before going back to his seat. After his meal, he retired to the small room he had rented, eager to get rested before the morning. It felt good to be helping out, even if it was in a small way. It also gave him a distraction from his thoughts about a young blonde woman he had left in Reim before he had truly gotten to know her.



Assisting the Miners [Job/Solo] CTMy3cr

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